Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012: Wishlist Reprise

Let's see how my 2012 Wishlist worked out, shall we?

1. Find a house, move into it and be completely unpacked. Nailed it! The house was found at the end of December 2011. Offer was made and accepted. Paperwork was signed. And then we waited. And waited. And just when I started to get extra twitchy, we closed! We started moving into the house in February and all the boxes were either unpacked or properly stored in the attic no later than May (possibly even sooner than that, I didn't make note, that I can find).

2. Plan a wedding (without losing my mind or going over budget). Heh. The wedding was planned. I went over budget by less than $100. The losing my mind part depends on your point of view. We'll still call it a success.

3. Finish catching up on magazines, with a goal of having no more than the current month's issues and the previous month's issues in my magazine basket. Ummm... I am going to attempt this again. I stopped and started several times, but moving and wedding planning didn't allow me as much time as I had hoped.

4. Organize my file cabinet and create a "home owner's binder" for aforementioned house. The file cabinet was successful. The binder, not yet.

5. Rebuild the savings after whatever aforementioned house depletes a portion of it. (Sorry, the actual number is confidential here.) Not *quite* back up there, but we're close. And the difference went toward paying off some debt and invested into some work we've chosen to do on the house. I call this one a wash.

6. Back up my photos and music *monthly*. I may have been a few days off of my goal to do this on the first of each month, but except for September, I did this faithfully!

7. Scan in all my old photos. Ha. Ha ha ha. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 

8. Finish organizing the pages I've pulled out of magazines. ::continuing fits of laughter::

9. Be caught up to within one week of all blog reading. I hare being behind to the point that I now feel silly leaving a comment. ::wipes tears of laughter from eyes::

10. Take at least one photo every day. I have found a great site that emails me a photo prompt daily. I was doing great, until some time in May. Then, I missed a few days, lost my rhythm, and...poo. I did take a good number of photos in 2012, but I am not done with this!

11. Read at least ten books. Met and exceeded!!

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Desert Songbird Sunday, January 20, 2013 11:15:00 PM  

Progress comes in all forms. Baby steps, you know? Still, I find myself laughing at myself, too, when it comes to goal-setting, so I tend NOT to set too many goals for the year. ;) I take it one day at a time.

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