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I Watch TV: 2012-2013, Checking Back In

Halfway through January. The "winter finales" have come and gone. The holiday episodes gave way to reruns and now we're back to new episodes as things ramp up for February sweeps. Sounds like a good time to check on how I'm feeling about this season of tv, no?

Only one new show has been given the ol' heave-ho, and it's exactly the one I expected might. A few shows got late starts on their seasons. I added a couple I didn't anticipate. The January starts are queued up. And we have but one cancellation at this point and one show whose season has officially ended.

Disclaimer: If you're behind on your own tv viewing, you read ahead at your own risk.

Once Upon a Time - Save for a few questionable episodes or story lines, this season has really tossed in some interesting twists, both in Storybrooke and Fairy Tale, as well as utilized a few well-placed and well-executed flashbacks.
The Good Wife - After a great finale build-up, this one's been more "slow and steady" than "edge of my seat." Which is fine, if they are building me up for something major. There's still half a season to find out.
The Mentalist - I'll be honest. As much as I enjoy the hijinks of Patrick Jane, I'm getting a bit frustrated that we still feel no closer to Red John. I guess my question is now will *we* ever get to see Red John's face?
Dexter - With a short, 12-episode, no-rerun season, this one is in the books. If the season with Trinity was my favorite, as far as thrilling and shocking, this one was my second favorite. There was a whole new dynamic thrown in, as Deb wrestled with her new knowledge about Dexter, while Dexter wrestled with reassuring Deb, figuring out his feelings for Hannah, dealing with some mob guy seeking revenge, and confronting the reality of his "Dark Passenger." Oh and then there was La Guerta, driving Deb and Dexter into a frenzy with all her poking around. It was an intense season, to be sure. And it definitely has me ready to see how they wrap it all up in the final season.

How I Met Your Mother - If the rumors are true and this is the final season, how are we do we still not know the identity of Ted's wife with the season half over?? We've spent so much time on Robin and Barney, but isn't the whole point of the show supposed to be about Ted finally finding his wife? And we may only get a half season to get to know her? Hmph.
2 Broke Girls - I feel like this show wants to "get there" and sometimes it does, but then it trips and falls on its face.
Revolution - The characters frustrate me to no end, it seems, but there's a good story in there, waiting to be told, if it would just get out of its own way. (And stop trusting absolutely everyone it meets. Sheesh.)
Deception - Mid-season new show. Haven't watched any yet.
Mike and Molly - We are kicking the tires on this one. We're already on the channel from earlier in the evening and we end up half-watching it most of the time anyway, so maybe we'll give it a fair shot.
Dallas - Mid-season season premiere. I'm worried about the long term future of this show, with Larry Hagman's death.
Rules of Engagement - Another mid-season premiere on deck. I hope they step it up a notch from last season which floundered a bit.
The Carrie Diaries - New show. Total brain candy. I have to check it out. Just can't help myself.

Parenthood - This one gets a short season and I've already watched two-thirds of it, but they have just hit them out of the park, week after week. I didn't know I could care more about the characters of this show, but here I am.
Private Practice - A short final season for this one. It's winding up and I like the approach they've taken, giving each character an episode that focuses almost exclusively on them. Charlotte has been my favorite character this season, by far.
Body of Proof - This one returns as a mid-season premiere. I am curious to see what all the changes will do to the show.
The Mindy Project - I gave up on this one. I found it painfully unwatchable...which means it will probably become a cult favorite, like The Office, where the humor was lost on me.

The Middle - They really took off on rounding out Axl's character for a while and I was really enjoying it, but it seems to have dropped off again. It's been a laughable season so far, though, which is what you want from a sitcom, right?
Modern Family - It's been hit or miss, for me. Either I laugh out loud like crazy or I stare at the screen, blinking and waiting. But that's how this show always seems to go for me.
Whitney - This one started up in November, and while I could do without Lily, I feel like we're finally starting to get to see who these characters are a little better. It's definitely been better than the first season.
Law & Order: SVU - There's a new DA. Things have settled down in the squad. The new detectives are starting to feel like they have a place. Every episode is just another twisted turn of events in the city.
CSI - We seem to be getting a lot less of the CSIs' personal lives this season, compared to last year.
Chicago Fire - The characters annoy me more than they make me like them, but I'm still watching, so there's that...
Top Chef - The judges are back. The drama is high. And there are more chefs I want to see go home than chefs I want to see win.

The Big Bang Theory - This season has made me laugh consistently almost every week. Last season seemed to struggle just the littlest bit but the ship has righted itself for sure.
Last Resort - I have really enjoyed this one. I am sad that it was cancelled, but relieved that the writers were given enough notice to properly wrap things up for the viewers and that the entire season will be aired. I'm not shocked it didn't survive. It seems to be more of a show that would have succeeded on a pay-station, like HBO. Expensive, rich detail, almost movie-like qualities. Plus, I think it would have been given more space to "feel real" without the constraints of network television. There are a few episodes remaining and I will watch them all.
Up All Night - I always find myself wishing this show would just make the final push into being truly funny. It's like the jokes are there, but they hesitate to deliver.
Person of Interest - This show does not disappoint me. Its dry humor. Its sarcastic wit. It is just predictable enough without becoming boring. I can't wait to see what's coming next. Or where Root will resurface.
Grey's Anatomy - I thought I was going to hate this season. I find myself loving every minute Meredith is on the screen. I love who she is becoming.
Elementary - This one was a new show I hadn't intended to even attempt, due to scheduling conflicts (and an already overflowing DVR) but I've been able to piece it together. I'm on the fence about this one. It's clever enough, and a slightly different take on a crime drama, but the way they've written the relationship between Sherlock and Watson grates on my nerves a bit.
1600 Penn - Another mid-season new show. With not enough comedy in the tv lineup, I'm giving this one a shot.
Scandal - This may be my favorite show currently on tv. (There are a few others that could make a case, but this one is right up there.) I have been edge-of-my-seat this entire season, and really since the series premiere in the abbreviated first season. I am gasping, jaw-dropping and exclaiming "WHAT???" at least once an episode, if not more.

CSI:NY - I feel as if the CSI franchise, in general, may have run its course, and yet this is my favorite of the three, with my soft spot for Mac Taylor. It just doesn't feel like it brings the "have to see what happens next" feeling very much anymore.
Fringe - Full disclosure: the entire season is living on the DVR. I haven't watched even one minute of it yet. It's the final season, and while I embrace knowing for sure that this is the show's last hurrah, I'm sad to see it go, so I'm prolonging the inevitable by not watching quite yet.
Blue Bloods - The Reagans never disappoint and that's all you need to know.
Last Man Standing - A late starter, this one did some character changes which don't meet my approval, but I'm powering through because the show does make me laugh.

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*krystyn* Thursday, January 17, 2013 8:34:00 AM  

is the Carrie Diaries as in SATC??

~**Dawn**~ Thursday, January 17, 2013 7:38:00 PM  

Yes. It's supposed to be high school aged Carrie. Total brain candy. =) It's on the CW at 8pm on Mondays. Only one episode has aired so far.

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