Friday, March 14, 2014

Broken Road Confessionals: March 14, 2014

**What is the fascination over paper straws? I swear they are plastered all over Pinterest and every inspiration blog on the internet. Have you ever tried to actually drink something through a paper straw? It's gross. Especially as they start to get mushy in the liquid. So, they're cute but entirely non-functional? I don't get it.

**I might maybe still have some white Christmas lights up in our house. Just a handful. They're woven into the evergreen garland that sits on top of our entertainment center. It goes up for Christmas but it stays up for all of winter. The lights are white though, so I like to think of it like sparkling white snow. Oh, whatever. It makes me happy.

**I can't speak for anyone else, but sometimes I think I would rather deal with the symptoms of whatever condition is being considered for treatment than to suffer through most of the medication's side effects that they list at the end of the commercial. Maybe I would feel differently if I actually had one of those conditions, but I don't know. Most of  the side effects seem pretty unappealing.

**I know they are all "better for the environment, save you five dollars over the life of the bulb," but I really just cannot get on board with the light that the swirly bulbs produce. It's not soft enough? It's a totally unnatural color? It's not warm enough? I don't even know. It's not "something" enough and it bugs me, even though we have them in quite a few places in the house.

**Here's the funny thing about being a soft-hearted, can't-stand-to-disappoint-anyone people-pleaser: when you stop letting people walk all over you and tear you down and let you down, when you call them out on this behavior -- the very same behavior, mind you, that they've been telling you that you shouldn't allow -- they *really* don't like it. So...there's that. Lesson learned? People like to say they hate hypocrites, but they don't mind actually *being* one.

**I am very obviously "fashion challenged." Nothing makes me feel like a bigger fraud than attempting to wear lipstick, wrap a non-winter-weather-gear scarf around my neck, or accessorize my outfit. I admire all of these things, but when I apply them to my person, I look in the mirror and feel like an imposter.

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jenn_jewell,  Friday, March 21, 2014 10:31:00 AM  

I just read your tv re-caps and thought it funny that while we don't watch the same shows - I am 100% with you on:

Paper straws. What on earth is going on with people? Like it's not annoying enough if you don't get the paper wrapper all the way off your plastic straw and take a sip? Now the entire straw must be made of paper? No.

Yes with the lights. So cozy. I have two sets of white lights up inside the house. Above the kitchen counters and an icicle set hanging from a big window. Love them and they may be up in July.

When the warnings in the commercial take up more time then the voice-over talking about the drug's benefit? Eeek.

I hate the curly bulbs. They take so long to warm up that they're now putting the time on the packaging. And I know that they appear normal looking and not curly now but the lighting isn't the same. At all. Plus? Mercury.

I haven't actually taken anyone to task lately. But I did stand up to a hockey mom bully and it. was. awesome.

Me too! I always feel like I'm in a costume. And then my scarf is all lopsided and not knotted or I'm all smudged and I go in the bathroom and I'm like 'what was i thinking?!?!' the on-going touch-up maintenance is another matter entirely. And then, because it's rare that I try that type of stuff - my husband or kids call me out "Oh. You're wearing that?" Niiice.

I miss reading your blog :) I'll have to come here more often!

~**Dawn**~ Friday, March 21, 2014 10:39:00 AM  

Jenn! Nice to have you "visit" my little corner of internet! =)

Yeah, tv is so hit or miss. And even then, not all the shows I watch get actually watched each week so...I label each blurb with the show name to make it easy to weed through for anyone reading. =)

It is so awesome to "confess" stuff and have someone say "me too!" Makes one feel less crazy (sorta? LOL).

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