Wednesday, August 1, 2007

keeping secrets

last night during the Sox game, we learned that the Boston bullpen is it's own little world. in fact, they are like a little alliance out there. an exclusive club. and apparently, they all have Pirates of the Caribbean nicknames.

they are very excited that Gagne will be joining their elite little group and have already picked out his nickname, ready to welcome him & make him feel like one of the boys, right off the bat.

per Kyle Snyder, the nicknames cannot be revealed to anyone outside the bullpen, under penalty of walking the plank.

this begs the question: just what the hell is going on out there during the games?? shouldn't they be... oh, i don't know... watching the game so they know what they'll be facing if they get the call?! not that i should be complaining. they must be doing something right to get the label of best bullpen in MLB. far cry from last year...

far cry, indeed. maybe i will just keep my comments to myself...

carry on, boys. as you were...

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