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This Week on My TV: May 16, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Madam Secretary, S1E22 There But for the Grace of God) I was a little worried about following along with and keeping track of the flashbacks via nothing but hairstyles, but then I noticed that they gave the flashbacks some blue lighting. Perfect! -- Flashback CIA Conrad uses a pocket protector. I found this entertaining. -- I was worried we'd seen the last of Mike B, but he's back! Mike B makes me laugh. -- I give Elizabeth credit for not throwing something, after all the times they interrupted her lunch. I would not have been as gracious. I would be hangry and I would make that clear. -- Daisy [on the topic of Marsh's portrait relocation]: Maybe it's time to go to Nadine. Blake: Every time I look at my watch, it's not that time. -- Blake's snark slays me. I don't know why he has such a loathing for Mike B, but his snark makes him one of my favorite characters on the show. -- Mike B: Stop making sounds with consonants and vowels! -- So there was all this screeching about how Elizabeth could be guilty of sharing classified information with Henry when she was looking into Marsh's death and how that was akin to treason, but what I want to know does anyone even know what Elizabeth and Henry have discussed privately?? -- Henry: When everything seems to be lacking in integrity, you know what you do? You find it in yourself. -- Oy. I was just getting to like Stevie a little and now this thing with Harrison? Bleh. -- I'll be honest, I didn't know what to expect from this show on its maiden voyage, but it exceeded everything I hoped. Tension and humor. Cases of the week balanced with longer story arcs. Multi-layered characters and well-developed relationships, both personally and professionally. Really well done. Absolutely looking forward to season two.

**(Scandal, S4E21 A Few Good Women) Cyrus: You stole a United States servicewoman?? Susan: I removed Ensign Martin from an unsafe situation. Cyrus: On whose authority? The captain of Crazytown?! ... I love when Cy loses his mind. He has the best rants. -- David: So, if you find out that Foxtail means, say, kill David Rosen, I'd appreciate a heads up. -- Mellie's hair is getting enormous. If it keeps up at this pace, it may be its own character soon. -- Abby: What about the guy with the abs? Russell? I liked him. Olivia: Turns out he wasn't my type. ... ::snort:: #understatement -- Cyrus: What about murdering the Vice President? How long has that been illegal? ... ::insert crying tears of laughter emoji here:: -- That was some heavy but good-to-know intel Jake gave Olivia on Russell. Because they were both given the same order by Command: to "get inside" with Olivia. Rowan is scary controlling of Liv. -- There is something about Russell that reminds me a lot of Harrison. -- The background music during Liv and Fitz's phone call felt very reminiscent of early Liv and Fitz. I do really like that Fitz is finally showing some backbone. Spineless, wishy-washy, whiny Fitz is unappealing on every level. -- OMG 1: Mellie is Foxtail??? OMG 2: That inept little military lawyer is B613??? What. The. What.

**(Elementary, S3E20 A Stitch in Time) Joan is friends with Captain Gregson's daughter? When did this happen? -- I'd have to say, of all people, I'd trust Sherlock's assessment of someone's "detective smarts." -- Joan [to Sherlock]: So where New York's finest nerds failed, you're hoping yours will succeed? -- I thought this case provided a good story with the banned trader "fixing" the company who holds his blind trust. At least it wasn't totally lame or redundant of every other crime drama.

**(Elementary, S3E21 Under My Skin) Sherlock [to an AA attendee]: Bringing your flask into a meeting really is bad form. -- Marcus [to Joan, as the watch Sherlock's actions]: I think it's your turn to ask... --  Another pretty unique story to tell: an unknowing drug mule who thought she had received a Brazilian gastric bypass was really being used by Serbian drug dealers operating out of a dental office. Crazy and complex, but not done a thousand times before. Elementary is stepping up its game on cases recently.

**(Chicago Fire, S3E20 You Know Where to Find Me) I wonder if that's really it for Mills? Like is he gone from the show for good? That was a total 180. -- Cruz and Otis are such dorks. They make me groan and shake my head, laughing, at least once an episode. -- Did Mills seriously ask Dawson to come with him, when she said she'd miss him when he moves?! Followup: Apparently he did, because WHOA with that kiss as he left his going away party. -- The Chaplain *bet* on his own kids' league hockey team in the championship. I...don't even know what to do with that. -- What is Casey getting into with this Stilettos guy's business offer? Things are going to go south there in a hurry. That's pretty obvious.

**(Once Upon a Time, S4E20 Lily) The scene where the Apprentice is talking to the Sorcerer felt very Wizard of Oz like. -- Regina [looking around the tenement that was Lily's last known address]: Why did I go through the trouble of creating Storybrooke when I could have cursed everyone to live here?  -- It still weirds me out to see Belle and Will all romantic and smoochy. -- Regina wore a plum-colored dress during the roadtrip to find Lily. I *love* that color on her. -- Whoa. So Lily has known, since she and Emma parted ways, her true identity as well as Emma's. I love that the Apprentice was the old man on the bus who explained everything to her. I'm a little unsettled by how quickly Lily and Emma seemed to patch everything up, but I'm willing to roll with it, I guess. -- OMG. Zelena/Marian is pregnant with Robin's baby?? I wonder if it's for real or if she has just found another way to keep Robin in her grasp.

**(The Good Wife, S6E22 Wanna Partner?) Peter is considering running for Vice President? Man, he is ascending quickly up the political ladder. -- Finally! Some resolution on that note from Kalinda to Alicia. I kind of loved when Alicia burned it right in front of Bishop's lawyer, Mr Lester. He is such a  ghoul. -- It's almost like they're trying to spin Canning's wife as a baby Alicia, just wanting to do something for herself, by herself, without the weight of her husband's name making her wonder if that's the only reason anyone would or wouldn't hire her. -- WTH with that arrest-non-arrest of Alicia's client. And that creepy police holding house thing. -- I was so excited for Alicia and Finn being in business together. Their chemistry on the screen is dynamite. And now Finn is backing out?? Why, Finn, why?? -- Canning: I have never in all our years of struggles gone after your family members. Lee: We don't have any family. -- Canning??  Canning is offering Alicia a partnership?? Noooooo!! -- I am DYING. I really hope we didn't just say goodbye to Finn. He's my favorite. I was so hoping when Alicia opened the door, following the knock, that it was going to be him, coming back for a smoking hot kiss...and instead, it was that little weasel, Canning (I do love me some Michael J Fox, but he's no Matthew Goode ;-) ). I love that he brings some real "good guy" with a moral compass, truly genuine, loyal. This show needs that balance, what with Peter and Eli and David Lee and Canning. Can't wait for season seven!

**(Mike and Molly, S5E21 Near Death Do Us Part) T totally called the demise of the almost engagement of Carl and Victoria. While the topic and its handling, right down to the secret spilling, was far from fresh, new, and unexpected, it was very funny. I'm wondering, especially with Joyce's rejoicing that she (specifically) managed to (so she thought) get both her daughters married without being knocked up, how this season finale will go. Will Victoria learn that she *is* pregnant with Carl's baby? That would certainly test her/their stance about not being ready to get married, in addition to their huge fight and subsequent breakup. Not to mention it would bring up some issues for Mike and Molly who have had issues with getting pregnant or otherwise starting a family.

**(The Middle, S6E24 The Graduate) One of the reasons I like the character of Sue is that she is so happy and that's something with which I can identify. I also "get" feeling invisible, forgettable, insignificant. I'm so glad that they spun Sue's missing yearbook into so many people passing it around, writing in it, telling her how much her happiness had affected them. That's exactly the sort of effect happy people want to know they've had on others. -- Axl: Hello summer, goodbye pants. -- Well played on the Axl-Devin-how are we leaving this for the summer thing. Axl obviously *really* likes Devin and I love that she showed up and launched into his arms. And, duh, all the hot guys in her Instagram feed are her brothers! LOL -- Frankie [to Brick]: We're not fighting, we're fine. Your father and I are having a heated agreement. -- LOL: Axl's Swiffer Duster selfie stick. -- I thought they knocked Sue's graduation out of the park. Equal parts funny and sentimental. I agree, Mike, I think every year should be the Year of Sue.

**(Chicago Fire, S3E21 We Called Her Jellybean (1)) It's weird watching the first part of a three-show crossover, after you skipped "part two" because it's a show you have no interest in watching and watched "part three" and know the ending already, but I was barely invested in this episode at all as a result. Ok, so Mills' replacement was introduced, and, per House 51 protocol, everyone was jerky about it, like it's the new girl's fault Mills chose to move on. Things are obviously weird with that Casey business deal, but I saw that coming from day one. And then just...meh. It wasn't even that great a lead-in to the rest of the crossover. Have I mentioned how I feel about crossovers?

**(Law and Order: SVU, S16E22 Parent's Nightmare) Baby Noah's tears when Olivia dropped him off at daycare were pretty spot on. I wonder how they pulled that off? But speaking of daycare dropoff. where did Noah's nanny go? -- I loved when they showed the kidnapped boy's mother a terrible grainy photo of not-the-face of the man taking her son from school and were all like "what, you don't recognize the back of this guy's head?" -- I thought for sure that homeless man was going to get setup and interrogated by the police as the suspect. Points for the show fooling me on that one. Never saw the character again. -- They didn't use their typical "these events are fictional" disclaimer to start the episode, but I could have sworn this was "ripped from the headlines." Wasn't there some family, recently, who staged a kidnapping to scare their child into not being so trusting with everyone? -- Olivia: I have to leave early. Hold down the fort. Sonny: You got it. Olivia [pointedly, looking somewhere between amused and disdainful]: No, *you*, Finn.

**(Modern Family, S6E23 Crying Out Loud) Gloria [about Manny's girlfiend whom she does not like]: I know someday I'm going to lose you to another woman and I'll find a way to be ok with it. Manny [doped up on post oral surgery painkillers]:Thanks, Kylie. Gloria [flicking Manny in the forehead]: But not today. -- OMG. Those theater antics with Luke and Phil in shadow form. DIED of laughter. -- Lily showing no feelings and Cam and Mitchell (of course) freaking out over it and trying to elicit emotional responses: also funny.

**(Elementary, S3E22 The Best Way Out Is Always Through) Sherlock [to an offended Watson about female inmates and jail breaks, after he expresses shock that a woman escaped prison]: Those are statistics, Watson. It's not that they fail more. It's that they don't try. -- Sherlock: A spree killer is yet another category dominated by men. Joan [sarcastically]: How *does* she do it. Sherlock: Would you be happy if women were better criminals? -- Marcus [about breaking up with his lady friend]: She's from IA. Sherlock: The great love of my life is a homicidal maniac. No one's perfect. -- Meh case, but Sherlock had me cracking up over and over. The whole Stanley Cup side story was weird. I did like seeing into Bell's personal life a bit.

**(The Blacklist, S2E22 Tom Connolly) Red: I don't need to tell you there is no margin for error. Mr Kaplan: No, you do not. ... I wonder if this (the gathering of hand selected journalists to spill the secrets of the Fulcrum) was the thing he told her she needed to be ready to do, if he hadn't survived his post-op shootout? -- I just like this line. ... Red: In the land of the blind, the one-eyes man is king. -- The car chase scene, with Tom (he'll always be Tom Keen to me) behind the wheel of a Mustang, felt like an extension of the actual commercial they aired at least twice during this episode. Especially with all the close-ups on the Mustang emblem. -- I'm not sure how I feel about Tom and Liz back together, romantically. -- I knew, much earlier in the episode than it was revealed, that Harold had never been sick, that it was all part of making him believe he was sick so the Cabal could manipulate him. I don't know what tipped me off, but I had a strong gut feeling. -- And now we have confirmation of what I knew all along: Red is *not* Liz's father. Following her shooting Connolly (not sorry to see that snake go), when she regained her memory, we now know that she shot her father and Red didn't ever want her to know that. T and I discussed at length, and have formulated a theory (most of which is his, but I am buying it): Red was involved with Katarina Rostova. Whether he was her handler or assigned to her (like Tom was to Liz) or simply met her somewhere before or after he went rogue...that's unclear. But they were involved in some way. Perhaps there was something romantic there, perhaps not, but Liz's father knew of the involvement and didn't like it, leading to the fight Liz remembered them having. Things got ugly, Liz's father started getting violent with Katarina, Lizzie shot him to protect her mother. In a fit of panic, Katarina called Red for help. Red, feeling responsible, arrived on the scene, covered up what Liz did by setting the fire, found little Liz and carried her out to safety. Katarina could be dead...or she could be alive, but part of Red's plan to protect Liz would be that Katarina have no contact with her daughter. Out of guilt, Red has protected and cared for Liz from a distance, all this time, in a father role. And here we are,

**(Chicago Fire, S3E22 Category 5) I find it endlessly confusing that the trucks and house numbers are not the same. Shouldn't House 51 also have Truck 51, Ambulance 51, etc? -- This Otis/Rice thing needs to get resolved. I'm really just over dragging it out. -- This whole Stilettos arc is just falling flat for me. It's obvious Casey is going to get stuck in something ugly and there's too much crossover for me. Blah blah blaaaaah.

**(Chicago Fire, S3E23 Spartacus) Because yelling at each other on the street in front of an entire neighborhood is professional for a bunch of fire fighters. ::eye roll:: -- I called Dawson being pregnant about thirty seconds into this episode. Of the things this show does well, dropping bombshell twists is *not* one of them. -- Really? Hermann and Chili out celebrity stalking to get someone to promote "Chilleez"? Thank God this appears to be the end of that story line. -- Who the heck is that random firefighter appearing in the background of all the squad vs truck face offs? So, we know everyone in the house but that ONE GUY? -- Every season finale, they promo'd "who doesn't make it?? GASP" as The Big Thing. That's getting old and tired as the hook. -- So...I guess we wait til next season to figure out where Casey is and why Katya is all dead in his apartment. This show offers just enough to keep me watching, but never enough for me to be fully engaged.

**(Scandal, S4E22 You Can't Take Command) Damascus? He's calling himself Damascus? Because already being Rowan and Eli isn't enough identities? -- Rowan (or whatever we're calling him now) [to Mellie]: You don't ask me who I am. You ask me what I need. -- Fitz: If it weren't for you, Susan Ross never would have made it to the Oval Office. I blame you for Susan, by the way. Olivia: Susan is a national treasure. Fitz: Susan is a Muppet. ... I laughed *so* hard at that exchange. -- OMG. All the grand jurors, murdered. OMG. (Also, I loathe gratuitous puking on my shows. I get the point that the character is distraught, but I often snack while I watch my shows and blech.) -- I cannot figure out if we should trust Lizzie Bear. Something about her seems sinister. -- Let me get this straight: Jake has had enough loving Olivia who wants "the Sun" and "Vermont" and keeps dangling him along; Quinn has figured out that Huck murdered the B613 Grand Jury and is holding a gun to his head while he begs her to kill him; Fitz has grown a backbone, after learning about Mellie's "inadvertent" involvement in the Grand Jury mass murder, thrown her out of the White House, and fired Cyrus; Olivia found a way to get Rowan behind bars for embezzling funds from the Smithsonian, where he assumed no one cared who Eli was and he could continue to be a scary string puller, but he underestimated his daughter; Mya has worked a deal to be set free; David has washed his hands of everything; and Olivia is now making out with Fitz on the balcony of the White House? That is a *lot* of information.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E22 She's Leaving Home) I appreciated all the various ways characters reacted to Derek's death. From Mer collapsing as the reality hits her when she says it out loud to Amelia's "no big deal" (what?? who *says* that??) to Bailey and Ben having "pull the plug vs extraordinary measures" pillow talk. -- When they show someone taking (presumably) Mer's hand at the funeral, was that intended to imply Cristina? Because, no matter how far away you are, you'd be there for the funeral of your Person's husband, who died suddenly and tragically...right? -- I like the repeat cycle of life, how Ellis' ever-turning carousel analogy now applies to Mer, though in a somewhat unique way,'s been weeks since the funeral? That first passage of time was not as clearly indicated as it was through the remainder of the episode. -- I did not expect April to be leaving with Owen when he went to so a tour of military medicine. -- Bailey [uttered as a prayer, regarding Ben]: I did not stab him in the neck with these tweezers. I want that noted. -- Could Catherine and Richard be *any* more different? -- Thumbs up: The way they used long term patients to cover passage of time, while still giving the doctors in Seattle something to do that provides some continuity throughout the episode...but when they are treating burn victims, why, when it's clearly so agonizing, can't they be heavily sedated or twilighted or something? -- I just knew Mer was going to end up pregnant based on that scene when Derek said he wanted another baby and Mer responded "right now?" and then they ahem. I knew it. What a blessing and a curse, while grieving, to have that last piece of him and that constant reminder that it is the last piece of him. -- Owen [to Amelia]: You're not supposed to be managing it. You're supposed to be feeling it. Grief. Loss. Pain. It is normal. -- Perfect touch: Mer finding Derek's ferry scrub cap and wearing it. -- For a long episode that covered a lot of time and ground, it went surprisingly quickly.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E23 Time Stops) Oh, look. Another round of baby doctors. I wonder if we'll really get to know any of them or if they will remain peripheral characters. -- Grey's weddings are doomed. There is always an emergency that delays them. -- Yikes. Since returning from the combat zone with Owen, April is very dark and un-April-like. -- Ooo! It's been a long time since there was field trauma. (Wow, it feels ghoulish to be excited by something like that. But I am thoroughly enjoying all the returns to early Grey's that made it so awesome.) -- I love that when Mer is talking to the man trapped in the car and tells him "I've seen worse," she actually *has* seen worse (remember the people with a pole stuck through both of them??). Heck, she's actually been through stuff that might be considered worse. -- I know it's because she refuses to deal with her grief over the loss of Derek, but I cannot emotionally handle Amelia second guessing how Mer handled Derek's accident and death. I felt so angry for Mer in that moment. -- I wonder what was up with that call Maggie appeared to be having with her mom. It seemed a little...hostile? Which isn't the way their relationship has been portrayed up to this point. -- Excellent! April may be dark, but she's also pretty kickass. Bring the whole smooshed car on a flatbed right to the doors of the hospital. -- Sometimes, like Mer, I cannot believe Derek isn't coming back. Intellectually, know he's (well, his character, duh) dead, but it seems unreal. I cannot even wrap my head, much less my heart, around what it feels like to lose the love of your life. The constant flashbacks through their relationship have been executed to perfection.

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gail@more than a song Saturday, May 23, 2015 9:56:00 AM  

Good theory on Blacklist! I like it....when the show started I felt like they wanted us to think Red was her father but that seemed too obvious. I sorta think too Red must have been involved with her mother some way. Will be a long wait until it's back on!

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