Sunday, May 10, 2015

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2015 - Week 18

Checking in for the week of May 3 through May 9.

One Good Turn (Kate Atkinson) - This being the second book in a series, I wasn't surprised that there are a small army of characters, and, somehow, their stories are bound to intersect. It's often slower going for me, at first, while I get acquainted with each of the (fairly unlikable, yet no less interesting) characters. Then it picks up pace for me after the groundwork has been laid.

Burgers on the grill. Chicken Alfredo lasagna, which is so rich but sooo good. Barbecue ribs and baked beans. Breaded and baked chicken thighs with cauliflower.

Finishing my final round of Flower and Garden Fest at Epcot? Does that count?

Meadow Showers (YC) - I love this scent. It's in the master bedroom and with the candle in the main bathroom (Wind Blown) that end of the house smells exactly like a spring paradise.
Lilac Blossom (YC) - Reminds me of my childhood springs and the huge lilac bush in my grandparents' yard. I don't typically gravitate toward florals, and this one only sparingly, but I always indulge in this one at least one time.
Wind Blown (YC) - This one smells so good -- like fresh air and salt water and dune grass -- that I went ahead and ordered a large jar of it for next spring.
Garden Sweet Pea (YC) - Another floral, but it's soft and subtle, and not at all overwhelming.

Just before sunrise. I took this in my pajamas, standing in the middle of the street. My neighbors must think I'm insane.

Mah lilies! I plant them after they die in their pot each Easter and they multiply!

Probably the last day of 2015 that there will be low enough humidity that my hairs are almost straight.

2pm snack. Ward off the hangry.

Showoff sky.

On fire.

Same sky, but from the backyard view.

Cutest baby fruit ever.


I love when it looks like the clouds are glowing from within.


My Throwback Thursday: 1985. Lessons on marriage from a couple married 61 years. You're never too old to hold hands with your sweetheart. Not even after 45 years of marital bliss. T holds my hand and I love it so much.

Despite that fact that it felt like the surface of the sun outside, I was determined to get in one last round of Flower and Garden Fest.

The magnolias are in bloom.

This was a slush approximately seven minutes earlier. (See? HOT.)

Also hot. (As in sweaty and flushed and ugh.) (Not that you were confusing this with "as in smokin'.")

Les fleurs.


The Tomb Warriors in China. One of my favorites.

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gail@more than a song Tuesday, May 19, 2015 1:53:00 PM  

Growing your very own pineapple, impressive!

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