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This Week on My TV: April 26, 2014

Disclaimer: Some shows I watch live and with others, I tend to be fairly behind on my tv watching. Even so, consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. All I can do is lead in with the show and episode. You read at your own risk!

**(Elementary, S2E20 "No Lack of Void"Eww! Oozy stuff coming out of dead guys' mouths always skeeves me. -- I think one of my favorite things Sherlock does is spout off obscure facts. -- Watson: You tasted the anthrax?? -- This struck a little too close to home for me. ... Sherlock: Alistair was a friend. One of only a handful at that. And losing a member of such a select group has felt quite substantial. -- I like when they show the emotional side of Sherlock. It humanizes him.

**(Chicago Fire, S2E18 "Until Your Feet Leave the Ground"The characters say and do a *lot* of stupid stuff on this show, but pointing out to Mouch that he is taking advice from a lesbian on what women look for in a man was spot on. -- That face Dawson was making when she was trying not to cry as Shay was talking about Dawson and Casey growing old together? Totally the face I make when I'm trying not to cry. -- If someone is assessing your husband's injuries with words like "four-inch laceration" and "pupils aren't dilated," and they ask you to get sheets, towels, and duct tape, do you really need to ask if they know what they're doing? -- OMG Mouch on a blind date. I am so glad I will never need to experience being on a blind date. I would be a flipping disaster. -- Hermann is good people. -- Jones *killed* herself??

**(Law and Order: SVU, S15E20 "Beast's Obsession"William Lewis *again*?! I am exhausted with this story line. -- Hmmm. Another appearance from the undercover detective (Declan Murphy?) that inadvertently discovered Rollins' downward spiral with her gambling addiction. I like him. I wouldn't mind if he became a regular. -- I seriously hope William Lewis is actually dead. I need this story to be finished.

**(The Good Wife, S5E17 "A Material World") Sheesh, will Kalinda just get it on with *anyone*?? She certainly will play hardball though. She relished putting Damian in a position where he needed to leave Lockhart Gardner. -- At first, I thought the new State's Attorney, James Castro, was Evan Handler (aka Harry Goldenblatt from Sex and the City) but then I realized it was Michael Cerveris, September from Fringe!! It's a little unnerving just how many features they have in common. -- Alicia Florrick looks better as a mess than I do at my best. -- I like Finn Palmor. -- I suppose Peter was a bit insensitive in his delivery, but honestly? I think Alicia needed to hear it. And I also don't think he was wrong. ... Peter: Look, you lost a friend. You didn't lose your job. You didn't lose your husband. Alicia: I lost my husband a long time ago. Peter: Oh my... You cannot go back there. Alicia: I don't have to. I'm still living it every day. Peter: How many times do I have to tell you? When I cheated, it didn't mean anything! Alicia: Well that was a waste. Because when I cheated, it did! Peter: Well, I can't compete with a dead man. But if you think your life would have been better with Will, you are kidding yourself. Alicia: Stop it, Peter! Peter: No! I'm not gonna let you throw away this marriage because you have some idealized notion of a man who you're not even sure cared about you. Alicia: You're a bastard! Peter: And you're a selfish bitch! But you know what? We're all that we have. -- Was that a whole episode without Eli?

**(Unforgettable, S2E8 "Til Death"At first, I thought this was going to be one of those episodes that have been done by all the cop shows with male-female partners: let's pretend we're married to catch a criminal. And a lot of it has been done before. Including the murderer who was replaying mommy-daddy issues as he recreated it over and over. But what made it completely worth it is the chemistry between Carrie and Al. Wowza, there were sparks coming off my tv!

**(Grey's Anatomy, S10E18 "You Be Illin'"What is going on with Derek's hair?? It's gone from charmingly messy to OMG get a *trim* at least, man! -- Der and I are obviously kindred spirits. ... Derek [to sick Murphy]: Ew! Get away from me! -- I love that Mer really had heard Der's speech enough times that she was able to give it for him when he succumbed to the virus that was going around the hospital.

**(CSI, S14E19 "The Fallen"I'm not at all making light of such a serious topic, but how is it that the kid who started shooting up the police precinct was able to successfully hit so many targets when the police on these shows seem to miss about eighty percent of the shots they take? -- I can't imagine how it would feel to be the mother in that situation, knowing what your son did and that the odds are not in his favor for walking out alive. -- Cop involvement in the police department shooting. I did not see that angle coming. I especially didn't see it coming that it was the female cop who set the whole thing in motion, sending her husband, a fellow officer, to work the front desk, communicating with the kid via email from the police station, using the terminal of her former lover to implicate him. It was a sad, but the threads of the story were woven together so well.

**(Parenthood, S5E19 "Fraud Alert"Wow, that was a whole lotta barging into ::ahem:: married bedrooms to start this episode. -- Oh boy. Mark Cyr being back won't complicate anything for Sarah, just when things seemed to be going so even keel, of *course* not. /sarcasm Even though he's moved on and is engaged now, Sarah's going to have all the feelings. -- Oof. Joel, you can't use a joint credit card for an amount that large and expect Julia not to know about it! -- After that disaster of a meeting between Kristina and Adam and the school about the kid who peed in Max's canteen on the class field trip, I cracked up when Kristina told Adam not to laugh at her for her yelling at the administration. That is so something I would say. -- Tears: That conversation between Joel and Julia about whether or not their goal was to get back together. They are both so clearly hurting and not hearing one another. -- Tears x 2: Kristina watching Max be happy surfing. -- OMG Julia. A date with Ed? Seriously?

**(Reign, S1E17 "Liege Lord"Lady Kenna is a brat. Wow. ... Kenna: You make it sound as though I'm the most self-centered woman in France. Bash: I can't say that. I haven't met all the women in France. -- How on earth is Lola going to make this marriage work if he doesn't want children after losing two wives in childbirth and she was hoping to marry *because* she's already pregnant? -- Whoa. One of Catherine's ladies alerted Mary to a secret clause in the marriage clause between Mary and Francis. If Mary dies without an heir, Scotland belongs to France. So Mary is basically worth more dead than alive unless she can become pregnant. And it wasn't just Catherine and Henry. Mary's mother was in on it too. -- Mary: I would defy the devil himself if he tried to buy and sell my country. -- Lola is marrying a good man. Kenna is married to one too, if she'd just remove her head from her backside. -- I rather enjoy this badass version of Mary!

**(Person of Interest, S3E19 "Most Likely To..."Shaw's hair is's not up in a ponytail. -- It amuses me how freaked out Lionel is by Root. The second she shows up, he can't wait to beat feet. -- Such a funny episode. Mr Finch sent Shaw and Mr Reese to a high school reunion, posing as former grads who were not in attendance. Shaw went as the class "ugly duckling" and apparently Mr Reese was a high school playboy who keeps getting slapped by various women all evening. -- Class of 1994. Twenty year reunion. OMG, I have been out of high school a long time. -- Vigilance is a real pain in the hiney. -- What on earth did The Machine whisper in Root's ear?!

**(Modern Family, S5E19 "A Hard Jay's Night"Haley [playing Scrabble]: How am I supposed to do this with all these I's on my rack? [Manny looks away.] -- OMG the little soap statue Cam's father made for the wedding cake topper. THAT CAM SET UP IN ORDER TO GET AN EXTRA VETO SO HE COULD GET RID OF THE WEDDING SINGER. He is crafty, that one. -- Phil as a hair dresser. Hilarious!

**(Mad Men, S7E1 "Time Zones") Joan: Is this Avon-related or did you just need someone to hand you a tissue? -- I don't know who Lou is but I am not a fan. -- OMG, "Bob Benson is on the line"?? I thought we got rid of him! -- That soundtrack is definitely setting the scene as closing in on the new decade. -- I was going to ask what Megan was wearing to pick up Don at the airport, but perhaps the better question would be what is she *not* wearing?? It maybe was supposed to be a dress but it looked like a shirt without pants! -- I started chuckling over Pete's hair. And then I got a load of his pants and fell off the couch. -- Joan wore a rust color when she met with the professor that I *love* on her. And I totally applaud the effort she is making to retain a customer's business. Joan does not get nearly enough credit for how valuable she is to the firm. -- I do not understand how Don and some random woman sitting next to him on a plane end up all cuddly! I don't even want the person next to me to initiate small talk! -- (Something I didn't catch myself, but that was pointed out to me by one of my friends, and with which I completely agree in retrospect) Everything Don watched on television was about discontent of spirit. -- I just wanted to hug Peggy when she was crying. -- I'm going to have to think for a while about that final scene with Don shivering on his balcony before I form a theory on what that is supposed to mean.

**(CSI, S14E20 "Consumed"A cannibal??? (Maybe this wasn't the best lunchtime entertainment.) -- Ewwwww. This was a gross episode. I should have known something of this nature was coming, after how good the previous episode was. -- Holy crap! DB saw a guy that fit the sketch of the "devil" cannibal?! Is that just supposed to leave the viewer wondering or are we going to be subjected to this as an ongoing arc?

**(The Blacklist, S1E19 "The Pavlovich Brothers"Escape by ambulance. I feel like I've seen that done on every action show I watch. Time for a new "clever escape" plan, writers! -- Oh, Tom, you are a liar liar pants on fire. Liz "sees this blood and stuff all the time but it's so foreign to you." WHATEVER, YOU KILLING MACHINE. Those puppy dog eyes behind those glasses are NOT FOOLING ME. -- Lizzie, the magician, making that car remote battery/GPS tracker disappear. -- My God, does *everyone* on the street work for Red?! -- Liz is on to Tom being on to her being on to him. (Got that? LOL) -- You know, Liz, you could be a little more gracious to Red, considering he's been *right* about everything thus far. -- Words that should strike fear in the hearts of anyone who hears them: "Good afternoon, gentlemen, I'm Raymond Reddington." -- "A gift from Reddington. Enjoy." Red gives the best gifts. First the head he gifted Ressler. Now, he delivers Tom to Liz, handcuffed in her dining room. -- Oh, Liz doesn't have it in her to break your fingers, Tom? Hell hath no fury, you betraying bastard. -- I don't buy it. Tom is *not* one of the good guys. -- Was that symbol on the envelope in the safety deposit box the same one as on Tom's box of passports and cash, that looks the same as Lizzie's scar? And what was she seeing in those photos?! I NEED TO KNOW.

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