Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunny Side Up

I'm a morning person. I may wake up slowly, blinking the haze of sleep from my brain, but I seldom wake unhappy. I ease into the day, a fresh page with a flashing cursor, curious what it will hold. Endless possibility. Perhaps something momentous, but more likely, something small. It's the small that I secretly love anyway, if you want to know the truth.

Maybe I will leave a message on social media that will brighten a day, uplift a spirit, coax a smile. Maybe I will listen quietly to a friend who simply needs to be heard. Maybe I will elicit the magical sound of my husband's true laugh, not his half chuckle but the real deal. Maybe a plant will bud or a new recipe delight or a favorite song play during a commute.

This flawed world contains its share of storm clouds and it would be easy to sink into shadow. I've chosen that path on occasion. I found it makes life hollow. And so I've made a point to seek out joy, those little gifts embedded into each day. The ones that make me exclaim over the miracle of simplicity, raise my eyebrows in serendipitous discovery, and dance a merry little jig through the living room. Living life sunny side up suits me.

For the days I want to write but need that extra push, and, just as much, for the days when the prompt inspires me, all on its own, whether I need extra motivation or not.

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