Wednesday, April 30, 2014

What I Learned in April: 2014

1. My husband looks at me with an odd expression when he see me holding a wee babe. Now, this is, in his words, because he has never seen me hold a tiny baby before, but I guess I never realized this was such a visual difference from holding a seven-month-old.

2. I am still not a fan of prop planes. They are far too bouncy for me. I made T hold my hand the entire 35-minute flight. Both ways.

3. This is called a sun halo. It occurs when ice crystals from super high cirrus clouds refract the light.

4. I like macadamia nuts...if they are covered it chocolate.

Every month, Chatting at the Sky shares what she learned. Big things and little things. Life lessons from the serious to the silly. I've decided I want to participate. Just another means of capturing who am I along this broken little road called life.

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