Saturday, July 25, 2015

This Week on My TV: July 25, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(The Last Ship, S2E5 Achilles) Captain Chandler: Only one thing I hate more than seeing a sub on SONAR. XO Slattery: What's that? Captain Chandler: Not seeing one. -- Predictable enemy composition: One evil mastermind and one hothead. -- I knew that prisoner the Nathan James took from the hospital boat was going to turn out to be bad news. -- Going into silent mode on the Nathan James was crazy intense. Loved when the knife almost got knocked off the counter but was caught with catlike reflexes! -- When they still assumed what was inside the prisoner was a beacon for the guys on the sub, at one point, the XO suggested just tossing him overboard, when Rachel was insisting they bring him below deck to operate on him. Slattery was saying that would basically give away their exact location so it was on deck or nothing. I would think tossing him into the water would be no different that bringing him below deck, no? -- I cannot believe they just plugged that flash drive they cut out of the prisoner right into the computer without concern that it might be loaded with some kind of virus that could take down the entire operation of the Nathan James! -- Holy crap, the whackos just took out all the labs in the U.S. other than the two missiles the Nathan James was able to shoot down?? -- Bunch of crazies looking to take over the world on a nuclear submarine that will never run out of fuel. Methinks Captain Chandler has a huge headache right now.

**(Murder in the First, S2E7 State of the Union) Hildy's brother (what the heck is his name? Junior?) is into quite clearly something dirty but who is "the Union"?? -- Ummm...I though this kid was going with a guilty plea?? Wouldn't that preclude the need for a trial all together? Or is this trial-without-jury simply to determine the sentence? -- That kid's uncle is an interesting character. Whoa. -- I did not anticipate such a large passage of time between seasons one and two, but based on Hildy's daughter, a significant amount of time has gone by. Wasn't she like six years old in season one?

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