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This Week on My TV: February 6, 2016

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(The Good Wife, 7x13 Judged) Lucca [to Jason]: Your smile thing, your bedroom eyes, BS. Oh, I'm just a guy's guy, I don't know what I do to women. ... OMG, yes! Oh, that is so him! That is snort-laugh funny. -- Jeffrey Dean Morgan is the best thing to happen to this show. I'm still not over Finn Polmar, probably never will be, but I do love me some Jason Crouse and his cat-that-ate-the-canary facial expressions. -- Alicia needs to find a way to let this Will thing go. See a therapist, get some bedroom activities, whatever. But this mooning over what cannot be changed is unhealthy. -- The opposing student in Diane's case saying he felt "under attack, disrespected, unsafe"...This is the problem with society, this self-victimization and inability to function as soon as someone disagrees with us. -- Lucca [about Jason]: He's a friend. Alicia: How close a friend? Lucca: Seriously, are you going to hate the whole world right now? -- Lucca [to Alicia]: I don't like people. But I like you. ... This is how I feel about my band of friends. -- Dean Randolph: Part of learning how to make decisions is learning how to live with poor decisions. -- It's like legal in*est, the way Alicia and Cary always end up representing each other. -- Whaaa...??? Those Jason and Alicia kisses. Steeeeeamyyyy. -- Jason's affirmative "uh-yuh" gets me. Every. Time. -- And about the kssing, as well as getting back to my earlier remark about Alicia. Amazing how she started to pull herself together after getting some lip action. -- Eli at Alicia's door, pouring out his heart to her. Oh, my heart. I wanted to hug him, with his teary eyes. What an excellent scene. Right down to the look he gave Alicia's door as he walked away. -- I really wanted to kick Bernie in the...shins. What a jerk. -- When Lucca said "we got shafted by the Brotherhood of the Robe," I wanted to cheer. Because I had just said the same thing to T about the judges being such a "boys' club," that Lucca's phrasing was spectacular. -- Alicia: should do what's best for you. Jason: Yeah, well, sometimes, I can't tell what that is. -- Boy, Cary's offer for Alicia to "come home" as a junior partner and they would bail her out of all her malpractice suit woes sure fixes it so everyone benefits, right down to Jason being able to accept Diane's offer to work for them exclusively.

**(The Big Bang Theory, 9x14 The Meemaw Materialization) Meemaw! I really hope she's going to be a character we see again from time to time. She was hilarious. -- Howard: I'm just saying instead of let it go, she should have sang look at me hiding in a freezer like a Dove bar. -- Meemaw gets to sit in Sheldon's spot! --
Ummm, Raj is talking to a girl...while sober. -- Raj: I wouldn't say she's beautiful. Howard: don't think she's attractive? Raj: I do. I just wouldn't tell my girlfriend! -- Penny: Are you sure I can't pour you some wine? Meemaw: Oh, no wine for me. Sheldon's bringing me my whiskey. Sheldon: Here you go, Meemaw. I made it just how you like it: a a glass. -- OMG I forgot Amy doesn't know about the ring! -- Claire: We're adults. We can still get together without it meaning anything. Raj: Not me. Ever since you admitted we had a vibe, I've been planning our wedding. ... Whoa, whoa, whoa. Is Raj seriously thinking about pursuing this for real??

**(The Blacklist, 3x13 Alistair Pitt) Why do people in shows always crouch behind tables , like that is supposed to protect them from gunfire? -- Liz [to Samar]: Swag for mommy dot com? Who *are* you? -- This Paris scene with Red and this woman (lover?) with the Christmas tree and the snow falling outside really got to me for some reason. Red: I can protect you. All you need to do is ask. -- Red: Honestly, if I paid taxes, I'd be outraged. -- "I think it's romantic to forgive someone you love." I really like Aram. Have I mentioned that? His lines fly under the radar but are nearly as good as Red's lately. -- "Do you have any cookies?" Never change, Red. -- "Comrade Rostova" -- this agent is a jerk. -- Seriously, Tom? You're back to Gina? You, unlike Red, *should* change. -- I found it completely disconcerting to see Tony Shalhoub in this criminal role! I guess he'll always be Monk to me.

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Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane Wednesday, February 17, 2016 2:18:00 PM  

I don't think you could like Aram any more than I do, he is definitely my favorite behind Red. And I agree, they've been giving him great lines lately. And of course, he's the tech-y geek, which I always like :)

And Tony Shaloub gave me the heebie-jeebies for hours. I did NOT like him in that role, playing that character, with those dumb dogs. Which they brought back to give to the short necked DMV guy Glenn or whoever he is. Creepy. I agree, he'll always be Monk to me! :)

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