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This Week on My TV: July 4, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Mad Men, S7E14 Person to Person) They had Halloween decorations up in the office that we had when I was growing up! Whoever handled set design for this show was just spot on with tugging at my personal memories again and again. -- Ken [totally deadpan, about his son, when asked how he is]: He's a little weird. I actually think there might be something wrong with him. -- Why does Sally look so much older and yet Bobby and Gene never seem to age? -- Don's whole retreat thing was just weird and uncomfortable. -- I love that Peggy ended up with Stan! I actually thought they did an excellent job, showing the viewer where everyone would end up: Joan working for herself, Peggy finally happy, Roger and Marie (OMG they deserve each other), Pete and Trudy starting over in a successful new life. I have no clue what to make of that ending with Don though. Did he give up advertising? Did he go back to New York with that "I'd like to give the world a Coke" idea? Has he just gone off the deep end? -- I would love to see a spinoff starring Joan, Peggy, and Sally. That is all.

**(The Astronaut Wives Club, S1E2 Protocol) The music in this show is exactly the salve my missing Mad Men self needs. -- Betty and Gus are adorable. As cute as they are, though, I think John and Annie are my favorite couple. He is so good to her. -- Well, clearly the media is not all that different than they used to be. -- I love that someone always shows up with jello salad. -- Kenneth Mitchell as Deke Slayton looks like a young Matthew Perry. -- 60s decor, clothes, news anchor's voice: totally nailed it! -- Harry: I didn't kill him, Mrs Slayton. I threatened to have his PI license yanked. We're NASA, not the mob. -- They way they use the old tv footage, spliced with scenes from the show to make it look like they're part of the original reels gets my seal of approval.

**(Parenthood, S6E5 The Scale of Affection Is Fluid) Zeek is a very cranky patient. -- Amber and the coffee covered dude with their matching shirts was...a bit too much. -- Julia and that guy (I refuse to even call him by his name) make me angry. I have to keep reminding myself that this is a tv show. -- One thing I've always admired about Zeek's character is how he takes every Max situation in stride and doesn't treat him any differently than any of his other grandkids. -- Joel: Basketball may be a bigger money making corporation, but it will never replace the subtle beauty that is baseball. ... Preach it, Joel! -- Adam: So why not Max? ... YES. Sometimes, even though she wants everything for Max, I think Kristina loses sight of this.

**(Parenthood, S6E6 Too Big to Fail) Kristina and Adam strolling by again. And again. Spying on Max and Dylan. I died of laughter. Especially when Max called them out on it. -- Amber's belly gets bigger with each new scene, I swear.

**(Parenthood, S6E7 These Are the Times We Live In) Joel giving Julia the house brought on the waterworks like I haven't experienced in forever. And then that scene with them in the elevator afterward. It broke me. Stop being so stubborn, Julia, and look at this man you're giving up on! -- Wait a second. Amber didn't realize she'd lost the keys until she was trying to put them in the ignition to leave? Was she just not planning to lock the house??? -- Julia. *Julia*, OMG, it's this hard to disentangle from Joel, because it's the WRONG CHOICE!! When will you get that? -- My second favorite Max relationship is the one he has with Hank. -- Oh, Drew, cherish these times with Zeek. The adventures won't last forever, but the memories will. -- Something I've always appreciated about this show is the realism. Like Julia walking barefoot in her own home. Because that's what people do. I think shows forget minor details like that. -- That guy is a dork. And nowhere near as cute as Joel. Wake up, Julia. Ditch this guy and make it work with your husband! -- Oh my heart. That scene with Zeek and Joel. Listen to him and fight for her, Joel. Fight with everything you've got.

**(Parenthood, S6E8 Aaron Brownstein Must Be Stopped) OMG the meow girls at The Luncheonette. That was painful even for me, and The Luncheonette has never been my favorite. -- Oh, Ruby. You need to do a lot of growing up, little girl. You promise not to throw a party if your parents let you stay home alone, then throw one anyway, and get mad when you get busted? Yeah. ::shakes head:: -- Ew. Seriously, Hank and Sandy? Drinking straight out of a bottle of booze you found left by the kids at Ruby's illicit party? There isn't enough money in the world to get me to do that.

**(Parenthood, S6E9 Lean In) Well, I do not like Dylan's parents. They are exactly the type of people who make this world more complicated than it ever needs to be. Creating mountains out of molehills and accepting zero personal responsibility. -- Why is Drew a) acting like he doesn't know his own grandmother and b) Millie referring to Zeek as 'Zeek' to him? -- I think that the France trip Zeek wants to put together for Camille is the perfect sweet and heartfelt gesture that lets her know he really really gets her. -- I knew Joel was gonna kiss Julia when she brought over the divorce papers for him to sign. Go, Joel!! -- Oh boy. Dialing 911 for Zeek. This isn't going to go well.

**(Parenthood, S6E10 How Did We Get Here?) What a tough decision for Zeek. But isn't life like that? Sometimes the decision we want isn't an option. -- Hank, stop trying to compete with Joel. You just do you. It's enough. Really. -- I felt as if the break in at The Luncheonette was kind of forced into the story. -- Hank and his awkward, ill-timed proposal to Sarah. And it was pretty much perfect.

**(Parenthood, S6E11 Let's Go Home) I'm so relieved, for Drew, that he got to "make up" with Zeek for breaking his confidence and telling Camille about the trip. -- Yes. YES. Driving by the old house is exactly what people do. I love that seeing it lived in and loved and building a new family's memories was all Zeek needed to see. -- Sarah said yes to Hank! (Finally!) -- There you go, Hank. This is you doing you, showing up to build the crib for Amber. You don't have to be Joel to be important to the Bravermans. -- I dislike how Kristina treats Adam in regard to his decisions for how he wants to handle The Luncheonette. He supports all her crazy projects and goals. You'd think she'd do the same for him, or at least allow him the space to decide what he needs to do for himself. -- Adam attending Nora's tea party dressed in a feather boa. Priceless. -- Joel and Julia! At the ice skating rink! And sneaking around so the kids don't catch them in bed! And kissing! YES!!

**(Parenthood, S6E12 We Made It Through the Night) Hank driving to the hospital with a freaking out Amber and Sarah. I wept with laughter. -- I love the relationship between Sarah and Zeek. -- I always wonder why Adam and Kristina don't use Hank as an example for Max? Both for his sake and theirs. I mean, Hank has Asperger's and has been married, is getting married to Sarah, has a child and a successful business. Who's to say Max can't have those things too? -- Zeek. I love that that was the name Amber chose for him.

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