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This Week on My TV: May 9, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Reign, S2E19 Abandoned) Kenna, you double standard. You don't want what Bash can give you, so you drive him away, then get jealous when he finds a female friend? -- And Mary, playing both sides. Expecting Francis to show her care and kindness after she's explicitly admitted her affair with Conde, while expecting Conde to be overjoyed that she is no longer willing to leave France with him. -- Narcisse, you player, bedding Catherine, tenderly stroking Lola's cheek. -- Dude. King Louis of England. Dreaming of Queen Mary. While in bed with Queen Elizabeth's proxy. I wonder if this will drive Mary back in to the arms of Francis? And when do we get to see Elizabeth? And who set the fire in attempt to erase the union of Louis and Elizabeth? -- LOL: Narcisse and Catherine each suspicious of the other's scheming.

**(Once Upon a Time, S4E19 Sympathy for the De Vil) David: We told you everything we know. Emma: Are you sure? Because secrets keep coming out. -- Love the twenties flapper scenes! -- Gold: A person obsessed with vengeance is easy to manipulate. -- Emma [to Regina]: Forgive me if I don't take advice from a woman who held a grudge for half her life because a ten year old spilled a secret. -- I was expecting Cruella's story to end on a sweeter note, like Ursula's, which would have been lame. But they through in some excellent twists. She was a deranged killer. She knew Isaac already, who both game her her magical powers (I was wondering about that) and made it impossible for her to kill anyone ever again. And I love that her hair came about as a result of mixing the magic ink with her blonde locks. -- Is the woods around Storybrooke ever not foggy? -- Emma was looking rough this episode. Is the internal battle between darkness and light taking an outward toll?

**(Law and Order: SVU, S16E20 Daydream Believer (3)) I've said it before and I'll say it again: I. Hate. Cross over. Episodes. I refuse to watch the Chicago PD portion, and T doesn't watch Chicago Fire, so we're watching all out of order. They annoy me. -- Why is it, on these shows, that when the bad guy puts tape over the mouth mouth of his victim, he can peel it off to allow them to speak, but then stick it right back on again? Does it never lose its stickiness? And why does it's look so stiff? And if it's so easy to peel off, why don't the victims try to catch the edge on something, peel it off, and then scream like banshees? -- This episode was a little too much like William Lewis. Only in dreaded cross-over format. Get a new story, SVU. -- I had to wonder how Yates was going to get on the stand for questioning when his was representing himself. One could look quite insane, asking and answering his own questions while on the stand. I guess that was why he had to have co-counsel?

**(Mom, S2E22 Fun Girl Stuff and Eternal Salvation) Have mercy. I don't think I could have slept in that guest bedroom at Jill's house. That decor was so bright, it was practically generating a hum. -- Hilarity: Christy trying to find someplace to stay when she told Bonnie she was moving out. -- I'm kind of wondering if they are trying to slim down the cast a bit, now that they have Violet engaged and living with her fiance, not to mention Roscoe's latest request to live with his dad.

**(Mike and Molly, S5E20 Fight To The Finish) Molly: ...or have an anxiety attack because you found a key and you don't know what it opens. Peggy: A key without a lock opens the Devil's door. Everyone knows that. -- Mike learning about "what women want" was very cliche and it wasn't too difficult to tell that Peggy was stalling on wrapping up the book because she didn't want to stop working on it with Molly. Both were handled with humor, though, if not originality. -- When Molly showed up at home, silly drunk, all I could think was: did she drive like that??

**(The Good Wife, S6E21 Don't Fail) Finn! I am fully on board with Alicia maintaining her friendship there, at the very least.-- Alicia [to Finn on why she "couldn't" take the Tatro case]: I'm having a crisis of confidence and it's taking up all my time. -- Guy Being Interviewed: What's your name? Kalinda: Kalinda. Guy: Kalinda what? Kalinda: Kalinda none of your business. ... ::snort:: -- I thought the flashback style scenes were done exceptionally well. In fact, if I didn't know better (because I checked) I never would have known they weren't actual footage from an early season. They did an excellent job with continuity and making the cast look a good five years younger. -- Kalinda's vanishing act has really hit Cary hard. -- This is what I've been saying Alicia: go into business with Finn! -- Of course Zach wants to come home the second Alicia dismantles his bedroom, turning it into her new office. -- I wonder if this new lawyer, Amber, will be sticking around? Maybe she could work with Alicia and Finn. -- Are we seriously never going to learn what was in that note Kalinda left for Alicia??? -- After watching the previews, I wonder who was at the door? Based on Alicia's reaction, I hope it wasn't Finn.

**(The Middle, S6E23 Mother's Day Reservations) I remember the yellow pants! This show really does a good job with connecting certain details from season to season with the holiday episodes. -- Awww. I was hoping for another scene or two with Sue's new beau. -- LOL! Mike trying to make online reservations for the Mother's Day tea.

**(Modern Family, S6E22 Patriot Games) Gloria: Did you know, once I pass, I can serve on a jury? They still use the electric chair, right? -- OMG LOL: Gloria's American accent. -- While sweet and entertaining, the kissing between Alex and Sanjay looked...terrible. As in, neither of them had a clue.

**(The Big Bang Theory, S8E24 The Commitment Determination) As shocking as it was to see Amy and Sheldon making out on the couch, did anyone else notice when he leaned back in for more after asking Amy whether or not he should commit to a new show?! -- Leonard: That was really intense. Penny: Well, now we know next time we go to the farmers' market, the order is petting zoo first, then buy vegetables. -- Sheldon: We were necking the couch like a couple of hooligans under the bleachers. ... Oh, Sheldon. LOL! -- Penny [to Leonard]: That's even dumber than you wondering if being bitten by a goat will give you the powers of a goat. Sheldon: If that happens, don't make me wait ten years to watch you eat a tin can. -- Penny: I don't think she's wrong about you going too slow in the relationship. Sheldon: Too slow?? Penny: Yeah, you've been going out for years. You haven't even slept together. Sheldon: That's right. It's called foreplay. -- Emily: Are you breaking up with me? Raj: No, I'm just pointing out that you're dark on the inside and I'm dark on the outside. -- Oh, Penny, you just need to get over it. So Leonard kissed another girl once. ::eye roll:: -- Holy season finale cliffhanger! OMG, you could have knocked me over with a feather when Sheldon pulled out that box full of engagement ring he got for Amy. Fight for your lady, Sheldon!! -- So, we end the season with all sorts of relationships at crossroads. Will Raj work things out with Emily, despite her dark side? Will Stuart be forced to move out on his own rather than continuing to live with Howard and Bernadette? Will Penny and Leonard go through with their Vegas wedding plans? Will Amy break things off with Sheldon or will he actually propose? This show is almost always good for a laugh, but it is at its very best when it plays the sentimentality card or drops a major bombshell. This time it did both. Can't wait for the fall to see where this all goes!

**(Reign, S2E19 Abandoned) As Kenna is daydreaming about Renaude, I'm glad they don't have access to phones. It offers a suspense that we lack in modern times: instant gratification is far more challenging to come across. -- I didn't think that I would, but I really enjoy the dynamic between Leith and Claude. Their differences play off one another so well on the screen. -- Leith [to Claude]: One thing I will never do is risk getting on Catherine de Medici's bad side. Claude: You'd rather get on my bad side? Leith [snort chuckles]: A million times,YES. -- It was good to see Greer and Mary together again. -- Catherine is onto something with Narcisse turning Lola down. I think he truly may care for his own way. -- So is this going to be goodbye to Conde? -- Narcisse [to Lola]: I say a great many things. Your mistake was in trusting me. ... OMG, it was actually killing him to destroy her trust and reputation in order to appease Catherine. -- Leith [to Claude, who is lashing out because she got her feelings after being rebuffed romantically]: Why do you think I tried to take that scabbard? To buy her an annullment so that we could be married. Only it costs a fortune, more than I'll ever have. But I will do whatever it takes to hold her in my arms and call her my wife. I know you've had a disappointment. But you are so young. Think of all the time you have to meet your true love. And when you do, becareful of your tempr. It's so easy to drive love away. -- I realize being human means weakness, but I don't like that they've Mary so weak when it comes to Conde. -- Greer really is doing quite well for herself as a madam, but she tore out Leith's heart in the process of choosing independence over love. -- Bash had some harsh truth for Mary that the only person who can withstand her love is a king. He knows, better than anyone else, that anyone beneath her in power can never truly have her. -- I found it interesting that Mary approached Francis dressed in black, like mourning, when she was attempting to reach out romantically. -- Louis of France? Is he really going to try to push Francis off the throne in order to get Mary??

**(The Blacklist, S2E21 Karakurt) Tom (or Jake or whoever he wants to be now) cannot honestly think that boat thing is ever going to be a viable option for Liz, can he? -- This show uses a lot of biological warfare. -- Red: Oh, the boy knows more than doodle, Brimley. -- Liz is getting way too emotional. It's clouding her judgment and making it impossibly difficult to take her seriously. -- Katarina Rostova, a myth...wha?? -- How does Red just make up stories off the ciff like that and make them sound so believable?! -- Red [to Harold]: What good are ethics if you aren't alive to live by them? -- T wants to know how Red got shot, had major surgery, and has all but recovered, yet Caul's neck is still bleeding from that cut he received long before Red was shot. -- T and I both shouted NOOOOOOO in that slow-mo voice when Liz was racing toward the Senator to keep him from shaking hands with Karakurt. -- Red: Relax. If I had bad intentions for this visit, you'd know by  now. ... At least he's up front. -- OMG. I bet Red infected Liz when he attacked her at Union Station. That's how *she* ended up infecting the Senator. And now they are coming to get her because they think *she* is a Russian spy!! The Cabal was asking about a child of Katarina Rostova, which, assuming she isn't actually just a myth, would be Lizzie! Aaaahhhhhhh! I need the season finale NOW!!

**(Person of Interest, S4E22 YHWH) Root [standing in front of a police SUV]: C'mon, get in the car. Mr Finch: Are you out of your mind? Root: Since when has that been relevant? -- Oh, Mr Reese, you and that intense raspy Clint Eastwood whisper. -- Who was that sniper guy?? They definitely made a point of Mr Reese noticing him when Elias and Dominic were being loaded into the police van. He's got to be associated with Samaritan, right? -- So...after all that cheesiness of trying to download the basic DNA of the Machine into that briefcase of chips, is it alive or dead? And that was one thick slab of cheese with the Machine and Mr Finch schmooping all over each other as the sparks flew and bullets rained down. -- Boy, they sure cleaned house. Elias is dead. Dominic is dead. Control is being hauled away to be dropped in some deep dark hole. Shaw remains MIA. -- If there's one thing this show does well, it's remember its mythology. I had to look them up, but Caleb was once a Number that Mr Finch saved and I knew Thornhill was something important, which of course it was: the name of the person who doesn't really exist because he was created by the Machine to store its memories before it rebooted every night. Nice tie-ins. -- Something I rarely get with this show is what the names of its episodes mean.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S16E21 Perverted Justice) My top three least favorite types of tv episodes: crossovers between multiple shows (even if I watch both shows already); episodes "ripped from the headlines"; and procedurals with a case-of-the-week that reaches no resolution. This was type three. It was actually a pretty engaging episode...right up until they reached the final scene. "We did the right thing." "Did we?" Liv watches the daughter hug her father with a questionable tear rolling down her cheek. Did he assault her when she was a child? Was it really all a lie fabricated by her mother? She just. can't. remember. ARG.

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