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This Week on my TV: January 18, 2014

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(The Good Wife, S5E11 "Goliath and David") Eli slays me when he's frazzled. I love when Alicia asks him why he and Marilyn aren't in the party and he gets all twitchy. -- Hey! It's Daniel Frye from The Bridge! And man, his mannerisms are nearly identical. He just isn't as angry as this character. -- Will thinks he is so slick, soliciting a client out of someone being sued by Alicia. -- When Alicia and Cary played the song in the courtroom as evidence, and everyone is sitting there, bopping along, I died laughing. -- Alicia and Will were freaking awesome, playing off one another. Will, messing with Alicia's head, knowing what her weaknesses are in court, and then Alicia one-upping him by showing up, wearing the dress she had on when she and Will first began their affair, knowing it would distract him. It was funny and played to perfection and I seriously loved that whole exchange. This vibe between them, even though it's supposed to be tense and awkward and angry is just pure awesome. -- I really do not like this detective chick, Jenna, that Kalinda is currently...involved with. (She is played by Jordana Spiro and I keep confusing her with Laura Prepon for some reason.) -- Marilyn is the strangest pregnant woman ever. That whole conversation with Eli, while she was lying on the floor with her feet in the air? What was *that* about? I mean, Eli is raging at her and she's just staring up at him. Weird. -- Holy crap! Holy *crap*. The video the reporter wants to discuss with Eli has *nothing* to do with Marilyn's pregnancy in relation to Peter Florrick. Someone turned in surveillance footage of the voter rigging!! How long til Eli just has a stroke?

**(The Mentalist, S6E12 "The Golden Hammer") There was an exchange between Jane and Lisbon early in the episode. It took place in front of Cho. The look on Cho's face was so classically Cho. I'm glad they didn't change his character, what with all the other changes to the show. -- Jane has this snarky amusement to his attitude now. A bit more of an edge than before. This is a change I'm loving. -- Jane: Relax. Cho: I *am* relaxed. Jane: Really? I've seen rodeo bulls more relaxed. -- Van Pelt and Rigsby! I miss them. Grace is looking a little rough though. Motherhood taking its toll? -- I need to know what Jane's foolproof line is to get people to hit him!! -- Who is tracking the old CBI team with clearly malicious intent?!

**(How I Met Your Mother, S9E14 "Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra") Marshall: Don't think of it as a slap. Think of it as high five. For your stupid face. -- The tree...slapped...Marshall. BAHAHAHA! -- Haaaaaa. Red Bird...Robin. White Flower...Lily. The Calligrapher...Ted. -- Held slaptive. You have shown great slaptitude. The Slappilachian Mountains. A slappetite for destruction. Slapprentice. .. The details of this episode were so silly and yet so amusing. -- Boyz II Men! Wow, there's a blast from the past. I haven't thought about them since I was in high school.

**(The Good Wife, S5E12 "We, the Juries") Of course Will and Alicia are stuck representing a married couple together but separately. Because this won't be a circus. -- I wonder if double jury trials actually exist? -- What is Kalinda up to with Cary? I can't believe I feel bad for him, but she is exploiting his feelings for her. -- Peter vs Big. I really cannot decide as which character I prefer Chris Noth. -- Ted's Victoria from How I Met Your Mother! I have seen a plethora of actor cross-pollination between my shows lately. -- I'm a big fan of the color combo Will's tie: robins egg blue and ruby red. Huh. Who knew? -- The judge made a "herding cats" reference. That is one of my favorite phrases of all time. -- Haaaa. Cary totally played Kalinda and Lockhart/Gardner with that whole Paisley Group business. He knew Kalinda couldn't resist a peek at his phone when he wasn't there and she feel for it. Well played, Cary! Score one for Florrick, Agos and Associates! -- It seems Will will stop at nothing to hurt Alicia and Peter. I used to like Will. Now I think he's a douche. I suppose hurt feelings can do that to you though, and Will's are clearly still stinging.

**(Reign, S1E5 "A Chill in the Air") First of all, you never ever detour through the woods at the advice of a stranger. Second, a crow on a branch is never ever a sign of good things to come. -- A romantic interlude and a kiss between Mary and Francis! Finally! -- Mary: Do you flirt with everyone? Bash: Absolutely everyone. -- Olivia and Francis were intimate and now she is shamed because she's lost her virginity and it's come out. So, is she attempting to get back in with Francis using guilt? -- Mary's ladies are catty. I couldn't possibly survive in that environment. Mary is kind, though, and compassionate, inviting Olivia to join the group after Catherine snubbed her. -- What does Bash know about the pagan bandits in the woods and why is he the only one who doesn't appear to fear them? -- Olivia: I'm sorry, your warmth. It's...unexpected. Mary: I always knew Francis had a past. Men are allowed to have them where as we have our reputations ruined. Hardly seems fair. ... Some things really haven't changed. -- Wow. After Mary's kindness, Olivia is pretty brazen to question the validity of Mary's engagement and threaten her relationship with Francis. -- The bandit from the forest is one of the kitchen help at the castle?! This goes deeper than I would have guessed. Could Catherine be in on it? Seems she has her hand in every dark and twisted plot. -- Catherine is full of malice and treachery. Blackmailing one of Mary's ladies in order to get her hands on the letters Mary writes her own mother. Sheesh. I wouldn't want her as an enemy. -- I can't imagine having to marry purely for power or rising in station. -- Holy crap! Olivia is lobbying to stay as Francis's mistress?? Hussy! -- That was an ugly exchange between Mary and Francis, about Olivia offering to be his mistress, and about how she doesn't want a marriage like his parents'. But, oh boy, that drunken kiss with Bash. Which of course Francis witnessed. Oh, complicated teenage medieval romance. You kissed my illegitimate brother, so I'm taking a walk with my former lover. -- Catherine is behind Olivia's move to be Francis's mistress in order to break them up??? Oooo... and Mary knows Catherine is intercepting her letters back home. Mary is smarter than Catherine suspects.

**(The Blacklist, S1E11 "The Good Samaritan") I couldn't figure out why this episode's Blacklister looked so familiar. The Good Samaritan was played by Frank Whaley. I looked him up on IMDb and discovered that it's because he's played bit parts in at least a half dozen other shows I've watched over the years. -- I don't understand the casual way that Liz keeps telling Tom "they need to talk." There is nothing about this situation that allows for casual! She's been warned by Red many times to watch out for him. There is an awful lot of suspicious apparent evidence that he isn't "just a school teacher." Where is her sense of urgency here? -- Of course the body the FBI lost was Luli's. And of course it was Red who made that happen. -- Johnny Cash's "When the Man Comes Around" was brilliant background music for Red's "house cleaning." -- It's weird to see Red not dressed smartly, in a suit. Appropriate that he isn't, but weird nonetheless. -- I was completely intrigued by the way Red went about his business, eliminating everyone who came after him in regard to Anslo Garrick. He was merciless. And yet I find him so likable. Also, he doesn't miss a beat, including tossing the cell he used to call Liz out the car window. -- After dousing with vodka the guy who paid out to the others hired for the job, and sticking a lit cigar into his mouth, Red watches the man tremble in terror for a minute, then says: Oh my God the suspense is killing me. Then he shoots him. And I feel as if I should be more disturbed by how amused I was by Red in that scene. -- I feel like this show does a good job of fleshing out the stories of the names on The Blacklist. The Good Samaritan was abused by his mother. Now he tortures abusers by giving them the same injuries they've inflicted on their victims. Very "Dexter"-ish, but with a twist. -- They really scared me into thinking Aram was the mole! -- Red: Aram, this is a Colt .45 1911. I can strip and reassemble this weapon in well under two minutes. Aram: Mr Reddington, please... Red: Once I have it reassembled, I am going to reload the mag. If your task remains incomplete, I'm going to empty it into your head. Aram: That's really messed up. Red: Don't look so stricken. The first shot will kill you. -- This whole batch of Red lines: Janice, Janice. Stop the yelling. It's just a flesh wound. ... Janice, if you don't stop, I'm going to put you in the closet. ... Janice, if you don't stop your yammering, I'm going to have to shoot through this door, which will be a shame, because I won't have any idea what I'm shooting at. ... Janice, my sincerest apologies. I'll take a raincheck on the stroganoff. It smells *delicious*. --  Red: Give me a name, Henry, or I'm going to drag you out, throw you in the trunk, fly you to Paupau, New Guinea, and your head stuck on a pole. ... Well, Red, that was awfully specific! -- The scenes where Red was collecting Luli's body and then, later, scattering her ashes, were very touching. They show Red's heart, despite the ruthlessness with which he deals with those who cross him. -- Alan Alda's character is part of the government??? -- Lizzie's emotion when seeing Red standing her living room, well, she might as well admit she likes and needs Red around more than she ever wanted to.

**(Blue Bloods, S4E12 "The Bogeyman") What kind of crowd is Nicky hanging around with?? She is going to be in *so* much trouble. -- I never noticed this before but they cast Sami Gayle (Nicky) really well as Bridget Moynahan's (Erin's) daughter. Their facial structure is just enough similar to make it believable. -- I have a hard time believing Jamie Reagan as "the bad cop" in the good cop/bad cop set-up. -- Danny: My offer expires in ten seconds and I'm not going to stand here counting like an idiot. ... Finally. I always thought it was dumb when someone would make an offer like that and then start counting. -- Frank: It's police work, not the stock market. We don't have minute-by-minute updates. -- How long before Frank and Lilith, I mean Inspector General Kelly Peterson have a little fling?

**(The Middle, S5E11 "War of the Hecks") Did Axl stuff his dirty clothes into the microwave?? -- Frankie: He just barks at you because he's scared of your face. You have a hostile resting face. Mike: A what? Frankie: A Hostile Resting Face. HRF, Mike, it's a thing. See? Right there. You always look like you're just a little pissed off. Mike: Good. That's what I'm going for. -- Frankie watches the clock for the exact moment the second hand hits quittin' time, just as I do some days. -- Frankie: I'd love to say a cutting board to the face was the end of Axl and Sue's epic fight, but unfortunately it was just the beginning... -- The ending between Sue and Axl, following their huge sibling fight, was sweet but... Not even a Darrin sighting? I'm still not over the last episode, The Middle.

**(Mike and Molly, S5E8 "What Molly Hath Wrought") Can we be done with Molly's breakdown now?

**(Modern Family, SS5E11 "And One to Grow On") Cameron: I remember my Sweet Sixteen. I wanted a theme party. Moonstruck had just come out, but I hadn't... -- Alex: I want to see a therapist. I did some research. Dr Gregory Clark. Highly recommended, specializes in teenagers and is covered by our insurance. I booked a double session with him today. And since you guys have the open house, I will be taking the bus. Claire: Ok. Phil: That sounds good! [whispers to Claire] She's like a self cleaning oven. -- Luke: You've got to switch with me. Manny: What? No, we can't do that! Luke: They're twins. They'll never notice. Manny: You realize we're not twins, right? -- Mitchell: Quick, turn off your car. Haley: Why? It's in park I think. Mitchell: I have a judgy green neighbor. He had the nerve to come over here and tell me I'm not green enough. Haley: Shut up, you're super green! Mitchell: I know! I'm recycling a dollhouse. I even recycled a child! -- Haley: Those people are so annoying. There's this girl at my school who was all over me because my boots were leather. Meanwhile, she's wearing Crocs. Like those aren't endangered.

**(Top Chef, S11E14 "Po' Boy Smackdown") Nick, I am still giving you the Stink Eye. And knowing you're representing New England and were so dishonorable? Just makes it worse. -- *Still* with immunity on  the table? -- Something about Shirley saying po' boy just seemed ridiculous to me. -- Did Shirley swear when she won the Quick Fire? Hahahaha! -- Hey, Nick. You demand nobody move your pots? What makes you think you own the whole kitchen or rank higher than any other contestant? -- Every week, Nina says she made a fatal mistake, and every week, she stays. -- Hey, Nick. You see how Shirley handles immunity? WITH A WIN. And I was so hoping you'd be the one to go home this time, but Brian's raw potato saved you. Dammit. -- Keep knocking them out in Last Chance Kitchen, Louis!

**(Mom, S1E13 "Hot Soup and Shingles") Wow. Allison Janney has some serious dance moves! -- I totally called Christy falling off the ladder. -- I hate evil Nathan Corrdry. And that makes me sad. -- I'm not sure what exactly Luke and Baxter add to the show. -- That was a surprisingly touching scene when Bonnie said no one hates her more than she does for not being a good mom to Christy.

**(2 Broke Girls, S3E13 "And the Big But") Sophie in a blizzard on skis, in a parka with sparkly fur. At least this episode is off to a good start. -- Ooo! And now Luis! This episode scores double bonus points! -- Hee. Earl called Han the next Bond villain in his shiny grey one-piece snowsuit. -- Why does Max have a box of gnomes under her bed?? -- I'll get back to on how I feel about that Max/Deke kiss.

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