Sunday, July 19, 2015

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2015 - Week 28

Checking in for the week of July 12 through July 18.

The Kingmaker's Daughter (Philippa Gregory) - One of my favorite things about this series is how it can cover the same time span and events without becoming boring. The perspective of a different character gives the story new details, new angles, fuller depth. It was fascinating to take the events that took place in The White Queen and see them through the eyes of Anne Neville in this book. Anne came from a different world than Elizabeth Woodville. She had different upbringing, different experiences, a different path set on the throne. Even having read the story as told by Elizabeth doesn't discredit the way Anne saw these same events unfolding. Instead, they become all the more intriguing. The pieces of fact that exist, with minimal detail, are woven with the fictional elements into a captivating story that is both easy to read and difficult to put down.

When we make fish sandwiches, I mix up my own tartar sauce -- the dill is the key. This rigatoni with sausage and red peppers recipe is one of my favorites; it's so simple, but so satisfying.

Honeydew Melon (YC)
Citrus Tango (YC) - Citrus-y and fresh, with minimal lemon (which is good, because they always smell like furniture polish to me). Just exactly the sort of bright freshness one needs when one has been unable to open any windows to air out the house for the past two months.
Coconut and Vanilla Bean (YC) - I am a sucker for vanilla scents. Combined with coconut, this was the perfect summer twist on classic vanilla. Creamy and dreamy.
Vanilla Lime (YC) - Sometimes I like a theme. This time I took my two other scents and combined them. Some citrus and some vanilla. Summer bliss.

This plaque hangs in our office at work. I appreciate its encouragement.

My husband took me out for a milkshake. I like him. And mmmmmocha.

We named him Tom. Because he peeps in the window.

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