Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Insert clever frog-related title here, because I've got nothin'.

I was finally ready to tackle my vacation today. And this happened. Sometimes, you just have to take the material as it is presented to you.

1. That is a frog. On the window of my shower. Inside.

2. The smaller inset photo is for point of reference: Those tiles above him are about the size of my hand. When his legs weren't scrunched up under his body in fear and an attempt to hide from me (sorry, Kermie, but you weren't exactly in a "hiding" sort of place), he was not much smaller than those tiles.

3. This begs the question: Through what gaping hole in our house did he gain entrance???

4. He showed up in the morning. While I was busy getting ready for work. After my husband was already gone. I was also (ahem) stepping into the shower to shower. Meaning...I wasn't exactly dressed for frog-wrangling.

5. Thank God I saw him before I was dripping wet and covered in something sudsy.

6. Thank God he wasn't some place where I discovered him by stepping on him.

7. Thank God he wasn't a spider.

8. His heart was beating so hard, I thought he was going to die of a little froggy heart attack. So I found myself sweet talking a terrified frog at 6:45am as I approached him with a large old towel to trap and release him.

9. I had no choice but to handle this, despite not factoring time into my morning schedule for frog-catching, because if I had left him there and he jumped on me while I showered, *I* would have had a heart attack, probably would have fallen and put my head through that window, and I would have met my demise by frog in a rather ungraceful and compromising manner.

10. You betcha I stopped to take a photo first.

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Dondi Thursday, April 17, 2014 11:01:00 AM  

Okay, I'm going to go out on a limb here, but............BWAHAHAHAHAH! Sorry, but I'm so glad this happened to you and not me. Eeek!

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