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This Week on My TV: January 25, 2014

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(Parenthood, S5E8 "The Ring") Hey Julia, private conversations you don't want your kids to hear, especially drama queen Sydney, should probably be had with the bedroom door closed. -- Hoo boy. Shouldn't Amber be showing off her engagement ring, not cringing and looking woeful? -- Did Adam seriously yell "Get off my lawn!" at the media?? ::snicker:: -- Whoa. That was an awfully...familiar...hug that Ed gave Julia after she learned the school was suggesting they move Victor back to fourth grade. I'm not sure how Joel would feel about that, but I'm certain my husband would be something quite the opposite of thrilled. -- I don't get how Adam can be all "get off my lawn" one minute and then the next, be all "hey Kristina, I kinda like it when you're feisty" ::eyebrow wiggle:: as she is ranting about how Bob Little is a schmuck. -- I pretty much love how Kristina and Amber interact, both Amber *wanting* Kristina to go public with the way Bob Little was inappropriate with her when she was an intern on his last campaign, and Kristina talking to Amber about how she feels about her engagement ring. -- What on earth is going on with laid back, supportive, good-guy Joel? Because he's none of those things this season. -- I was surprised, and yet not, that Kristina opted not to stoop to Bob Little's mud-slinging tactics after all, during the press conference she called, but chose to explain how what Bob Little's "slam" against Kristina's campaign shows about the values she has and what she stands for and why she is running for mayor. -- My heart's breaking a little bit for Zeek. -- I'll give Sarah credit. I don't think I would have had the nerve to go to that party. -- Is Parenthood losing its touch? This is either the second or third episode in a row, I don't recall tearing up.

**(Scandal, S3E7 "Everything's Coming Up Mellie") Whoa. "15 Years Ago" is weird. Mellie and Fitz in love. Cyrus with messy hair and a beard. -- Cyrus [to Mellie]: You're way better at picking out hookers than you are china patterns. -- Not at all sure how I feel about Harrison's hot pink suspenders. -- What the heck was that kiss between Charlie and Quinn? -- Cyrus had a wife?? OMG, this episode is crazypants. -- Holy crap. Fitz's father raped Mellie??? I almost feel bad for hating everything about her. Almost. -- Charlie set Quinn up with the murder of that security guard. She is so damn naive and in over her head. -- Purple does not suit Mellie. -- The VP's husband isn't a womanizer...because he's into...dudes??? -- OLIVIA'S MOTHER IS ALIVE WHAT IN THE HOLY HECK. -- Are they seriously implying that Mellie birthed Fitz's half-sibling?! -- Sometimes this show flirts with pushing the envelope just a tad too far. And yet I can't not watch because I have to see where they take it next. I mean, seriously. I have no idea what just happened in that episode but I feel like I was just flung around like a wet dishrag.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S15E10 "Psycho/Therapist") That was a disturbing daydream Olivia had about her therapist and her attacker, William Lewis. -- Is it preparing to testify against William Lewis making Liv crack  up or is she still that messed up? Because drawing a gun on Mayhem Cassidy when she heard a noise in the apartment? Whoa. -- I have no idea which way I would decide if presented with the options given Olivia: allow Lewis to falsely confess to multiple counts of raping me with the guarantee that he would spend the rest of his life in prison or deny him the final power over me and make him go forward with the trial, knowing he might walk. -- Oh for crying out loud. They got a guilty verdict on two of the four charges brought against Lewis and then in that final "four months later" scene, he looks like he's planning his escape by creating a medical emergency. Are we seriously not done with this creepy character yet? Will we not be finished with him until he's dead?

**(Person of Interest, S3E13 "4C") When Mr Reese punches the jerk on the phone in the face and knocks him out, that was the most amusing thing I've seen him do in a long time. Good to see you, Mr Reese. -- Owen (this week's number) called Mr Reese "Mr Dark and Stormy." ::snort:: -- Interesting. Harold insists he didn't set up Mr Reese to be on this flight with the latest number. So the Machine does not accept Mr Reese's insistent resignation and is acting without Harold's involvement? Or is something else at play here? Root? Samaritan? -- Second most amusing thing: watching Mr Reese fight a bad guy using whatever he could get his hands on out of the luggage in the cargo hold. -- I suspected Holly, the flight attendant, as being involved in the hit on Owen. I was close. Wrong flight attendant. -- Oh yay! Mr Reese and Mr Finch, reunited!

**(Last Man Standing, S3E13 "Breaking Boyd") Vanessa: They took him to that psychiatrist and he diagnosed him with ADHD. Mike: Of course he did. They don't make money by saying your kid is fine, take him home. -- Mandy with the short bangs, sideburns and huge dark glasses frames is just not a flattering look. At all. -- Meh. This felt a little "after school special" with Mandy taking Boyd's ADHD prescription to help herself prep for exams.

**(How I Met Your Mother, S9E15 "Unpause") I almost forgot Marshall and Lily paused their big fight! -- Flash forward! Flash forward! The Mother is pregnant! Awww! -- Barney is Truth Serum Drunk. This proved fairly interesting. -- Why did Marshall have just one bloodshot eye? -- Yeah yeah, all the truths from Barney and his grand plan of revenge against the man who stole his girlfriend a billion years ago. But I need to know who picked up Lily after she ran away from her fight with Marshall? How will they resolve their argument? What happened when The Mother was in labor for their son?? Why do you toy with me, How I Met Your Mother?!

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E8 "Think Lovely Thoughts") Good to get some Rumplestiltskin childhood background, finally, after so many half-references without detail. -- ::snicker:: The look Regina gave Rumplestiltskin when he asked her if she remembered the spell. -- I'm kind of impressed that they found someone to play Rumplestiltskin's father who could very nearly replicate that creepy giggle. -- Speaking of creepy. I didn't think Pan's shadow could get more so. And then it spoke. -- Pan is Rumplestiltskin's father!!! I never saw that twist coming! -- I always thought pulling out a heart was pretty freaky. But Henry pulling out his own heart? ::shudder::

**(The Blacklist, S1E12 "The Alchemist") Red: I hate sarcasm and I love puzzles. -- Who is Lucy Brooks? She keeps popping up. Red looked her up on ViCAP. This episode, he was staring at her obituary. I suspect she was the photo he took from The Stewmaker's trophy album. -- Tom is claiming to have no secrets?? Yeah, right, dude. -- The Alchemist is scary good at what he does. -- Who is Jolene, why does she have a file on Tom Keen and for what reason is she planning to pay him a visit?! And call me crazy, but I could swear she bears a striking resemblance to LUCY BROOKS. -- Red: Just out of curiosity, what number am I on your speed dial? Liz: Seven. Red: Who's six? Liz: Chinese takeout. -- I am dying to know what Red's unfinished business is that he mentioned when he met with Liz at the church. -- Nice, Tom. Planning a hook-up with Jolene? I'm thinking you're being set up. And you deserve it, you dirtbag. No secrets, huh? -- Meera is the mole!! I wonder how this is going to play out.

**(Blue Bloods, S4E13 "Unfinished Business") Finally some snow on the ground! -- Frank Reagan and Garrett Moore are probably my favorite tv "work marriage." They kill me with the snark and bickering. -- It was interesting, learning some of Danny's personal history, what makes him tick, where he was before the show started. -- It kills me every time Pop calls Frank "Francis."

**(The Michael J Fox Show, S1E14 "Couples") Mike: You're a hell of a wing man. Where were you when I was dating? Annie: Dating guys with more game than you? -- Awkward birth of a new friendship! (Yeah, I think I'll pass on that...) -- Ha! Harris is now the jealous friend! (I bet I'd be more amused if friendship weren't a raw nerve for me right now.) -- Eve: It turns out it's not always easy to be honest with people. And it's even harder to be honest with yourself.

**(Mike and Molly, S4E9 "Mike and Molly's Excellent Adventure") A storefront car dealership in the city. I never thought about that before! -- I feel like this show is treading water where it used to move forward in the "big picture" plot. I know sitcoms don't really have the platform for as much character development as a drama allows, but there is no forward motion at all, anymore, not with Mike and Molly trying to get out on their own or with having a baby, nothing, unless you count Molly getting an unpaid article published online. Kind of disappointing. There haven't even been any good Jim scenes lately!

**(2 Broke Girls, S3E14 "And the Dumpster Sex") Max: Actually, it's just going to be the two of you, I have a date and Caroline's afraid to stay here alone. Sophie [to Caroline]: If you don't want to be alone, then why do you act that way? -- Deke lives in a dumpster? Yeah, ok. -- "Brown chicken, brown cow" was funny when I heard it one time on Last Man Standing. Saying it repeatedly, especially in Deke's and Max's annoying voices, made it no longer funny.

**(The Carrie Diaries, S2E4 "Borderline") It's been a long time since I last watched it, but I could swear grownup Carrie sat at that same fountain. -- Dorrit? In Carrie's bed? Gross. -- Speaking of gross, Sebastian is sleeping with that teacher now? -- Unless my memory isn't serving me well (entirely possible), Carrie's hair was very 80s Madonna-ish. Which works well with the title of the episode. -- Tom's girlfriend's son is the definition of 'brat'. -- Ugh. Walt and Bennett and all the "do what you want" drama. -- Kind of a dull episode, really, but it was right on par with grownup Carrie's decision making when it comes to guys.

**(The Middle, S5E12 "The Carpool") Frankie [as Mike exits the room while she's talking]: Leaving doesn't make it right! Mike: Makes it quieter! -- Sue: Oh no, you and mom are getting divorced. Are you leaving her for a younger woman? Mike: God, no. She'd want kids. -- Two weeks in a row there were "awww" moments for Sue: last episode with Axl, this one with Mike. But I want her to have one with Darrin!

**(Modern Family, S5E13 "Three Dinners") Cam: We both look very handsome. Mitchell: If you had just said I look handsome, I would have said you do too. Cam: I couldn't take that chance. -- The tables at the restaurant where Cam and Mitchell were eating were *really* close together. -- It was really good to see Haley starting to blossom after so much time being a mess! I love that she has a plan! -- The "three dinners" format was a great one for this show. It reminded me a lot of some of my favorite episodes of Frasier.

**(Chicago Fire, S2E7 "No Regrets") The train collision was a lot like some of the best episodes of Grey's Anatomy. Lots of action, lots of tension. -- What is Shay's deal? She's still all rattled and unfocused at the train accident scene. -- Of course there was a lost kid at the emergency scene. There always is. -- I couldn't figure out why the trauma surgeon who showed up at the train wreck looked so familiar. And then it hit me: Colin Sweeney on The Good Wife. -- Do any of these characters have a good life, other than Hermann? -- I knew Boden wasn't really going to retire. -- No amount of hype or crossover is going to convince me to add Chicago PD to my DVR. Sorry, NBC.

**(Top Chef, S11E15 "Leaving New Orleans") Did Shirley really criticize Carlos for always cooking Mexican dishes when she often leans toward Asian? Hello, pot, this is the kettle. (Ha. Cooking pun not intended, but definitely amusing.) -- Nick did a "beef deckle" for one of his Quick Fire Challenges. I had never heard of it before and had to look it up. -- Every time Tom enters the kitchen, he is wearing his chef's coat. Is there some sort of rule like in an operating room you must wear scrubs? Or does he just really like wearing his chef's coat? -- Every week, Nina despairs that she made a crucial error that will send her home. And every week, she's safe. -- Padma and Gail were wearing rather cleavage-y tops. Yikes. -- Carlos???? Even after Nick's fish was under-seasoned and they were still talking about how his dish needed more salt?! I do not understand how Nick manages to skate every week. -- Now I am rooting for Shirley, unless Louis makes it back as Last Chance Kitchen winner.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S15E11 "Amaro's One-Eighty") You knew it was bad news for Amaro as soon as Rollins forced more wine on him. -- There's always an angry African American reverend. Always. -- They sure seem to pick what would appear to be grand jury that might be biased. -- So, Captain Gragen is retiring and leaving Olivia in charge. I'm not sure how this sits with me, given that I don't think Olivia's solved all her William Lewis issues yet.

**(Mom, S1E14 "Leather Cribs and Medieval Racks") I can't decide whether or not I like Violet. -- I had to laugh when Violet said she was going to "break the cycle" of not being there for her baby, like Christy wasn't there for her, and Bonnie wasn't there for Christy. Violet sure didn't break  the cyc;e of getting pregnant young!

**(Law and Order: SVU, S15E12 "Jersey Breakdown") Is it a sign of my age that I am so out of touch with lingo that we had to look up words used on this show, because I didn't know what they meant? -- So Nick is on desk duty but he's allowed to interview suspects? -- Perry, the club owner, played Jay's best friend on Modern Family. -- Rollins is gambling again. I knew she wasn't late to the hospital to check on the victim because her dog was sick from eating chocolate. Can't argue with Nick's instincts, either, because he's got her pegged too. -- What a hornets' nest this case opened. Human trafficking. Dirty judge and prosecutors. Abusive juvenile facilities. -- Perry's lawyer told Amaro that he thinks Amaro has a dark view of the world. Well, duh. I would think if anyone has a dark view of world, it would be an SVU detective, given what they see every day! -- The call Liv got from Maria sure doesn't bode well for either Nick's plans for his future or his claims that he is ready to get his gun back and return to full duty. -- I hate that every time Liv's phone rings or she walks into her apartment alone, I worry that William Lewis is going to be there. My sanity needs that story put to bed, once and for all.

**(The Michael J Fox Show, S1E15 "Sochi") I'm not sure how healthy it is for Eve that Mike laughed at the thought of her competing in a beauty pageant, even if she was only claiming to want to do it in order to get her mother's goat. -- Annie: I'm not sure I'd go on Mrs Freedman's word. She walks a loaf of bread around like a dog. -- I can't decide whether or not I like Anne Heche in this role. -- Eve: So you're going to help me? Annie: We're going to start with your smile. It's always bothered me. -- *Loved* Eve's blue dress! -- People should start taking note not to eat anywhere near Susan, especially at her invitation.

**(Last Man Standing, S3E14 "Renaming Boyd's School") The dress Mandy is making makes me think of Peter Pan with its green and its feathers. -- Mike's vlogs make me laugh. -- Ed has a fireplace in his office. I want a fireplace in my office. And an office. -- The interactions between Mike and Chuck Larrabee are priceless. -- Boyd: Did you own slaves? Mike: Didn't have to. I had kids. -- That final scene was the first time I have ever liked something New Kristin has done. Covering Ryan's mouth to prevent him from speaking anymore is exactly what this show needs more of.

**(Revolution, S2E9 "Everyone Says I Love You") Monroe [to Miles]: Boy, you really have gone soft. You're like a puppy holding a kitten. -- I thought Julia was dead?! -- I will never understand the weird dramatic pauses before they say a name. "We won't...Aaron." Why not just "We won't, Aaron," in a normal cadence? -- The nanotech is taking on life-ish form?? -- When a guy tells a woman "now don't freak out..." after she asks him what's wrong, we always freak out and almost always for good reason. -- The nanotech are quite temperamental, it seems.

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gail@more than a song Friday, January 31, 2014 3:42:00 PM  

Yay for Reese and Finch back together! That was an amusing episode.
Blacklist.....Don has been insisting that the girl in the obituary is the SAME girl that Tom meets, Jolene! I wasn't sure, thought it was just him but now maybe I'm thinking you're right. Did Red send her to meet up with Tom and give her a file on him? So the obituary is something Red took, oh no you said it was a photo from the Stewmaker....I had forgotten he took that!

~**Dawn**~ Monday, February 03, 2014 3:36:00 PM  

Gail: I am dying to know how Jolene/Lucy (who already had a bunch of aliases before Jolene, when Red looked her up on ViCAP) fits in with Tom and Red and all this. Did Red send her? Is she working independently? Does she answer to someone else, say whoever the Man with the Apple worked for? I know Red took a photo of a girl from the Stewmaker. I'm not sure if that was also Lucy, but the obituary Red had and the girl he looked up on ViCAP were both "Lucy Brooks," who bears an uncanny resemblance to this Jolene girl.

gail@more than a song Wednesday, February 05, 2014 10:23:00 PM  

Ok, so maybe the obituary girl and Jolene might be the same?!! This show just keeps us asking more questions!

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