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This Week on My TV: June 7, 2014

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(Revolution, S2E20 "Tomorrowland") Public Service Announcement: Mass quantities of birds all flying in one direction, quickly and with a sense of urgency, is never ever a sign of good things to come. -- I know that yellow cloud of mustard gas was suppose to be serious and scary, but it just looked like a yellow version of the Angel of Death from "The Ten Commandments." Have we really not come any further since 1956? (I jest. Mostly.) -- I wish I could be more surprised that Rachel was going to just leave a fire burning, unattended, in their house, to follow Aaron...but the characters on this show do notoriously stupid things on a regular basis. -- Nanotech Priscilla is creepy.

**(Reign, S1E19 "Toy Soldiers") Catherine: Nothing bothers me more than problems I've solved coming back to be problems again. -- Greer is marrying a very kind man in Lord Castleroy. -- Watching Bash with Kenna, watching Mary's grace and strength compared to Francis's awkward wavering, sometimes I think Mary got the raw end of many deals. -- "You'll be taught proper manners and the art of deception." Oh, Catherine. You slay me. -- There is an awful lot of...bedding in this episode. But so much deception. Bash is still haunted by Mary. Francis claims he would do anything for Mary, only to backtrack and march her uncle's army in defense of France in Calais, instead of to Scotland to bail out her mother. And he thought she was angry about being locked in the tower? -- Interesting relationships for the four young women: Kenna's married to a good man in Bash, but his heart is clearly not over Mary yet. Lola's husband (and his secrets), basically absent. Francis declares his love for Mary, promising he'd do anything for her, but the moment he is out of bed, those vows seems to vaporize like mist. Really, only Greer seems to be headed into a respectful, loving marriage. -- Interesting. Mary's cousin, who has many loyal eyes and ears within the court (according to his word), seems to think Henry's insanity may be the result of poison.

**(Elementary, S2E21 "The Man with the Twisted Lip"Given how close he keeps his cards to his vest, what with the character quirks and all, it's interesting to see Sherlock actually analyzing himself in his sobriety meeting. That isn't a side of him we ever see. -- I don't know where I thought this story of the week was going, but I didn't see "military drone expose" coming. The mosquito drones were pretty freaky. -- I hope Sherlock doesn't relapse with that secret stash he has hidden in a hollowed out book. -- I wonder what Mycroft's connection is to that French mafia and what they want from Sherlock that they believe kidnapping Watson will accomplish.

**(Unforgettable, S2E11 "East of Islip"That is quite the "cottage" in the Hamptons Eliot has! Holy crap. -- Newman! Newman as a coroner getting all gleefully giggly with Jo over carnivorous starfish in the victim's body was unexpectedly amusing. -- At first, I thought Newman was going to be the serial killer (or the non-serial killer, as the case may be). Then, I thought it was the local cop, a local kid who clearly got ignored by the rich kids his whole life. I was completely blindsided by the connection between the deceased and the murderer: brother of the victim's high school boyfriend, with whom she had a child, that was adopted by her own parents.

**(Person of Interest, S3E23 "Deus ex Machina"It's strange seeing Hirsch working with the Good Guys. -- Huh. I thought Peter started Vigilance because of what happened to his brother. Apparently, he was recruited by them instead. -- Hirsch: Next time I see you, I'll probably have to kill you. Mr Reese: You're welcome to try. -- There's something exceptionally humorous about a thug like Hirsch opening the door to find a bomb and saying "Oh dear." -- Decima created Vigilance?? WHAT?! -- Mr Finch [about getting shot]: Why would you ever choose a job where this is an occupational hazard? Mr Reese: Well, I tried to get out of it, but some jackass told me I needed a purpose. -- That was a sinister season finale! I can't even begin to guess where they go from here.

**(Blue Bloods, S4E22 "Exiles"*What* is with all the jumpers on this show this season?? -- The look on Baker's face as she listened to Frank's, umm, uplifting Police Academy graduation speech. I was rolling. -- Also amusing: Frank's detail trailing him in the fancy SUV as he strolls down the sidewalk with Lilith, I mean, Kelly. I wonder if they sit in his driveway after they drop him off for the evening? -- That outfit Kelly wore to hand over the evidence to Frank looked like she was on her way to a Glamour Shots appointment. A red evening gown and a black feather boa? Really? -- What was Erin's boss hiding about her involvement with that hooker sting?! I wonder if we'll find out next season or if it will simply drop?

**(Law and Order: SVU, S15E23 "Thought Criminal"It's really weird seeing super good guy David from Scandal playing a really dark and twisted suspect on SVU. -- Very thought provoking episode. (Pun not intended.) At what point does escalation demand intervention? I mean, the guy went from "having thoughts" to building an actual chamber, equipping it with devices, and it turns out his ex-wife made him leave because she feared their son would become his victim. He clearly even feared it, based on his reaction to seeing them walk into the courtroom. -- Huge red flag: When a psych evaluator asks you if you've ever sought out psychological help, and when you say you've never had a need to, they laugh. -- Nick is in some serious trouble now, after beating the hell out of that guy. Not that it justifies it, but his wife is no prize, basically giving him an impossible choice to make: stay in New York near his job, his mother and his son, or move to California, where he has nothing, to be near their daughter.

**(The Mentalist, S6E22 "Blue Bird"I love when Jane solves a case like it's so obvious. Everyone just stares at him, bewildered and a little awestruck. -- Because of course Patrick is going to drive a big purple convertible Cadillac pimp car while on the case in Miami. -- Patrick looked so genuinely heartbroken standing outside Lisbon's hotel room door while she railed at him for tricking her into coming to the Florida Keys on a "case." -- Cho [about Lisbon being so angry Patrick]: It's weird she got so mad. He's pulled way worse stunts than this. He buried a man alive, once, and she wasn't nearly as pissed. -- They went from being so realistic, with Patrick jumping the fence and it hurting his feet when he landed, to ridiculous, when he ran up the steps to the plane, knocked on the door, and they just let him in. -- So Patrick loves Lisbon. And Lisbon dumped Pike because she loves him too. The ending, where Jane kisses her, was pretty obvious they didn't know if the show was going to be renewed, because they gave the finale a definite "series wrap-up" spin, just in case.

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