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This Week on My TV: June 21, 2014

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(Turn, S1E2 "Who By Fire") Abraham, when your barn is completely ablaze, a few buckets of water likely won't save it. -- Robert Rogers may lead the mercenary band for the Queen's Rangers, but his Scottish accent sounds like it was crossed with an Italian mob boss. -- Captain Simcoe is rather cocky for a man captured by his enemies, wounded, and wearing a cockeyed mussed-up wig. -- When they discovered who wrote the love letter to Captain Joyce, I did *not* expect it to be John Robeson. -- This show moves quickly, and with all the deception, double lives, spies, and secret codes, if you blink, you miss about twelve important details.

**(Mad Men, S7E2 "A Day's Work"Sheesh, Don. Waking up after noon to eat Ritz crackers and watch Little Rascals while a cockroach crawls around your apartment? Good thing you still have Dawn keeping tabs on you. ::shakes head:: -- Sally: I'd stay here til 1975 if I could get Betty in the ground. -- Oh, holy awkwardness. Peggy thinking Shirley's flowers were a Valentine's Day gesture meant for her from Ted. -- Snazzy new SCP logo! -- Sally has grown up to be rather lovely. Less her attitude than her appearance, but even her attitude is improving. -- Lou is a jerk. That is all. -- How is it that Pete's west coast office looks more like it's in the northeast than the offices in New York? -- Pete's hair is a disaster. -- That girl who is Lou's new secretary after he demands not to share Dawn with Don anymore? What an airhead. -- Don: Why would you just let me lie to you like that? Sally: Because it's more embarrassing for me to catch you in a lie than it is for you to be lying. -- Peggy is backsliding. She was getting to be so confident and strong. I am seeing more flashes of old Peggy, now with bitterness. -- Bert Cooper [to Joan about her shuffling of office personnel that put Dawn at the front reception desk and not thinking it appropriate that she be the first person people see]: I said no such thing. I'm merely suggesting a rearrangement of your rearrangement. -- That was a very interesting exchange between Joan and Cutler about Joan moving to an upstairs office and maybe giving up her personnel responsibilities, especially now that she's bringing in her own clients. -- I really enjoyed the scene with Don and Sally at the restaurant, leading up to when he drops her off back at school and she tells him she loves him, and he just sits there, bewildered.

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E19 "A Curious Thing"And we start off with yet another semi-confusing flashback. -- Grumpy: My name's Grumpy, not Stupid. -- Regina and Robin, gettin' it on! -- Regina's Storybrooke wardrobe is becoming less severe and more soft. It was always feminine, but it's changing in tone. -- Zelena: Why haven't you used those luscious lips and kissed Emma? Hook: A fellow like to be courted. -- Rumplestiltskin's giggle is unsettling. -- The memory-free Henry is a bit of a snot. -- Emma: I'm talking about wicked witches and time traveling holy wars. -- Regina: We are at the edge of the Dark Forest. trying to find the one person who can stop our imminent doom and your unborn child, and you two stop to smell the roses? Snow: Snowbells! Regina: I don't care if they're dancing daffodils. -- Is Glinda supposed to be a nod to Frozen or something? -- Ah crap. Regina's face when Henry gets his memories back and calls her "Mom" made me cry. -- Why does Emma look like she's having a seizure when she uses her magic? -- Snow looked a bit psychotic when she was begging Regina to save Charming by tearing out her (Snow's) heart, splitting it, and putting half of it back into each of them.

**(Motive, S2E1 "Raw Deal"I had forgotten just how much I enjoy the way this show is constructed. It's different from all the other crime procedurals when you don't know anything more than the victim. I like knowing who and trying to figure out why. -- I would never in a million years have guessed that the killer was the same person who killed his fiance's old boyfriend in a hit and run. -- What is the story behind Angie's attitude toward the new Sergeant?

**(Parenthood, S5E22 "The Pontiac"Not a fan: the direction they are taking with Haddie (it feels contrived), Drew with Natalie (she *loves* him?? yeah, ok), continuing lies from Ryan (I know he's got issues, but the story is getting old, it's been told again and again, and Amber's shed about a billion tears over it, I'm ready for it to wrap up), Sydney pitching fits over Joel leaving (and in general). -- Tears: Victor winning his essay contest, how sheepish he was to have Julia fuss over him, and how proud Joel is. --Doh. Ryan's mother is a real beast. And obviously Ryan never even mentioned Amber to her, let alone that they were engaged. -- Love: Zeek refusing to hire professional movers. Crosby and Adam are all annoyed to have to do the heavy lifting. There's some sort of childhood lie Crosby has about this birdhouse Camille thinks he made that he actually stole. It was all feeling totally predictable. And then it devolved into Adam and Crosby wrestling on the stairs, which turned into them bobsledding on mattresses down the stairs, wearing random helmets, and Zeek smacking Adam upside the head. It all felt so *real*. It's one of the things this show does best. -- I never realized how believable Haddie is as Kristina's daughter. They have a lot of facial similarities. -- I am not at all sure which was more awkward: Max walking in on Haddie and Lauren kissing, then bringing it up to Kristina later while he's getting his new suit tailored? Or Amber and Ryan having bawling, injured hospital sex? -- Tears: Zeek giving the Pontiac to Drew. I love the relationship he has with his grandchildren. That car became something beautiful between Zeek and Drew, and it started as a bond between Zeek and Victor. -- Cliche cliffhanger: Amber pulling a pregnancy test off a pharmacy shelf.'s been like half a day since she and Ryan *ahem*. A bit soon, perhaps? -- Sarah (and everyone, really) deserves to have someone look at them like Hank looks at her. -- Tears: Zeek and Camille saying goodbye to their house. -- This show has the best soundtrack.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E23 "Everything I Try to Do, Nothing Seems to Turn Out Right"Alex in a suit has become as pompous as Sloan ever was and as ruthless as Cristina. I'm not sure if I should cheer for his sudden confidence or be turned off by his arrogance. Suit or not, private practice doesn't, well, suit him. -- Happy, perky Jo is...weird. -- Did Ben seriously call a patient "our cancer dancer?" -- I kinda love that Bailey cured her child patient without the immune system and doesn't care that the parents are pressing charges so much as that she's missing him coming out of his bubble. She's gotten pretty badass. Someone's going to have to fill that role, with Cristina on her way out. -- Stephanie taking Bailey's fall for the deactivated HIV cure was a bold move. "If you got fired over this, no one would benefit from this treatment like Brayden did. You were going to go down for this, Dr Bailey. You knew it could happen, but you were willing to risk everything to save that little boy. What kind of surgeon would I be, if I wasn't willing to do the same?" -- No baby for Callie. I wonder a) what her and Arizona's plan for expanding their family will be now, despite their pillow talk, because it doesn't feel resolved, and b) how watching April's pregnancy progress will affect her. -- Bye bye, Leah. Related: wow, two show departures at the end of this season and neither was killed?! -- I do love the relationship between Alex and Arizona. I love that she challenges him to be better, that she isn't intimidated by his swagger in order to call him out, and that she flicks him on the back of the head for being a jerkface after telling him that when he needs help, he needs to come to her and ask for it, not poach patients. -- Ohhhhh, Owen asking Cristina not to leave him... my heart. -- Meredith: Champagne is perfect, because I was wrong about the Amelia situation. She doesn't want to leave. She wants to stay! She can take over your service. She can help out with the kids. You can brain map to your heart's content. I don't have to pull my heair out. It is the answer we've been looking for. Derek: This is great! Meredith: It is, right?? Derek: Yeah, Amy can move to Seattle and we can move to DC! ... ::tires screech:: Ehhhh...say whaa??

**(Revolution, S2E21 "Memorial Day"Neville: I'm going to make Sherman's march look like a 10K fun run. -- I am always unduly anxious when someone is snooping. -- Charlie: Being a good guy sucks. Miles: Yeah, it really does. -- Gene [to Marion]: We know you're dumb enough to do the right thing and smart enough to be terrified by it. -- I wonder if Aaron is sick of listening to "We Built This City on Rock and Roll" yet? -- Ewww! That woman, under control by the nano, who just keeps brushing her hair to the point that her hair is ripping out of her scalp! -- OMG, that welcome Nano-Priscilla gave Rachel was just about the creepiest thing ever. -- Nano-Priscilla [to Aaron and Rachel]: Why are the ones who made me so afraid of what I am? ... This reminds me of how Harold Finch feels about The Machine on Person of Interest. -- I think it was only post-production editing that saved us from being subjected to Charlie's, um, plumber's crack as she climbed onto the train. -- It's not a train scene until someone's riding, running, or better yet, having a shootout on top. -- Nothing is easy. The container on the train was empty, the mustard gas is ready to be released into the whole town's full of people in the concert hall, Marion has been stabbed, and Nano-Priscilla did *not* die by electrocution and is now furious with Aaron and Rachel.

**(Scandal, S3E18 "The Price of Free and Fair Election"So, Cyrus has a crisis of conscience about the bomb he planted to take out Sally, and it turns into a crusade for Saint Sally, likely losing the election for Fitz? That's some karmic justice. -- It is so weird to me that all of a sudden we are supposed to like Rowan or Eli or whatever it is we're calling Daddy Pope these days. -- I had to stop the DVR, so I could howl with laughter over Abby and Harrison walking in on Huck and Quinn doing the deed. And Abby is all offended and horrified and indignant?! Abby of the angry sex, Abby?!? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! -- Jake [to David]: You think if you look hard enough, you're going to just run across a big box of irrefutable proof? -- Fitz tells Liv he feels nothing for Mellie, that he wants to divorce her, now that the election is all but lost, and marry Liv and have two babies with her. Then, against Mellie's wishes, she tells Fitz what Big Jerry did to her, and he rushes to Mellie's side, loving on her. I cannot untangle what Fitz feels for Mellie. Or for Olivia, for that matter. -- Holy crap. While I was busy freaking out that Maya just popped up in Rowan's hospital room, before I could finish being creeped out by her, Fitz's older son starts bleeding from his mouth, on stage, during Fitz's speech, collapses, is carried out by Fitz, and rushed to the hospital, where he died of a strain of bacterial meningitis that was kept under lock and key, a vial of which was stolen by Maya and used to murder Jerry Grant?! WHAT?! -- Fitz has paid a heck of a price to break down inside that office. -- I feel like I just took a twenty mile journey inside a tornado. Rowan was actually behind Jerry Grant's death in order to get what he wanted: back in charge of B613 and Olivia away from Fitz. He pinned it on Maya, told Fitz she was eliminated, and instead, stashed her, alive and well, in the B613 Hole?! Harrison is certainly deceased. Huck just lowered the boom on his wife and child, who thought he was dead. Olivia's on a plane, on her way to a new life, with Jake. And Jake had A Big Box of Irrefutable Proof delivered to David?! WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S15E24 "Spring Awakening"I'm bummed that Murphy appears to not be sticking around. I really like him. Possibly more than anyone else on the show. -- It was good to see Munch. I wonder if he will make occasional guest appearances. I can't believe he posted Amaro's bail! -- I saw the junkie mother's death coming from almost as far away as I saw Liv getting custody of that baby. But did she seriously take on that baby without talking to Cassidy?! Or has his mysterious disappearance since that time he told her he loves her actually some sort of breakup? I am so confused.

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane Monday, June 23, 2014 3:56:00 PM  

We really like Motive too. We watch *so* many crime procedurals, that they are usually not that hard to figure out. I thought we had finally found one that Tim couldn't figure out. Till we watched the most recent Motive, and he figured it out about 4 minutes into the show. Sigh. It sucks for him, I just have to remember not to ask, because then he tells me, and it sucks for me! LOL! :)

~**Dawn**~ Wednesday, June 25, 2014 8:48:00 AM  

Stacy: Does he ever get the "surprise twist" they throw in as well? Even if I figure out why the killer acted, I don't usually get the twist at all.

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