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This Week on My TV: November 21, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Greys Anatomy, 12x06 The Me Nobody Knows) Mer: You sent a sex tape? Pastor patient: To the entire congregation. Penny: Oh God. Pastor: Can we not talk about Him right now? -- Penny being assigned to Mer's service has to feel like being kicked while you're already down for Mer. Probably for Penny, too, but I have no real sympathy for her at this point. -- Does this doctor April knows from her military medical field trips to the Middle East have some kind of history with Owen? Because that was a weird reaction by Owen. -- Alex seeking out Mer made me feel all fuzzy and warm. He's being her Person! -- April and Jackson are made up characters on a tv show and I'm *still* uncomfortable "being present" for their interactions. Like I'm stuck in a car with a couple that's having an argument. -- Mer: Our shame can choke, kill us, rot us from the inside. Don't let it.

**(Once Upon a Time, 5x07 Nimue) I appreciate the history lesson of how Excalibur came to be, how Merlin became immortal, and how the Dark One's dagger became separated from the sword. It was a well constructed tale. I'm less certain how I feel about the way they cast certain roles away from what might be expected. "Not all wizards have white beards," indeed, Merlin. -- The timeline in this episode (for the history lesson) amused me. We went from the descriptive "thousands of years ago, before the time of Arthur" to regular old "200 years ago" to the oh so vague "years earlier." -- Arthur is just straight up evil. And I don't know how I feel about that bending of legend. -- I totally knew the original Dark One was going to be Nimue. -- Regina: Tell your timbers to stop shivering, pirate. -- I wonder why the other Dark Ones all have that scaly (?) skin but Emma does not? And it seemed to happen almost immediately with Nimue, and I think also with Rumple, if I can remember that far back? Why is Emma "immune" to that then? -- What made Emma turn and embrace the darkness? She clearly hadn't at the point that crazy Arthur summoned Merlin using Excalibur. I'd imagine they have to flashback more and finish the story of what happened.

**(The Good Wife, 7x07 Driven) Louis Canning is such a manipulative little troll. Who is clearly throwing a lot of work Alicia's way. To what end? -- You can tell that Alicia feels dirty voting the way Frank Landau tells her to. -- Crouse unsettles Alicia, which just means every one of their exchanges amuses me. Also amusing: Eli's door banging into his desk every time anyone opens it. -- That was quite the unexpected...bedroom transaction between Alicia and Peter. -- Eli makes the best faces. I just can't decide whether his reacting to finding Peter and Alicia in the bedroom or Jackie's arrival to announce her engagement to Howard was my favorite.

**(The Big Bang Theory, 9x08 The Mystery Date Observation) Penny: Damn, you're sneaky. Bernadette: Yeah, but I'm little so it's cute. -- Leonard: But it's the movie Ben Stiller doesn't want you to see. Penny: It's the movie your wife doesn't want you to see. -- I can't decide which made me laugh more: Bernadette spying on Amy's date. Amy's date being obsessed with Sheldon. Or Sheldon's Craigslist puzzle game to find a new girlfriend actually leading to a pretty cute girl showing up at his door and him shutting the door in her face.

**(Scandal, 5x07 Even the Devil Deserves a Second Chance) Fitz: To Congress. May their heads one day depart from their asses. -- Jake: The woman I love killed the woman I used to love. Or the woman I used to love killed the woman I love. I can't figure it out. -- Grieving or otherwise, Olivia, Jake has called you out on exactly what you are. Screaming at him to get out doesn't change any of it. -- Quinn: She's the President's girlfriend. The White House is always our client. I hate the new normal. -- David: I didn't ask you to sit. I said take a seat, Elizabeth, so take. a damn. *seat*. -- Lizzie: You don't like me, do you? David: I wasn't trying to be subtle. I *don't* like you. -- After all that ranting, Lizzie and David end up getting busy in his office?? While VP Susan is out in his reception area with a four-pack of wine coolers, because she has a crush on him? I said we needed more David on this show, again, but WHAT IS HAPPENING?? -- *Very* striking final scene, Liv telling Fitz what to do while she stands on the Presidential Seal in the middle of the Oval Office.

**(Blue Bloods, 6x08 Unsung Heroes) Frank: Preaching to the choir is for showboats and sissies. -- Quite possibly my favorite moment ever on this show was Frank cracking himself up making punny jokes no one else thinks are funny. -- Two things I am over: the very Law and Order: SVU-ish feel to this serial killer Danny is tracking, and Linda coming off as whiny rather than worried and shaken up.

**(Blindspot, 1x09 Authentic Flirt) Oh good grief. Weller couldn't even shave when he was getting all spiffy for a formal event? Stubbly scruff with a tux is thumbs down. -- Awkward: Weller putting wedding rings on Jane's hand as part of their married-couple cover. Couldn't he have just handed them to her to put on herself? -- Wow. There are apparently a lot of folks using that secret library book code. And they must be up to no good, because now Patterson now has a dead (ex)boyfriend, after he decided to follow the woman using the books to leave a message. The weird thing is that I can't figure out if the guy following him was with the girl or also following the girl. -- That bird drawing toward the end is going to show up as a tattoo at some point, isn't it...

**(Reign, 3x05 In A Clearing) I wonder if this is really the last we're going to see of Nostradamus. If so, then I'm glad they provided some resolution after seeing him ride off, half dead, leaving the viewers wondering. -- Blah. I'm not a fan of this whole Delphine thing, either her romance with Bash or this whole medieval serial killer bit. -- Even despite Mary signing it, I really wonder if Elizabeth would have honored that peace treaty. -- That scene in the clearing was heart wrenching. It was played out so well. -- With Francis dead now (and hopefully no more supernatural shenanigans), I wonder what lies ahead for Mary. With her mother also dead, will she return to Scotland to rule? Is she going to go after Elizabeth? Will this strange affection Catherine has for her keep her in France?

**(The Middle, 7x08 Thanksgiving VII) Brad: I'm going to write you a reality check, payable right now. -- This episode had me all out of sorts, what with Axl crying all over the place and sean still being all hippie instead of clean cut All American Boy Next Door. Also, why wasn't Darrin invited to hang out? -- Brick playing poker was hilarious, especially when he tried to bluff.

**(Modern Family, 7x07 Phil's Sexy, Sexy House) The scenes in the "sexy house" Phil is trying to sell, with everyone sneaking in, not realizing everyone else has the same intention, made this one of the funniest episodes I have seen of this show in ages. -- Haley and Andy! Haley and Andy! I was actually yelling at Andy through the tv (as one does) because I couldn't believe he was letting her walk away with *that* being his "last adventure" before getting married and then Haley runs back to him for that kiss. They *have* to get together now...right??

**(Madam Secretary, 2x07 You Say You Want a Revolution) Elizabeth (to Matt): Someone woke up on the cynical side of the bed this morning. -- I kind of love that Elizabeth and Henry call Alison 'Noodle'. -- I'm over every tv show making the police out to be bad guys. Like really over it. There are bad apples in every subgroup of society. Making all cops out to be over aggressive guys with a power trip is an unfair characterization for all the many, many more to protect and serve. -- Back to things I really love love: Elizabeth and Henry's relationship. They act like people who still love each other, which is a refreshing change of pace in the cheating-spouse heavy storytelling of tv land. -- That scheming between Sterling and Senator Parisi will, hopefully, spell the end of Sterling's presence. I don't care for him. Leave it to that jerk to be the thing that being Elizabeth and Russell together as a team.

**(Grey's Anatomy, 12x07 Something Against You) Mer: Well I thought that I could treat her like any other resident but that was really hard because I wanted to punch her in the face. Like a lot. -- Between Penny and Riggs, there sure are a whole lotta hirings going on that are ticking off other surgeons. I get not running the decision to hire Riggs by Maggie or anyone else, but you'd think Bailey would have to run stuff by Mer since she's on the board. -- Amelia: I fix brains. I give you your soft gooey center, the hard candy shell is your department. -- I was all set to feel badly about the "trivia night" bust with Arizona and Webber, given how enthusiastic he was, until I saw him switch gears and get right down to business as Arizona's wing man.-- Ok, seriously, what is the deal between Owen and Riggs?? They've dragged on the suspense long enough now. -- I do love that Mer is stepping up as Owen's Person, asking "Do we hate him?" about Riggs. It's good to see that dynamic between the surgeons didn't fade away with Cristina's departure. -- Oh, please don't make Riggs turn out to be a new love interest for Mer. Bleh.

**(The Blacklist, 3x08 Kings of the Highway) Apparently Samar's desire to capture Liz and make her face the consequences of her actions now takes a backseat to the loyalty she feels to Red for his involvement in providing her closure with her brother. -- Cash: That girl is nuttier than a bag of cashews. -- Why do the bad guys always ride crotch rockets? -- That doll head Red used to break himself free was straight. up. creepy. -- Oh, Aram. You ratted Samar, Liz, and Red to Ressler out of jealousy? Really? -- The Chairman lady just shot the Attorney General lady!! Holy. Crap. Is Chairman lady part of the Cabal? -- What did Attorney General lady whisper as she was dying? "Tommy Market?" What the heck is that?? -- Crap. Ressler has Liz and Dembe in custody now? And we're supposed to wait til JANUARY 7 to find out what happens next?!

**(Blue Bloods, 6x09 Hold Outs) I can't believe how much Eddie looked like Linda when she was dressed up undercover as an old lady. (Sorry, Linda!) -- At one point that pregnant wife of the new police officer Frank was swearing in said "These days when I sit down I can't get back up." Not to nitpick, but since she was standing up when she said that, it can't be true. -- Oh goodie. The Mayor got re-elected. -- Baby Francis Francisco? LOL

**(Sleepy Hollow, 2x04 Waiting for Taleju) Things that made me snort during this episode: Shardectomy. Mistletoe as a weapon to defeat this week's evil. -- Again with the regular guns. ::facepalm:: --  Crane: Did you call me strange? Oh, good grief. How will I ever endure? -- Ah! This week's historical figure: Daniel Boone! -- I'm not sure how, exactly, that plan *worked* to get the evil creature thugs to kill each other, but...ok. -- Crane: Sometimes, it seems as though the unbeatable enemy is the twenty-first century. -- I did NOT see that coming with Sophie being an undercover agent. -- So, where did Jenny go? And who the crap is that hooky guy??? Pandora's boss?

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