Thursday, June 5, 2014

Currently: June 5, 2014

This week at the Broken Road house...

Snapping... fewer random photos recently. I have to switch gears, this time of year, because I am dragged, reluctantly, into Florida's summer, by the relentless turning of calendar pages. I know what is ahead. I know it isn't my favorite. I also recognize that I cannot prevent it and that I have to change my attitude, in order to make the best of it. During that internal adjustment, inspiration flags a bit. It's when I am most grateful for the nudge of a daily photo project. It forces me to seek out the good, the beauty, the gifts that hide in my every day.

Checking... my expectations at the door. I like the promise of hope and possibility, but when they get too big for their britches, becoming expectations, well, that sets up for disappointment.

Learning... how all sorts of features work on my new phone. How to set up my iCloud. How to share photos. How to control who shows up on my contact list. How to limit what apps can use cellular datat when wifi isn't available. Which apps *really* need to know my exact location at all times and which can be denied. How to tweak settings for maximum battery life. Nothing like a good challenge, right?

Dropping... my defective phone in the mail to Verizon Wireless. I am much happier with the replacement they sent me, with a camera that actually works! I'm glad that T got the exact same phone I did, because had I not been able to compare the quality of photos taken by his camera to the ones mine was taking, I might have simply chalked it up to be a disappointing outcome to expectations. (A theme much this week?) Instead, I was forced to inspect a little more closely, discovering a factory defect, and have my phone swapped out for one that actually works properly!

Saving... instead of spending. It's rarely fun to have to tell yourself "no" to this little purchase or that, but we've been asking the hard "do I *need* this?" question and then answering honestly. Watching the numbers in the bank ledger grow is fun. Making the decisions that allow that to happen? Not so much. Being an adult: not all it's cracked up to be. I think I will have a bowl of ice cream. Because, darn it, there have to be *some* perks to being a grownup!

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