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This Week on My TV: June 28, 2014

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(Reign, S1E21 "Long Live the King"Sheesh. If Lola's baby belly gets any lower, it's going to be dragging behind her on the ground. -- Ew. Mary and Francis, before he even takes a bath? I would not be thinking intimacy. -- Really, Mary? Francis says whatever you choose, he will stand beside you, no matter what? Just like he did when he went to Calais with the army instead of to Scotland? -- What? Julien is not Julien?! -- I wonder just what the story of that pagan boy will be and what it means for Sebastian and Kenna? -- Well, well, well, Francis. You are such a hypocrite. You are so indignant about Mary plotting with Catherine against Henry, because he is your father, but what about what you did to betray Mary's trust when it came to her mother? It's ok for you to go back on your vow to Mary, but you don't like when she does the same to you?

**(Mad Men, S7E3 "Field Trip"I'm honestly not sure what purpose Lou serves at the firm. Creative never accomplishes anything when they meet with him. He just criticizes without direction, talks down at Peggy, complains unproductively, and dismisses them. Don may have been a mess, but at least he must have been doing *something* right to be successful for so long. -- Honestly, Megan is such a petulant, immature priss. -- Don has a red plaid piece of luggage. My grandparents had that same luggage set! -- Did women in the late 60s seriously walk up and introduce themselves to men like Emily Arnett did to Don? Do women still do this?! -- The soundtrack has changed. I miss the 60s music. The 70s are so not my thing. Which is weird since I was born in them. -- Megan: I can't believe after all this time, you don't know me. Don: I know how I want you to see me. ... I think this may be the perpetual impasse between men and women. Women expect to be known after "so long" and men want to be known only so much as it make their women admire them. -- Peggy looks good in her powder blue suit, but it makes her look a little washed out and faded. I miss her power colors. -- Ken Cosgrove's eye patch makes me laugh. -- Heels on a field trip to the farm, Betty? Betty managed to make Bobby so excited by chaperoning, even being the one brave enough to sample milk they're just gotten from the cow...and then she blew it when she made him feel guilty about trading away her sandwich. Even after he said he was sorry and clearly felt badly. Part of me wants to judge her, often do any of us blow a situation out of proportion with our reactions, ruining a good time unnecessarily? And then her pride and insecurity led her to blame Bobby for ruining it. -- For all his debauchery, Roger sure does drive a hard, direct, intelligent argument when it comes to what Don means to SCP. -- Color me shocked. This "new Don" accepted the partners' stipulations for allowing him to return to work? Without a fight, without a sigh, without so much as an ounce of wounded pride? Wow.

**(Elementary, S2E22 "Paint It Black"I am not a fan of Mycroft. I feel your pain in having to tolerate him, Sherlock. -- Mycroft: I know why you're upset. Sherlock: My very good friend may be murdered by your very bad friends. Brilliant deduction, Mycroft. -- Sherlock: My father is a life craft in horror who uses his money to bludgeon his way to even more obscene profits. -- Sherlock, the instrument of your salvation or your demise. At your service. That's quite an advertisement of your brother's skills, Mycroft. -- Joan is looking her age in this episode. -- Sherlock's open disdain for Mycroft in their interactions slays me. ... Mycroft: If anything happened to Joan, I'd never forgive myself. Sherlock: Well, that won't be an issue. If anything happens to Joan, I will murder you. ... Mycroft [noticing the look of disbelief on Sherlock's face as Mycroft is questioning someone]: What? Joan asks questions when you're out and about. I've seen it. Sherlock: She's a trained detective. You're a buffoon. ... Sherlock [to Mycroft]: You have the intellectual tools to make simple deductions. Your failure to apply them in an energetic fashion is constant source of befuddlement. -- Circumstances that could have been avoided if Mycroft has just removed Sherlock from New York as asked? What on earth is the end game here? And why does someone need Sherlock to leave?

**(Motive, S2E2 "They Made Me a Criminal"Oscar: Cross wants an update. Angie: And I want a pony. -- The connection between Cross and Angie was obviously romantic, but what ended it so badly that they struggle to act professionally? -- This show works twists as well as any other crime procedural, and possibly better. I never guess the connection. I scratch my head all the way through, getting suckered in by every red herring they offer. You'd think I would hate that, but I kind of love that they fool me every time with their unpredictability. Woman trying to end an affair? Nope, mother taking out her junkie son's dealer.

**(Revolution, S2E22 "Declaration of Independence"This episode started out incredibly dark, between the angry Nano-Priscilla , Priscilla's dream-state vision, and the setting up of the mustard gas attack. -- They sure went out of their way to make the President look like W. -- That was a nice set-up by Gene and company to take possession of the President. My jaw hit the ground. I was totally convinced the Patriots had intercepted Miles and his band of bumbling associates. -- The ending with the neon clown face lighting up in Bradbury, Idaho, and all the Nano-Zombies descending upon that town was highly unsettling. But this ending was clearly the product of delusional writers. Revolution was a definite bubble-show at best this season. A good ending would have worked as either a season or series finale, with equal parts resolution and question, especially considering there was no guarantee of its renewal. It was handled quite the opposite, in fact. -- I am never going to look at lightning bugs quite the same, ever again.

**(Motive, S2E3 "Overboard"Peter and Alicia, the husband and the victim. Not to be confused with Peter and Alicia from The Good Wife. -- Question I asked T when the husband cried because Angie and Oscar asked him if he would come down and identify the body: Wouldn't you cry if the police told you I was dead and they needed you to identify me? I am such a girl. -- The killer had two different cell phones with names written on masking tape. That's one way to keep your two identities in line, I guess. -- At approximately 38 minutes into the episode, I figured out why Cal/Damien did it. Then proceeded to be frustrated that Angie and Oscar hadn't yet.

**(Motive, S2E4 "Deception"Dr Stan Matthews' widow is the first character I remember being on this (Canadian) show that has a stereotypical Canadian accent. -- Why is Detective Lucas bringing coffee for that officer girl? I thought there have been references to his being married? -- I love when tv detectives play with their suspects like a cat with a mouse. -- When suspects say something snarky or taunting in an interrogation room, I always imagine Danny Reagan smacking them on the head, regardless of whether or not the show is Blue Bloods. -- Angie needs to stop treating Cross like a scorned high school girl. -- Why do tv detectives always pick up evidence they find with a pair of latex gloves, but never actually put the gloves on? -- Very early on, I made the guess that the killer, Diane, killed the victim because he was the coroner responsible for her husband being in prison (even before they showed the husband in prison). I did not see Dr Stan's twist of blaming every accidental injury or death of a child being negligence or abuse, because he never got over the drowning death of his granddaughter on a playdate. The mingling of all these various cases, involving Stan lying, was kind of confusing. I thought it was all one case, but turned out to be multiple cases.

**(Motive, S2E5 "Dead End"The high school and the hospital in this episode were holy-cow-fancy. -- I really like Angie's hair. I really don't like that new character, the officer, Wendy. -- I called that the victim (Emily) was pregnant. I also called that the killer's father was the father of the victim's baby. -- Because this show airs during the regular tv season in Canada (and is shown during the summer here), I was loving all the autumn foliage in this episode. The scenery, in general, on this show is gorgeous. -- If the killer's mother tried to commit suicide, why did she put on a kettle of water to boil? Seems odd to do something like that, which is rather intentional, and then just decide you can't live any longer. -- You know, I know it was supposed to be a daughter, protecting her family from the news that her brother's ex-girlfriend was pregnant with their father's baby, however, even in the scene where Jeannine murders Emily, it wasn't just their hair that was the same, but everything about the way they were dressed. It seems odd that there wasn't an element of "single white female" factoring into the cause of this murder.

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane Sunday, July 06, 2014 10:44:00 PM  

OK, we are even further behind, because we just now watched the last episode of Revolution. That had to be one of the worst endings ever. I feel like I wasted a lot of time on that show, based on *that* ending :(

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