Sunday, June 22, 2014


1. What first tells you that summer is here?
Summer arrives in Florida months before most of the rest of the country. Its fanfare is round-the-clock air conditioning, with an electric bill to match, and the near daily storms that roll in.

2. Name your five of your favorite distinctively summer habits or customs.
1. Hibernating.
2. Complaining that it's hot. (See also: weeping, wailing, gnashing of teeth.)
3. Daydreaming about (Florida) winter.
4. All the fruity candle scents I have in my stockpile. (When your house is sealed up tight, a  girl needs something to freshen up the air!)
5. Watching Red Sox games on tv.

3. What is your favorite smell of summer?
Rain. It may not do much to cool anything off (a place this hot just steams when it gets wet) and it makes the humidity go through the roof, but it also means we can stop paying to water all the green things. I like that part.

4. Favorite summer memory?
Endless days of school vacation. It really doesn't get any better than that, does it? How did we ever claim to be boooored?

5. What's your favorite quintessentially summer food? Least favorite?
Favorite: Cold salads. Armloads of fresh fruit.
Not: Bananas. No bananas.

6. Go-to summer beverage?
I drink water, but I crave lemonade.

7. Least favorite/most annoying thing related to summer?
Sweating on my way out to the car. In the morning.

8. Place you'd most want to be in the summer: the lake, the city, the beach or the mountains?
The mountains. It's cooler there, right?

9. Your absolute dream summer day would be:
A day off from work on an unseasonably cool, dry day (even by Florida standards), at Disney World. With a Dole Whip float. I have to dream big in the summer. Because otherwise my dream day would be the day summer ends.

10. If you could go anywhere on vacation in the summer, where would you go?

San Francisco. I visited the city in August 2012. I wore a sweater most of that trip.

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