Saturday, August 8, 2015

This Week on My TV: August 8, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(The Last Ship, S2E7 Alone and Unafraid) After getting a couple of episodes to see how they fit in, I fully endorse the addition of the two new crew members. -- The XO looks as if he's losing his mind, trying to handle the sub, and keep track of the three teams that has gone off to infiltrate the immunes. -- When they show shiny, relatively new vehicles, sometimes I get confused. I keep forgetting that this virus was recent and swift...and that, despite what Baltimore looked like, this isn't Revolution. -- I feel like Chandler and company are being way too conspicuous in their mission. -- Chandler [about the President]: If he's here on his own will, it means he has power. If he has power, he can be manipulated. -- And I just realized that the President is Duck, from Mad Men. I *knew* I recognized him! -- That whole kidnap/escort the President to the meet point, with Neils in tow, and the immunes hot on their heels, shooting...way intense.

**(The Astronaut Wives Club, S1E7 Rendezvous) I was cracking up over the instructions NASA had for the wives. I'm sure there are people who are outraged and offended just watching this, but hey, different times. The wives' reactions were what killed me. -- Marge Slayton: Damn, there's a lot of wives here. ... Something about the tone of her voice, which of course cannot be captured here. But the combination of annoyance and "get me outta here" was something I just identified with. -- I know there's a lot of story to cram into ten episodes, but the rapid fast forwards in time are somewhat disconcerting. -- I miss Max. -- Wow, NASA was a real administrative mess. The wives were onto something, demanding more efficiency, timeliness, and accountability to the wives and families of the astronauts. -- OMG, Gus. Poor Betty. I will admit that I had a bad feeling with the foreshadowing of this episode, so when the anniversary Paris trip got delayed, I Googled "Gus Grissom" and saw the year of his death. It was still a gut-punch when Betty got the news.

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