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This Week on My TV: April 19, 2014

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(Last Man Standing, S3E19 "Hard-Ass Teacher"Eve: I'm not leaning toward The Ohio State University mostly because its alumni insist on calling it The Ohio State University. -- By the way, I still do not like Kristin -- Mike: What? You get a wrong answer and he marks it wrong? Where is this guy from, North Korea? -- Vanessa: Oh my. Is that boy wearing a dunce cap? Mr Harden: Oh no, I could never get away with being that insensitive to kids in this day and age. It's a genius cap. This genius forgot to do his homework. -- Mr Harden: Every day I drive back and forth across the Nineteenth Street Bridge and everyday I pray that the men and women who built that bridge learned their math from teachers who demanded the best from them. -- Mike: This is what America's come to: Real accomplishment plays second fiddle to just feeling good about ourselves. Feeling good whether we've earned it or not.

**(The Big Bang Theory, E7E20 "The Relationship Diremption") Leonard: Hey, how's dating two women going? Raj: Ummm... Kind of hit a bump. When I was honest and told Emily she wasn't the only person I was seeing, it went great, so I tried the same thing with Lucy. Howard: And? Raj: She had mixed feelings. But when I said Emily was cool with it, Emily's the best, why can't you be more like Emily? Those feelings became less mixed. -- Howard: You're reading Cosmo? Sheldon: Yes. As it turns out, there's an article on how to get over a breakup in literally every issue. -- Sheldon: The magazine article suggests that one of the ways to get over a breakup is a new look. Leonard: What about your old look: well groomed ventriloquist doll. -- Amy [upon seeing Sheldon's new look]: What did you do?? Penny: I gave him a new look. It's cute, huh? Amy: Yeah, it's cute. That's the problem. I don't need other girls to see him walking around like sex on a stick. -- You can't agrue with Sheldon's description... Wine: grape juice that's been predigested by a fungus.

**(Blue Bloods, S4E19 "Secret Arrangements") Uh oh. Danny is on a list of detectives with high success rates from interrogations and the DA is threatening to investigate. But I can't even remember the last time he Danny-Reagan'd someone across the back of the head! -- Garret: Do you think Detective Reagan steps over the line? Frank: I think he probably steps *on* the line. -- I feel a little bad for Seymour whose wife hasn't touched him "since the Reagan administration." That's a long time to be lonely. -- I can't think of another time Frank has ever asked one of his family members to leave his house. I also appreciate that, thanks to the chill between Frank and Danny, we see that, like real families, not every family dinner is pleasant. -- There was so much said in the silence between Frank, Danny, and Erin when they were all in Erin's apartment by her design. -- Of course it was only a matter of time before Jamie and his partner kissed. But...meh. I am just not invested in that being A Thing. -- So is Danny allowed to head smack anymore or not?! You're killing me, Frank!

**(Person of Interest, S3E18 "Allegiance") Officer: You can't park here. Security regulations. Fusco [flashing his badge]: Yeah I got one of those. -- I audibly gasped when Mr Reese tackled the assassin and went out the window with him, because I really can't handle another character death anywhere this season...and then laughed as Mr Reese climbed off the dead assassin on top of the car where they landed and shrugged, like "no big deal." -- Come on, Shaw. You fell for "I could use a drink" from a woman who wanted to leave and whose earlier smooth moves to stick a GPS tracker to a car you praised? Even *I* saw that coming! -- Great words from Mr Reese: I have an idea but it's going to require a smoke screen and a big ass truck. -- The look on Reese's face when the Legionnaire was waving his knife around was a hilarious prelude to Reese shooting him in the knee. -- As a fireman's ax comes whistling through the air and embeds itself in a wall, Mr Reese: Someone call 911? -- "Alias John Greer" looks like someone who should have been a character on Fringe. -- Root was pretty smart bringing Bear to track "Alias John Greer."

**(Last Man Standing, S3E20 "Parenting Bud") Just as I was thinking Kristin sure spends a lot of time at the Baxter house, Mike says pretty much the same thing! -- Mike and Eve, in this exchange? Sound exactly like I do at work. No joke. ... Kristin: I just needed a place to chill for an hour, ok? Boyd had me up all night with a stomach virus. Eve: Ohhh, so you thought you'd bring that virus over here. Thanks. Next time bring donuts. Mike: No no no don't touch the handle of the coffee pot! You'll get your germy spores on everything. Vanessa: I'll get it for you, honey. Kristin: Maybe I should just drink my coffee outside. Mike: All right! Wipe down that door handle, then bury the cup. -- The Baxter doormat says "Go Away." I find that very funny. I like Mike Baxter. -- Mike (and I) just gained a little respect for Kyle who takes care of his grandmother with dementia, not because it's fun or that she's appreciative, but because it's what you do for family.

**(Elementary, S2E19 "The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville") My first reaction to this episode was "they are tracking a biting murderer?" But I have to admit, the case was creative: the bites were done by a set of dentures that were made from a model and distributed in a prison to a bunch of inmates. That sure makes things a bit more challenging! -- I thought for sure it was the dental tech at the prison who turned out to be a former inmate. Never would have guess Aaron Coville actually did the original crimes and that his own mother was the copycat.

**(Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, S1E13 "And They Lived...") What's with Alice's hot pink lipstick and super ratty hair all of a sudden? -- Jafar: It is so hard to resurrect good help these days. -- The Knave: Love is messy. It means arguing and making up and laughing and crying and struggling and sometimes it doesn't seem worth it but it is and in the end when you're in love no matter what happens you forgive each other. -- Very well done series finale. All the characters had closure. Jafar was defeated. Anastasia was brought back to life and reunited with Will. We saw Alice married to Cyrus (darn wedding scenes all make me cry now). And Alice and Cyrus have a daughter of their own!

**(Once Upon a Time, S3E15 "Quiet Minds") Gosh, I hate those flying monkeys. I jump every single time. -- Snow White is so sweet. A baby blue dress, with a little bow over her belly, of course, and a baby pink cardigan. Actually, I can kind of see why she gets on Regina's nerves sometimes. -- That was a rather interesting incarnation of Lumiere. -- There is a whole lotta chemistry between Regina and Robin. And OMG, she figured out he was the true love Tink tried to encourage her toward back in Fairy Tale. And she. is. freaked. -- ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? *Another* show I watch has killed off a major character?! Goodbye, Bae/Neal. This also leads one to ask: This is opening the door for Emma and Hook now, isn't it?

**(About a Boy, S1E6 "About a Buble") I kinda love Will's current interest, Dr Sam Lake. She is a sports fan who considers her baseball and football teams sacred (A's not Giants, Niners not Raiders) and opposing fans are romantic deal breakers! Also she is blunt when she's overtired, which is funny. -- Bahahahaha! Paddle boat police. -- Fiona is a really really annoying mother. That is all. -- Big Bang Theory's Kripke (Kwipke?) is Fiona's boss! -- Dr Sam is cute. I hope she sticks around.

**(About a Boy, S1E7 "About a Poker Night") OMG Fiona packed everything Marcus owns for his first sleepover. Footy pajamas?? And how has he never had a sleepover at ten years old?! -- Crosby! Crosby at poker night. I love that they do crossover with Parenthood. -- Finally, a use for Marcus's constant hat: pulling it over his eyes during scary parts of a movie. Maybe I need one! -- Bummer. The only Dr Sam we got was in the form of a text message.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S15E19 "Downloaded Child") Olivia: You're smiling, Barba. Why does that freak me out? -- Wow, that was a twisted case. When I checked into this episode on tvtag, I wondered how this episode would disturb and horrify me. I was in no way prepared for just how twisted this one was. -- How many times are they going to dangle Liv staring longingly at photos of that foster care baby she rescued in front of us? -- I seriously thought Cassidy was going to propose to Liv at the end. All that fanfare to say "I love you," are you kidding me??

**(2 Broke Girls, S3E21 "And the Wedding Cake Cake Cake") Caroline: You listed your occupation as Sophie. Sophie: Yeah! It's a full time job, baby! -- Max: Calm down. I baked a cake. I didn't fold a fitted sheet. -- Max and Caroline trying to transport that wedding cake seriously stressed me out. Even though something was obviously going to happen to it.

**(Dallas, S3E6 "Like Father, Like Son") I can't believe I am going to say this, but Pamela sitting between Emma and Elena was like a sheep sitting in a pack of wolves. -- So, for once, John Ross does the right thing and turns down his scheming little secretary on her mission for Ryland, and Sue Ellen doesn't believe him. Not that he's innocent. Just innocent of *that*. -- Sue Ellen drinking makes me sad for her. -- The scene with Emma turned my stomach, telling John Ross to go home and kiss his wife now. She is one messed up girl. -- Still trying to figure out if John Ross having Sue Ellen taken in for evaluation was true concern or just a devious way to get what he wants.

**(Mom, S1E22 "Smokey Taylor and the Deathbed Confession"I was really happy with the way they did the season finale. It was funny (Bonnie and Alvin, Violet attempting to leave the hospital to avoid giving birth) and a little tense (will Violet change her mind about giving the baby up for adoption?). But in the end, she did and her goodbye to her daughter tugged at the heartstrings. I'm really glad she went through with it. I would have been disappointed if the writers had a change of heart. -- Christy's one year sober talk at AA was good. "I thought my life fell apart because I got sober, but it turns out I got sober just in time."

**(Mike and Molly, S4E17 "McMillan and Mom"Busted a gut laughing at drunk Carl trying to run through Mike and Mike laying him out cold. -- Carl's Nana [to Molly]: Give me that bowl, child. You gotta beat those eggs like they owe you money! -- This season feels like it's lacking an overall story arc. I know it's supposed to be about Molly having a breakdown and reinventing herself, but the episodes all feel disjointed and unrelated, even when they are humorous.

**(About a Boy, S1E8 "About a Slopmaster") Exactly how much *is* that royalty check Will received?? -- OMG Will invited Dr Sam to his "margarita party" via remote control mylar shark. That is pretty freaking fantastic. How can she say no to that?! -- ::snort:: Marcus is counterfeiting money for the Dickensian Mini Society his mom was helping with at his school. -- Yay! Dr Sam appears to have forgiven Will for "buying" time with her! -- This show is already light years funnier and with smoother delivery at eight episodes in than 2 Broke Girls is with almost three seasons in the books.

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