Saturday, May 30, 2015

This Week on My TV: May 30, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(TURN, S2E3 False Flag) I can never remember Abe's father's name, so I always just refer to him as The Judge. And The Judge is a creeper, slinking around, poking his eyeballs where they don't belong. -- I know I'm probably supposed to, being a Red Coat ans all, but I just can't dislike Andre. -- I'm trying to decide who is more deranged: Rogers or Simcoe? -- I struggle to recognize the British soldiers when they're without their wigs! -- Simcoe: The bayonet is the finest weapon for close quarter killing. Would anyone like me to demonstrate? -- I laughed right out loud when The Judge got busted snooping in Hewlett's room. -- So...where *is* the bust of the king?? -- When Washington gets pissed, he is quite formidable. -- Washington: It is better to offer no excuse than a bad one. -- I wonder...does The Judge believe Hewlett about Abe being a British spy or is he still suspicious?

**(Law and Order: SVU, S16E23 Surrendering Noah) Amaro is leaving?? That was abrupt. -- This will probably sound harsh, but I'm glad we're finally done with Noah's adoption. It was starting to become a bit of a stagnant, circular storyline for Olivia. -- Now I wonder, with Amaro's departure, if we're getting a new detective? It's probably too much to hope for it to be a return of Declan Murphy, huh?

**(Modern Family, S6E24 American Skyper) I have to say, this show really had some fun with technology this season and they have been some of my favorite episodes. Digital Phil following people around Jay and Goria's house was priceless. -- Huge win: This Haley-Andy-Andy's psycho girlfriend triangle was *hilarious*. I would love to see this continue a bit into the new season. I'm glad they're creating a little tension and suspense between Haley and Andy rather than just making them an instant couple.

**(TURN, S2E4 Men of Blood) Ben Talmadge not in uniform and scaring Abe at the drop location was both startling and then kind of funny. -- I feel bad for Hewlett. He actually seems like a nice guy and a decent person, just a bit hesitant and awkward. He deserves something good to happen to him. -- That exchange Abe had with Townsend over checkers was intense and top heavy with subtext. I am completely intrigued by Townsend. -- Townsend: You are a boy playing a man playing a spy. -- My heart about beat out of my chest during that scene with the ambush on Abe by The Judge's tail! -- Speaking of ambushes. That one Peggy Shippen's father pulled on Andre was whoa. Andre's "beg pardon?' reaction killed me though. That was such a perfect response to such an awkward situation. I love that Andre has the elegance to burn Papa Shippen by putting him in his place with such steely grace. -- Wowza. That was a *hot* scene between Andre and Peggy, when she seeks him out to apologize for her father's behavior. And that was with everyone's clothes staying *on*. I call that impressively scripted and acted, especially in a day and age where clothes on tv shows seem to fall off on the regular, yet this proved a far more sizzling scene. -- Ohhhhh...Hewlett, Anna, and the stars. That was sweet and *very* romantic. -- Eww!! Simcoe with the tongue and the message in blood! He is an absolute menace. -- Ben! Shhhh! You're telling Arnold *far* too much information. -- Sheesh, Arnold, bitter much? -- There was so much personal history revealed about Andre and Hewlett this episode! I *love* that. I didn't realize how little we really knew about them, personally, and it has truly rounded out their characters in the best possible way. -- I wanted to kick The Judge for spying on Abe, pretending it was concern for his well being, but really because he suspects the truth. I loved when he sat down with Abe and Hewlett to discuss the "intel" Abe gathered in New York, and the name Abe gave as the patriot spy was the tail The Judge had put on Ave. Well played. -- This was the best episode yet of this show. I am completely sucked in.

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