Saturday, May 23, 2015

This Week on My TV: May 23, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Elementary, S3E23 Absconded) Joan: If you're planning on picking up where Keck left off, it might be nice to solve his murder first. Sherlock: That, I believe I may have already done. Joan: I was gone for two hours! -- While the case was a little second rate, I liked that it involved bees, which is something important to Sherlock and a unique angle for a case. -- So, Gregson is offered a promotion he doesn't want, so he declines, but is basically warned that his refusal to rise up the ladder may spell his ultimate demise? Interesting...

**(Elementary, S3E24 A Controlled Descent) Sherlock's dark demons of addiction, front and center for the finale. I like how passionately he is willing to defend his sobriety and appreciate that they didn't go down the "relapse" path, which, as a plot device, would have been both too easy and too predictable. I also really liked the lengths to which he was willing to go to help his friend, Alfredo. Sherlock's friendships are rare and I like that the writers convey how valuable they are to Sherlock. But what was up with Sherlock, sitting on the roof, basically in a catatonic state when Joan comes up to inform him that his father's arrival is imminent? Is he processing what he went through? Is he struggling to maintain sobriety in the aftermath of so much exposure?

**(Reign, S2E21 The Siege) I'm pretty much enamored with the snowy landscapes they do on this show. -- Kenna certainly was catty when meeting Delphine. Especially considering she's busy getting romantic with Renaud herself. Hypocrite much? -- I wonder on Bash questioning on the visions of a seer. Is he questioning her abilities or resisting her visions because they aren't what he wants to hear? -- I was fully expecting Catherine to kill Narcisse's favorite horse as payback for the rumors he was seen in cozy conversation with Lola. What I never would have expected was her feeding it to him. Mercy, that woman is psycho. -- I would have loved a voiceover of Kenna's thoughts as Renaud and Bash were fighting during the attack on the castle, while she stood looking on. -- OMG who was that face in the tunnels?? -- Conde has grown dark since agreeing to marry Elizabeth. Not a fan. -- What the what was Delphine's creepy ritual?? Holy crap. -- Mary has to be  lying about being pregnant at all, much less with Conde's child...right?

**(Mike and Molly, S5E22 The Bitter Man and the Sea) Carl: Basketball on the radio? That's just a bunch of squeaky sneakers. ... Preach it, Carl! (Except that's how I feel about basketball, period. -- Who has a huge third anniversary party? Weird. -- Is Mike seriously getting a new partner? Carl is such a baby. -- Here's what I think: Samuel needs a lady.

**(Reign, S2E22 Burn) 'Scuse me while I haul my jaw up off the floor: Mary stabbed Conde???  -- Mary [to Francis]: You are my husband and my king. -- I so want Kenna and Bash back together. ::sigh:: -- Conde: You put a knife in me and I still want you. Is that madness? ... Oh, Conde. You're still my favorite. You make my heart hurt. -- Exhale: Lola and the baby are safe. I was honestly falling for the fear that they weren't. -- Mary: Why turn on your co-conspirator now? Catherine is your lover. Your key to power at court. Narcisse: Because, as it turns out, there is one thing worse than being hated by Catherine de Medici. That is being loved by her. -- Catherine exiled. By Francis. I never thought I'd see the day. -- I've frequently wondered if we'd seen the last of Nostradamus and I'm glad we haven't...although his return is tied to something horrible: Francis knows he's dying and no one else knows...not even Mary...who is in love with Conde and stabbed him out of loyalty to her marriage and king. -- And we have *finally* have sight of Elizabeth...only to discover she's apparently teaming up with Catherine? Does that woman's scheming ever stop?

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