Thursday, June 12, 2014


This is not one of those new-age-y, everybody's special the way they are, group-huggy sorts of posts about "being enough." (I just want to clear that up now, before you read something you're not expecting.)

There are two things that can make me unbearably cranky and significantly unpleasant to be around.

The first is known as "hangry." I can go from laid back to rabid wildcat in about eight seconds flat, when I cross the threshold between "I'll be needing to eat soon" and "If you do not find me food this instant, I will bite you." It's really good to have a husband who understands, firsthand, what hangry feels like and how it works, because he a) doesn't take it personally, b) can identify it as the issue at hand in short order, and c) knows that the quickest way to fix it is to start chucking food in my general direction from a safe distance away. 

The other is "space invaders." Not talking hostile aliens here. I'm talking about people with zero concept and respect for personal space. I am not so much a fan of people crowding around me, being all noisy and breathing in my general direction. The conversation doesn't even have to include me. Simply the fact that it is taking place in my immediate presence and that I cannot escape it starts to grate on my nerves. It's worse if they are actually occupying my "bubble." Rule of thumb: Unless I happen to like you a *lot*, I would prefer that, if I were to extend my arms away from my body, I would not be making contact with your person. If I can touch you, you're too close. If I can feel your breath, the Hairy Eyeball you're receiving from me is barely veiling the fact that I am imagining how much better I would feel if I could poke you with a sharp device of some sort -- something that would send a very clear message to BACK OFF.

Today was the second variety of grumpiness. And there's a fix for that too.

Turn up a some upbeat music that's easy to belt out. Decompress in the solitude of my car and marvel at how the sky is never the same twice. Come home to a good man.

Because even when you've had enough, sometimes you have to tell yourself enough is enough, break out the toolbox and let it go. Life's too short to spend it perpetually grumpy.

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