Friday, July 17, 2015

Oh Hey Friday!: July 17, 2015

It's Oh Hey Friday! time, hosted by September FARM. The idea is that you talk about five things -- any five things, themed or random -- and away we go!

The "Nope" Edition!

Earlier this week, I was washing my face before bed. Suffice to say, I cannot see clearly without my glasses and I thought I saw something on the wall behind me, reflected in the mirror. Tried to convince myself there was no way, because my glasses weren't on. Turns out, yes, I did see something. A nickel-sized, rust-colored spider. I wanted to ignore it, because I swear creep-crawlies only come out when T's not home or is asleep, and I didn't want to wake him. Then I thought of all the places that thing could crawl during the night. Like into the bedroom and perched between my eyes. I went to grab a shoe from the closet was gone. ACK. I looked all over the bathroom...nothing. I don't know what possessed me to look behind the towels -- we have a double towel bar on the back wall of the shower, with my towel hanging closest to the wall -- and yep, there he was. On. My. Towel. Clearly, waiting for me to dry off in the morning. GAH. End of story: spider's time expired and I have still checked and vigorously snapped my towel every single day since, before toweling off.

All you people who work out and claim you love the post-workout jelly legs? All this nonsense about how you know it was a good workout? Nuh-uh. Do not like. For the same reason that I don't like the feeling of being drunk. I feel like I'm out of control over my body and it unnerves me. My muscles can ache for days, fine, but I like to feel them when I move, even if that means they're screaming at me.

When people string hashtags together in one long run of lower case letters, I struggle to figure them out. This is why I capitalize the first letter of each word when I hashtag my tweets. I'm hashtag literacy challenged.

Fail: When my husband asks the color of my car's interior so he can replace my broken visor.

Turns interior is not grey.

And one great big YES: Our local NBC affiliate is doing this thing during the local morning news broadcast where they give a word during the 6am hour, Monday through Friday in the month of July. Then you have til noon to go to their Facebook page, enter the word, and get your name in the hat. On Monday, I will be driving over to Tampa to collect my hundred dollars. I still can't believe I won.

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