Thursday, February 4, 2016

Some Things: February 4, 2016

ONE| "...stubborn souls refusing to confront their secret fears..." I read this in The Story, which we're doing for church (one chapter a week for thirty-one weeks, and then the sermon is based on the chapter read). It just resonated with me and stuck in my mind. I am so guilty of this.

TWO| Did I ever tell you about the time (ahem...last week) a rogue termite found his way into our house and started snacking on our entertainment center? Thank heaven they're sloppy eaters. T went to work on a search and destroy mission. We believe him to be deceased and see no evidence he called his buddies over for a party. Honest to God, I didn't know "there's a termite in the entertainment center" was on the list of things I never wanted to hear when I arrived home from work, but suffice to say, yep, on the list.

THREE| Is anyone else picturing cartoon termites devouring everything made of wood in a three mile radius in twenty seconds flat now?

FOUR| That "not a robot" feature on Blogger comments? Best. Thing. Ever. After weeding through a dozen (or more!) of them per day, I haven't had to moderate a single spammy comment since I activated it. Which means, now that I'm calling attention to it, that will probably change. But either way, it's nice as long as it lasts!

FIVE| I got called for jury duty at the end of the month. The Friday before I'm scheduled to report, I have to call in to see if they still need me there. Truth be told, I'm kind of hoping they tell me I'm not dismissed, because that means I get to sit there are read a large portion of my day. It's my fourth time receiving a summons and I've always had to report. I got selected for a jury one of those times. I truly don't mind doing my civic duty. It's just a really long day, with a lot of sitting around.

SIX| So. On Tuesday, I had my annual ::ahem:: exam. (All clear, pending lab results, thank God.) But anyway, I'm lying there, staring at the ceiling, because, well, ya know, and there's music playing quietly in the sound system, and it starts playing "I've Had the Time of My Life," you know, from Dirty Dancing, and it was all I could do not to burst out laughing, because, well...No. Definitely not. I mean, I have a really great doctor and all, but...nope.

SEVEN| Speaking of...that. We (my doctor and I) discussed relevant topics, and it made me realize that I am such a Libra, even when it comes to the issue of childbearing. It occurred to me, on any given day, I could be anywhere from "hmmm...maybe I'd like to have a baby" to "uhhh...maybe not." I mean, you've seen babies, right? They're cute and squishy. And on a less junior high-ish note, there's something to be said for a little tiny piece of you and your husband becoming a member of this world. But then there's that really freaky Zika virus (it may be international, right now, but do you know how many mosquitoes are in Florida YEAR ROUND?? I've killed three in the past week, in the house, IN FEBRUARY) and the fact that I'm eight months away from turning forty and that life is really easy as it is (selfish but honest -- I'm not stupid, I know babies disrupt everything, no matter how worth it they are) and holy crap, the cost of childcare and providing health insurance alone are staggering. But then someone posts a photo of their baby on social media and the ovaries weigh in (the ovaries like babies). But then someone else has horrific morning sickness or a child with a stomach virus or a broken arm. And the seesaw rocks back and forth. And I really just... Maybe this is why people have kids when they're young: they haven't lived enough life, yet, to overthink it to the point of saying "your ball, Mother Nature, I've got no clue what I want." (I know, I know. Everyone has an opinion on this topic. "You're too old!" "Just do it, you'll never regret it!" I'm not looking for advice. I'm just telling you what this thought process looks like inside my head. It's ridiculous. Also, whoever approved me for this "being an adult" thing really ought to have their license revoked.)

EIGHT| Moving on but also ridiculous. We had to run our a/c yesterday. Because it was 84 and humid. On February 3. That gets a big ol' Stink Eye from me. There are people who love the six months of Florida summer. I am not one of them. They got their six months (eight, more recently!). Now I want mine. And it includes NOT RUNNING THE AIR CONDITIONING.

NINE| Next month starts Flower and Garden Fest at EPCOT. I am already salivating, thinking about what delectable treats are in store for me.

TEN| We went to see The Revenant on Sunday. The scenery shots were incredible. There were parts that were really difficult to watch. There's not much for levity. DiCaprio managed to convey countless emotions and thoughts with very few spoken words. But what's stuck with me the longest is wanting to know how they made that bear scene.

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane Thursday, February 04, 2016 6:26:00 PM  

So much blog content here, I don't even know where to start! Let's see, in the NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR category - we had termites at our old house. The termite people told us, when you see one, there are hundreds or thousands more. We do the treatment thing regularly, you can't live here and not have them eventually (or sooner).

The Libra discussion resonated with me, so so much :)

I just left a comment on a previous post and had to do THREE of those robot "pick the photos" things, because apparently, I'm stupid or blind or something. I was afraid the thing was going to toss me out! And maybe it did, maybe that comment never made it. but I hear ya, I hate spam and sludge.

Jury duty means you can lug that monstrous book in there and make a huge dent in it!

Sorry. AC in February (or in our case on 12/25 and 12/26) is just WRONG. On so many levels.

Have a great day/weekend!

~**Dawn**~ Thursday, February 04, 2016 7:26:00 PM  

We have been watching very diligently and haven't seen any evidence of more. This guy was leaving a huge pile behind. Thankfully, he was just in a piece of furniture and not for very long. I'm really really hoping he was an introvert. ;-)

Being inside a Libra mind is exhausting sometimes, isn't it?

I got a total of three comments from you on three different posts. It shows you pictures though?? All I get is a box to check!

That is *exactly* what I was thinking about with jury duty. ;-)

We had the a/c on most of December. None of January. Then back to warm to start February. We have a cold front coming through right now, though, and it's supposed to stay cool or comfortable through the next two weeks!

I hope you have a great weekend too, friend!

*krystyn* Friday, February 05, 2016 10:33:00 AM  

I truly enjoyed reading your thought process on babies. Loved it.

And I'm still jealous that you'll be at the Flower & Garden Fest and all those treats. I'm *still* living TOO far away. Ugh.

On a brighter note: Oscar complained about the cold today and said he needed to go back to the desert. I quickly interjected with "or Florida!" Hee Hee!!

~**Dawn**~ Friday, February 05, 2016 10:47:00 AM  

Krystyn: I'm just nuts. ;-) I wish you could come Fest with me! You need to just bonk O over the head, stuff him in the car, and when he comes to, inform him "hey! this is where we live now!" ;-) If only, huh?

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