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This Week on My TV: May 2, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Mike and Molly, S5E18 No Kay Morale) LOL! Peggy doesn't travel because she's afraid someone will kidnap her and sell her as a s*x slave. -- The rest was kind of predictable. Kathy Bates reprises her role as Kay who is depressed by all the pain and evil she's seen in the world, but she recovers after helping a woman give birth in a cab while trapped in a traffic jam. Meh.

**(2 Broke Girls, S4E18 And the Taste Test) And we're done. We had to ask ourselves that, beyond wondering how this show is still on the air (with a renewal, no less!), why were we still making ourselves watch it?! This show has gone from bad to unwatchable. Not even Sophie was enough to keep us watching that much raunch and poor acting anymore.

**(Mom, S2E21 Patient Zero and the Chocolate Fountain) Poor Violet. I know she's a brat more often than anything else, but I get why. Not only did her childhood really stink, she's now gotten her life together after giving up her baby for adoption, and when she invites her disasters of a mother and grandmother over for dinner with her fiance for a big announcement, they assume she's pregnant again, not that she worked so hard in school that she's made Dean's List. -- I had just finished saying to T that Christy is really spending more time looking at Bonnie instead of the road, considering she's driving a car, when the airbags went off. -- While Christy's anger with Bonnie is getting a little old (understandable, but old), the insults are pretty humorous.

**(Reign, S2E18 Reversal of Fortune) While it was nice to see Catherine provide comfort to Mary after Mary's trauma, it is so much more entertaining to see Catherine and Narcisse back to plotting and scheming. -- The question of price for Bash's life keeps popping up: Francis's fever. Kenna's carriage driver dying, leaving her unprotected in the woods. Clarissa reappearing. -- Oh, come on, Leith. Did you really think that leaving Claude alone wouldn't result in her running off to find mischief. I can't stop giggling at Greer running a brothel though. -- Ah, strong and badass Mary has resurfaced! ... Mary [to Narcisse]: Do not test my power and do not tempt my fury. -- Oh, I just want to hug Conde. Rejected love is the worst.

**(Scandal, S4E20 First Lady Sings the Blues) Quinn really came unglued when they found Jake all stabbed and bloody in the office. -- Russian doctor: Now, you, scared man with glasses. ... David's face through most of this episode slayed me. -- I love that Black Sable was just a regular grandma now. All "come on in, I just baked cookies," when Olivia knocked on her door. -- Lizzie: You look defensive. Mellie: I *am* defensive. -- Rowan was positively terrifying in this episode, between insisting Russell (?) finish off Jake and sending Olivia a message by killing Black Sable and the Russian spy dude she'd managed to buy off to leave Black Sable alone. -- Olivia: Some people have bark. Some people have bite. I have both. -- I died when they sent Cyrus to Sally's show to endorse Mellie's run for Senator of Virginia. -- I'd forgotten what it was like to see Fitz showing any backbone. It's good. We need more of that. -- Cy's derisiveness is so expected and yet always amusing. ... Cyrus [snorting]: Because that's the American Dream. -- I was freaking. the heck. out. when Jake came too and saw his attempted assassin lying on the bed next to him in the makeshift hospital. -- Charlie: You don't have me. I have me. And the me I have enjoys being alive. ... Never ever change, Charlie. So dark, but so funny! -- What is this "Foxtail" Rowan and Russell are mentioning? -- I thought Olivia had gone so far off her game...until she turned it around on me as much as Russell and pointed that gun at his head, demanding answers. What the what?!

**(TURN: Washington's Spies, S2E1 Thoughts of a Free Man) The king has quite a temper. -- I do not envy Anna her work at the tavern. That was nasty, every which way. -- I want to feel badly for Mary, that Abraham does not return her feelings, but she really just annoys me. -- Clever plan on Abraham's part, to find a believable way to get himself to New York, with Hewlett's blessing no less.

**(The Middle, S6E22 While You Were Sleeping) Sue: It's the dress I ordered when I was going to prom with Darrin. I'm so jealous of my three months ago self. ... I wanted to hug her! -- Sue: The Year of Sue turned into the Year of Suck. -- Frankie: Brick I'm not going to eat something when I don't even know what it is. Brick: You make us do it all the time. -- After Frankie told Nancy Donahue Sue wasn't going to prom, because she didn't have a date after breaking up with Darrin, Nancy called Sean, who rearranged his plans and drove home from school just to take her (only to find out Sue had found her own date, or, rather, Logan had found her). Sean was pretty dejected at Sue told him. Maybe it was because he's a nice guy who went out of his way to help his best friend's little sister, but I've always wondered if Sean kinda harbored a secret crush on Sue. -- I wanted to cry when Sue got covered in rogue cheese after she got all dressed up for her prom. She looked so pretty!  -- I feel like I'm cheating on Darrin, but Sue and Logan were pretty darn cute together. And The Year of Sue deserves to hold good things for her!

**(Mike and Molly, S5E19 Mother From Another Mudlick) At first I thought Rosemary's little singsong of "Little Peggy cries a lot. Always wants what she ain't got." was amusing, but it turns out Rosemary was kind of a B! If that's how Peggy was treated while she was growing up in Mudlick, it's no wonder she's such a cantankerous woman!

**(Madam Secretary, S1E21 The Kill List) I know it was just Juliet watching her family on that camera, but it was still creepy. -- Dr Sherman: Have you thought of what you would tell Jane if you had the chance? Elizabeth: Oh yes, we've had many imaginary conversations. ... I hear ya, Bess. I've been there. Oh have I been there. -- I totally wanted to hug Elizabeth while she cried on the therapist's couch. It's so real. There's no way you can see some of the things she's seen, just since taking office, and not be profoundly affected. Not if you have a heart, soul, and conscience. -- Is it just me or is there something a little unsettling about the President being so intent on killing Juliet, despite the reactions he got from both Russell and Elizabeth? It's borderline suspicious. -- I like that this show doesn'y shy away from the difficulty of doing this job even when you don't like it. I'm glad they don't take the easy way out by always having Elizabeth do the"right" thing or the "popular" thing, in the end. And I love that she questions every decision she makes, because there are always consequences.

**(The Good Wife, S6E20 The Deconstruction) RD: For an extra $200 an hour, you can actually get them to speak. -- RD: You're going to defend her anyway, aren't you? Diane: Yes. RD: The soft-hearted liberal in her natural habitat. -- (Finn!) -- RD: Only in America, right? You're a grandma, go to jail. You're a drug addict, go to rehab! You wonder why people like me are into smaller government. Diane: Oh yes that's right. Smaller government would have no such ironies. RD: Perhaps there would be smaller ironies. -- David Lee could only look like a bigger douche with that Bluetooth in his ear. -- I don't understand why Alicia doesn't go into business with Finn. -- I'm pretty sure when you're a criminal kingpin, it cannot possibly be in your best interest to utter the words "tell Dexter he's dead" while the cops are handcuffing you. -- Kalinda's exit from the show: disappeared or dead? T's vote is dead. I'm saying she'll vanish. -- After her classy work attire, it's so odd to see Alicia in jeans and a hoodie. -- Prior to the last two episodes, and not counting Will's death, which is different, it's been a long time since we've seen all these tears from Alicia. -- What was in that note Kalinda left Alicia??

**(Person of Interest, S4E21 Asylum) Why is that when a call goes dead on a tv show, the other party just keeps yelling the name of the other person, like the call will be magically restored? -- That was quite the psycho game of chicken there, Root. -- Elias, your beard is weird. -- Samaritan's home base is a psychiatric hospital. Oh, irony. -- LOL: That Samaritan chick looked confused when her gun didn't have an unlimited supply of bullets. -- Why did Greer have to read Samaritan's comments to everyone? Does he think everyone else in that room is illiterate? -- I like this show very much, but there are too many groups wanting similar things and sometimes I really lose track of everyone.

**(Modern Family, 6E21 Integrity) Gloria: I wanted to kill him. But I bite my tongue, because in this family, they think that I am a Columbian hot head. Which is crazy because a Columbian hot head is when you set somebody's hair on fire. It smells terrible but it sends a message. -- I kinda wanna know was those threats from Gloria were on Haley's jerky boss! -- Classic Modern Family: Jay was worried that Gloria wanted Lily's old pink castle for Joe, when she wanted to turn it into a pirate fortress, and Phil was sulking because he thought Claire wasn't allowing him to buy a Ms Pacman machine, when, really, she had gotten him one as a surprise. -- LOL: Lily's "the baby's stuck in the well" line, cut to Joe stuck in the balloons spelling out 'well'. -- or no baby for Cam and Mitchell? We were for, then against, then having second thoughts...

**(The Big Bang Theory, S8E23 The Maternal Combustion) LOL: double mother suckler. -- Leonard [to Penny about her engagement ring]: It came from Tiffany's! Sheldon: You mean the box, right? -- Raj: How old is this jello? Stuart: Well, considering it's carrots, I'm going with old. -- Mary Cooper [to Leonard about his mother]: I'm sure she loves you very much in her old godless way. -- Mary Cooper: Doesn't matter. A good Christian would have turned the other cheek. On the other hand, a good Texan would have shot her.

**(TURN: Washington's Spies, S2E2 Hard Boiled) This guard that was appointed to accompany Abraham is a real tool. -- Simcoe: 'To whom it may concern.' That'd be you. ... I missed your punchable face on the screen, Simcoe. I have a difficult time disliking Hewlett and Andre, as the enemy, but you? Not so much. -- I'd like to poke Mary with that embroidery needle. She is such a meddler. -- Andre looked like he was struggling not to throttle Simcoe during their meeting where Simcoe was being reassigned. -- Simcoe: I suppose I'll have to charm them. ... You make me weep, Simcoe. As if! -- Poor Hewlett. He is so awkward with the ladies. -- Simcoe without a wig = way weird. -- I cannot believe that innkeeper swiped the eggs from Abraham's basket! What was up with that exchange, though? It seemed like he could have exposed Abraham by turning over the eggs with the coded messages, and yet it seems he simply destroyed them and told Abraham to stay away?

**(The Blacklist, S2E20 Quon Zhang) Red: He needed you to get the Fulcrum. He wanted you to discover secrets. Did you discover any secrets, Lizzie? ... Red's tone, when he said this, was positively chilling. -- Red: You should have let me die, Dembe. Nobody told me about this aimless walking. ... I am a huge fan of the way they made Red's injury believable, right down to his obvious discomfort in certain positions, how he begins to droop after too much activity, and his disdain for all the necessary post-op walking that is required for recovery. -- Despite all his dealing and scheming and no-nonsese-ness, I had to snort when Jasper made his remark about Red not knowing what loyalty is, because that is the one virtue I think Red truly possesses and demands, almost to a fault. -- Full disclosure: I thought, just for a moment, that maybe Navabi had turned rogue and crossed Red. And then I dismissed the notion for the realization that "springing Jasper" had to be a set-up as part of Red's plan. -- Navabi: Satan wasn't transformed into an angel of light. He was disguised as one. --Red: Don't look so glum, Kenneth. You just spent ten minutes being ridden hard by Agent Navabi, I would die for five. -- Connolly is a total snake, playing Harold via his wife, to get the leak he needed. -- Still amuses me that Red's calls come up as 'Nick's Pizza' on Liz's phone. -- So we know (or think we know, if Red is being truthful) that Liz was the daughter of Russian spies, and that Red was the one who erased her memory. The rest of this episode was clearly more about laying groundwork for the final two of the season. I am dying to know where this is going.

**(Blue Bloods, S5E21 New Rules (1)) Frank: Five bucks if you get me out of drinks with the mayor. Baker: Gonna cost you way more than that. -- I kinda like that Pop is the only one that calls Frank 'Francis'. -- I knew Curtis was going to end up being trouble. I didn't expect him to pull a gun on Linda and Hector. And, of course, gun shots fired as the scene fades to black, with the last thing we saw was Linda stepping in between Curtis and Hector, and the season finale looming.

**(Blue Bloods, S5E22 The Art of War (2)) Did the doctor call Linda 'Cindy'? -- Frank [as he walks into Linda's hospital room]: Gang's all here. ... Oooo, probably could have gone with something a little less...applicable to Linda's shooting. -- I thought Hector had twin three-year-old daughters? That photo Danny showed looked like two girls, but more like ages four and six, maybe? -- Interesting how they always make Erin a real pain in the backside, but Jamie can explain legalities in a far more tension diffusing manner. I wonder if it's because he's seen both sides, between his law school education and his time as an officer? -- Do NOT mess with people Frank cares about. I wanted to cheer when he reveals to that gang kingpin, sitting all smug in prison, that the police chief he ordered be gunned down was actually a federal cop. He thought he was so smart, already sentenced to life, in a state without the death penalty. Not so smirk-y once he learned that he'd be moved to a federal prison where the death penalty was, indeed, an option. I like Frank best when he is quiet and direct and exacting justice.

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