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This Week on my TV: January 11, 2014

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(Reign, S1E4 "Hearts and Minds") I wish it were easier to keep track of Mary's ladies-in-waiting, but one of them commented on how everything seems complicated in France and I couldn't agree more. -- I wonder if this "Simon" diplomat guy who is being called a spy for the English is really what they charge or if he's taking the fall for someone or something else. -- So Francis suddenly wants Mary now that she's bound to marry Tomas? Figures. Nothing like someone looking better once they are pursued by another. -- Nice "true colors," Tomas. Perhaps you could have listened a little more carefully to the rumors about him, Mary? -- Ah-ha! Should have know it was Tomas setting up Simon to be the traitor so he could be sure to get Mary's hand in marriage, be declared legitimate by the Pope, and take the crown of Portugal! I'm kind of impressed that Francis was man enough to kill him when he needed to. -- That closing scene, with Clarissa under Mary's bed in that creepy burlap sack mask. I don't know if it was supposed to be a sign of friendship or kinship or something, but it really just gave me the heebie-jeebies.

**(Parenthood, S5E7 "Speaking of Baggage") Opening scenes: Drew tries so hard to be a good guy, even when his (drunk) crush is throwing herself at him. Not sure how I feel about the vibe between Amber and that musician guy. So, Julia gets a voicemail from Ed and then decides to head over to Joel's office in a coat and some lingerie? That was a steamy, smoldering first five minutes with various Braverman-clan-folk. -- Did Max seriously suggest Hank was a serial killer when he found the photo of Sarah in one of Hank's drawers? Haaaaahahahahaha! -- I love when the Braverman clan dines together, especially at that gorgeous table, outdoors, under those lights, but holy awkward dinner conversation. Thanks for that, Max! -- Do all families with multiple adult children powwow regularly to discuss their parents? -- Loved hearing Kristina tell Amber her proposal story. Sweet and simple. -- Amber coming into her own is a beautiful thing to see, but what's going on with Ryan? -- Drew's going to get his heart stomped, isn't he... -- The good thing about watching while un-decorating the Christmas tree is that I was distracted enough not to tear up even once!

**(The Carrie Diaries, S2E3 "Strings Attached") Ugh. Larissa is back. Not at all my favorite character. -- Of course Samantha and Larissa would clash. That's a lot of personality all in one place. -- Maggie just does not grasp the concept of making good choices. -- Eww. Teacher hitting on Sebastian. That will never not be icky. -- Wait, I thought *last* school year was their senior year. Apparently not?

**(Dexter, S8E10 "Goodbye Miami") Methinks Dr Vogel may be in a bit of trouble. -- It's so weird seeing Masuka act paternal. -- "I'm not going to hurt you," says the serial killer. "Trust me," says the psychopath. Riiiight. -- Holy tension, with that U.S. Marshall guy hot on Dexter's trail. Of course he was going to get suspicious when he heard Angel say a lab tech position was opening up. -- In one breath, Deb tells the U.S. Marshall that she doesn't keep up with Dexter's dating life, and in the next, tells him that she would know if he were dating Hannah McKay. Way to be consistent, Deb. -- Oh, seriously. Deb and Quinn are getting back together? ::slaps forehead:: -- Considering I totally expected him to kill her at some point, I still found is gasp-worthy shocking when Daniel slit Dr Vogel's throat in front of Dexter.

**(The Michael J Fox Show, S1E12 "Party") Annie: You know, for a guy with Parkinson's, he can move quickly at times. -- Harris: Your wife is so chill, she's practically a guy. -- Did Leigh and Harris seriously hook up??

**(The Mentalist, S6E11 "White Lines") That answers one of my questions: they have relocated to Texas. -- Hey! The guy who played Cal Beecher on Person of Interest is in this episode as a DEA agent! -- I have to say, I'm kinda digging this new scruffier version of Patrick Jane. -- Cracked up at the looks on Lisbon's and Fisher's faces while they listened to Patrick's phone call arranging his date. All the ladies want a piece of Patrick Jane! -- The place where Patrick took his date laid their napkins in their laps for them. I don't think I've ever eaten somewhere *that* fancy. -- Patrick may be the only man, real or fictional, who can make wearing a wedding ring something that makes women eat right out of the palm of his hand. -- Patrick's reaction to his comfy new couch was more of a "first date" than his actual first date. -- I called Krystal being "Mr X," but I was convinced the "Cal Beecher" DEA guy was dirty too. Turns out he wasn't.

**(Revolution, S2E8 "Come Blow Your Horn") Other than a couple of brief moments, this whole episode seemed to just tread water. All the conversations rehashed things that have already happened and there was minimal forward progress. We've learned that the doctor guy (Horn?) has a brain tumor and he wants to understand Aaron's self-healing abilities. Neville tracked down Justine's husband, who promptly shot and killed her. And at the end, Horn's men stabbed Cynthia to get a rise out of Aaron as a test. C'mon, Revolution. You have to do better than this. This felt a lot like last year's spiral into disaster, rather than the new and improved remake you've given us for season two.

**(The Middle, S5E10 " Sleepless in Orson") Poor Sue! She has now been kissed multiple times by a Glossner! Ew! Wait...why was she smiling?? EW!! -- Sean [to Darrin]: What are you doing? The three of us are the only bosses in BOSS CO. Axl: Yeah, that was the deal. We split everything 50-50-50. -- Darrin! I really like Darrin. You know who I don't like? Darrin's new girlfriend, Angel. -- Darrin: Plus, dating Angel isn't cheap. She has fancy tastes. Every time we go to the bowling alley, she orders meat on her nachos. That's a three dollar add-on! -- Sue [to Brad about Derrick Glossner]: I mean, yes, he does have a really good to smell to him, and you wouldn't expect something like that from a Glossner. It's like honey...and danger. -- Mike: Brick, stop worrying and put the iPad away. Sue, get in here and sit down. Axl, shut it. Axl: I didn't say anything. Mike: Well, save that one for the next time you want to talk. -- Sue is not supposed to be making out with Derrick Glossner! She is supposed to be with Darrin. And now poor Darrin just witnessed that disturbing scene when he was clearly there to win Sue back. Now I'm all sad.

**(Modern Family, S5E11 "And One to Grow On") Luke [to Phil, after he was tricked into taking dancing classes]: Just because you're a dancer, doesn't mean I have to be one too, cha cha cha. Dammit! -- Luke is growing up visually, but is his voice ever going to catch up? -- Phil's reaction to jail would so be me. And Alex learning to drive...may or may not have been me. (God bless he who patiently taught me to drive, OMG.) -- I can't decide if Manny's plan for Amy's coat pocket surprises is sweet or borderline creepy. -- Lily is crushing on Manny? That's weird. -- I find it interesting that Jay is suggesting Manny is foolish to shoot for anyone out of his league, when Jay managed to win Gloria's heart. -- I loved that each of the adult couples had one person who knew immediately and one who took some time to warm to the idea.

**(The Big Bang Theory, S7E13 "The Occupation Recalibration") Leonard [standing at Penny's door]: ::knock knock knock:: Sheldon: ...Penny. -- And that may have been the funniest part of this whole episode. The rest seemed to be rehashed jokes: Leonard means to be supportive of Penny, but sticks his foot in his mouth. Bernadette gets shrill when she's angry (though it was sweet to see her standing up for poor Stewart). Sheldon is, once again, forced to take his vacation time against his will. It was a new twist to see Amy getting hit on by another science guy, but I felt like it was one-dimensional. Oh well, they can't all be home runs, right? I guess I was just hoping for a more interesting "aftermath" to Penny's proposal, but it just got dropped.

**(Top Chef, S11E13 "Oui Si a Challenge") Ha. I didn't get the title of this episode until I said it in my head as I typed it out. -- Wow. Immunity is still on the table for winning the Quick Fire. I thought, for sure, we were down to a small enough number of chefs remaining that it wouldn't be offered anymore. -- The French and Spanish guest chefs were *clearly* at odds the entire time. Padma was right: having the competition take place at a restaurant called "Revolution" was perfect. -- Blah. Nina kept saying she thought she was going home for potato salad. I wish that were true, but instead she won. -- Wow. In a cruel twist, coming back to the surprise of immunity so late in the game, Nick should have gone home. Instead, Stephanie is sent packing. I was liking Nick. Now I don't want him to win. Team Shirley all the way. Unless Louis keeps up his run on Last Chance Kitchen.

**(Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, S1E5 "Heart of Stone") I have to admit, I like the way this show handles the back stories of their characters. I've been wondering how Anastasia went from being sweet and in love to being the heartless Red Queen. -- Jafar: I'm intrigued by you, Rabbit. White Rabbit: Not in a "main course" kind of way, I hope. -- Alice: How do I know this isn't a trick? That you intend for me to fall and I'll have to use one of my wishes to save my life? The Red Queen: If I wanted you to fall off the cliff, I'd push you! -- "Little Alice" is super creepy. -- Seeing Anastasia use the magic she made Alice obtain for her, not for her own protection from Jafar, but to free The Knave, shows there is still some Anastasia somewhere inside the Red Queen.

**(Last Man Standing, S3E10 "All About Eve") Mandy's fashion statement in the opening scene looked very "five years old." -- It's supposed to be winter in Colorado, but half the trees have yellow leaves and the rest are green. Hmmm. -- Mandy's bangs are way way too short. -- Vanessa: Was your dad happy when you won your first fight? Mike: Well, he was was with him.

**(Person of Interest, S3E12 "Aletheia") Root is pretty badass. Batcrap crazy but badass. -- Whatever "Diane Claypool" (Camryn Manheim) kept injecting into Root's arm had pretty intense and instantaneous effects. -- Dark and cynical Reese is incredibly amusing to me. -- "Diane Calypool's" crazy makes Root look like she's straight up normal -- I've decided young Harold isn't very convincing, not in personality, but in the way he looks. I think I've gotten spoiled by my shows achieving that casting so well, because this one missed the mark and it's really bugging me. -- Finch's emotion at seeing Reese was very moving. I'm so used ot him being almost emotionless, other than urgency. -- Oh my gosh. He gave a book of birds to his father. And that's the link to always using a type of bird as hiss last name. -- Reese-gone-rogue wears a t-shirt and a leather jacket, instead of a white button-down and a sport coat. Love it! -- Wait! The Samaritan drives were *not* destroyed?!

**(The Michael J Fox Show, S1E13 "Secret") All this stuff going on under Mike's nose! So much for being a top notch journalist there, Mike! -- Harris: You're like Batman crossed with The Mentalist. Oooo, I'd watch the hell out of that.

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane Wednesday, January 15, 2014 11:57:00 AM  

I only watch a few of these, enjoyed your comments on them :) I was thinking that The Mentalist was on its final season, but it sure looks like they are rebooting it and setting it up to go forward. Is this not the last season? Just that they tied up the Red John stuff and have now moved on to Texas and the FBI? Revolution is good, but not moving along much, I agree. We're loving Person of Interest and I totally DID NOT pick up the book of birds reference to his last names. Thank you for pointing that out!!!
Oh, and have you seen Intelligence? We are liking that one as well :) Like you (same as us) need more new shows to DVR?!! :)

~**Dawn**~ Wednesday, January 15, 2014 1:35:00 PM  

Stacy: That's definitely why I list the name of the show. I figure if anyone's reading, they can skip the shows they don't watch. I haven't even considered Intelligence. I have a new rule: if I have a time slot booked by two shows, I don't even think about another one in that slot. Monday at 10pm is already full for me and I'm not willing to drop either The Blacklist or Dallas. ;-)

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