Sunday, November 8, 2015

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2015 - Week 44

Checking in for the week of November 1 through November 7.

Chasing Fireflies (Charles Martin) - I'm very curious how the "mystery" aspect of this story is going to tie into the rest.

Comfort food central: tuna casserole; scalloped potatoes and ham; fish sandwiches; grilled cheese.

Pumpkin Cupcake (BBW)
Chocolate Layer Cake (YC) - I almost never like chocolate scented candles. They just smell wrong to me. This one was surprisingly ok though. I don't think I would burn this scent often, but every once in a while would be all right with me.
Lake Sunset (YC) - I prefer this one in limited doses. This is an interesting scent. It is both fresh and lightly perfumed. It reminds me a lot of what a spring early evening smells like, here in Florida, actually, when the air is just starting to get a touch of cool dampness and you can really smell the flowers that bloomed during the day.
Cider Donut (YC) - Oh, heaven. If I prefer the previous two used sparingly, then I want this one all the time. Doooonuuuuuts.
Frosted Cranberry (BBW) - Time to change up the candle in the bedroom. I love how tart and fruity this one is.

T thinks nutcrackers are totally creepy. So, of course, while I am browsing a shop at EPCOT, I feel the need to snap this pic and text it to him. Then, I looked at that Santa nutcracker, kind of in the center, and he's kind of sneering at me and...yikes.

Oh, just appreciating the queue ambiance while waiting for another round of Soarin'.

Hey there, sunshine.

I pinned this idea, like, a million years ago. Finally did it with those cute mini  pumpkins that were my October centerpiece, updating it for November. I *love* it.

November on the calendar.

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