Sunday, November 1, 2015

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2015 - Week 43

Checking in for the week of October 25 through October 31.

The White Princess (Philippa Gregory) - Yet another book in this series that I found myself never wanting to put down. I have read a lot of criticism on the (lack of) historical accuracy in Gregory's books, but here's the thing: it's historical *fiction*. If I want rote facts, I will read non-fiction. I like the style with which Gregory fleshes out what she imagines might have gone on behind the scenes of the facts we know about the Yorks and the Tudors, what she thinks a character might feel or think or wonder. These are details that aren't likely to be included in non-fiction, no matter how well written, so it's fun to imagine what those details might entail. I appreciate that, while she sticks true to form throughout this series, each narrating character gets her own unique voice. I liked getting to know Princess Elizabeth, seeing her grow and mature into Henry's queen, despite being under constant scrutiny by a king (and his mother) who live in a constant state of fear, paranoia, and insecurity. If only Henry had employed the help of his wife over his mother's whisperings, he might have been a far different monarch, because Elizabeth had the York grace, poise, and surety, having been raised as a princess in these very castles, by parents who were beloved, rather than growing up sequestered and fearful. Looking forward to the final book in this series, and then moving on to the Tudor series for sure.
Chasing Fireflies (Charles Martin) - This one didn't reel me in as quickly as "When Crickets Cry" did, but it's getting there now.

Meatball subs with melty provolone -- so messy but so good. T did up some chicken Kiev, which we served with rice (to catch all that delicious buttery, herby sauce) and a salad. Leftover ravioli soup and stuffed shells, both from the freezer stash. And on Halloween, we splurged on an early dinner at Five Guys before heading home to hand out candy.

Pumpkin Cupcake (BBW)
Fall Festival (YC) - No one scent in particular. Just this delicious medley of all things autumn.
Pumpkin Pie (YC) - It's like there's a freshly baked pie hanging out on the counter.
Vanilla Satin (YC) - This one is really unique. The description says vanilla, flowers, and sandalwood. I don't pick up on the flowers, but the vanilla and sandalwood are very warm and inviting.

If I can get back just how late the sun rises before we turn back the clocks, it sure is pretty.

Birthday gift from one of my best friends! Foodie items from around the world! Two to start, then a box every other month for a year!

There's just something about the morning light when it's diffused by fog.

Someone needs to rescue me from this delicious candle. Or bake me some pumpkin cupcakes.

Peanut butter M&Ms in autumn colors make me happy.

Grim grinning ghosts! I love the Disney Side app! (That's me!!)

I pretty much love how they've decorate Publix this fall. Owls!

Halloween or not, this was plenty creepy, just standing there in the middle of the day, watching traffic go by.


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