Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013: Wishlist

I really enjoyed having a list of fun goals and challenges for myself to tackle over the course of the year. Resolutions seem to set up failure. Goals that can be counted or assessed, far more fun! Plus, I am a sucker for a list.

In 2013, I challenge myself to:

1. Click through from blog posts to read. My feed reader is great for sorting through and finding the posts that catch my attention, but I want to stop doing the actual reading there.

2. Comment on ten blog posts per day. That seems do-able.

3. Blog at least four times per week. I fell out of my groove for a while. I miss it.

4. Try at least two new recipes per month. I have a stockpile of recipes. We often get into ruts, partially because it's easy to think of things you've already had and partially because it's easier to cook recipes you already know. Two per month leaves plenty of room for quick, easy dinners that require minimal thought, as well as revisiting old favorites.

5. Complete at least one Pinterest project per month. I have so many ideas pinned. Wonderful, fun ideas. Time to bring them to life!

6. Goodreads offered a widget to set up a reading goal for yourself. I'm going with twenty this time around.

7. Make it all the way through taking a photo a day. Last year's prompt often didn't speak to me as much as I had hoped. This year, I plan to try using two different photo prompt sites (one primary one, one to supplement as back-up inspiration). I have a feeling this will help! With a couple of friends also working on similar challenges, hopefully we can cheer each other on.

8. Attempt number two: Finish catching up on magazines, with a goal of having no more than the current month's issues and the previous month's issues in my magazine basket.

9. Attempt number two: Create a "home owner's binder" which may be easier after having lived in the house for almost a year.

10. Attempt number I've-lost-count: Scan in all my old photos.

11. Attempting again: Finish organizing the pages I've pulled out of magazines.

12. Gained ground but not there: Be caught up to within one week of all blog reading. I run about three weeks out at the moment.

13. (Lucky 13 for 2013!) Revamp my existing cleaning schedule for one that works better. There didn't seem to be a good groove with the one I have been using.

Challenge accepted!

2 with their own thoughts:

Cass. Just Curious Friday, January 04, 2013 8:53:00 AM  

I love this - I'm going to tackle this over the weekend. 13 feels like just enough.

Desert Songbird Sunday, January 20, 2013 11:17:00 PM  

Regarding the daily photo taking: I did the Project 365 two years in a row. There were no prompts, so it was a challenge, but in some ways it was very freeing. I kept a blog, so I could make sure I didn't duplicate (much). ;)

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