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This Week on My TV: June 27, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Murder in the First, S2E1 Twenty-Fifteen) This is such a dark show. This season looks like it will be difficult to watch. There was a lot of violence, a lot of carnage. I'm not sure exactly where they're taking us, with the teen shooter escaping. I know this show covers one case over the course of the season, but I'm wondering where else it can go. I see they appear to be embracing the abrupt ending. I guess we'll see...

**(TURN, S2E8 Providence) Caleb [to Ben]: Well, that was your plan. This one's mine. -- I knew Hewlett had survived, despite that "grave." But ewwww...inside the bull carcass. My, how far he's come from the slightly awkward, genteel man overseeing Setauket. Or maybe "been forced" would be more accurate. -- I loved Andre's reaction to Peggy telling him she is willing to risk estrangement and disownment by her family if she elopes with him. And his adoration and sincerity when he tells her her husband will never abandon her. -- My jaw was on the ground when Benedict laid his hand on Washington. And then myself was, laughing, at the look Washington gave him. -- Simcoe, comforting a sobbing Anna, when Hewlett walks in. Oh, that entire scene was delightful and priceless. -- Andre cutting of his braid and handing it to Peggy as a memento during their separation. All the heart-eyed emojis.

**(TURN, S2E9 The Prodigal) Simcoe really is a twisted S.O.B. Hanging one of Hewlett's men, staging it as a suicide. -- There was a time when Abe truly was a boy playing a man playing a spy, but that time is long past now. So when he looks at the guy that runs the prison, just before he leaves after being released by Hewlett's word, and says "Thank you for your hospitality. I won't forget you." well, if I'm that guy, I believe I would be sleeping with one eye open. -- In his own way, the Judge is as big a jerk as Simcoe. -- Abe was so slow on the uptake! Even I knew the bill Townsend left him had an invisible note hidden on it! -- Incredible camera work, conveying so much without words, in this episode. Billy as he listened to the strategy session in Washington's tent. Abe's reunion with his family. -- Simcoe can always spot a lie because it's the core of how he operates. -- Simcoe [to Hewlett]: I'm willing to do what you are not. -- Anna [to Abe, about Simcoe]: The man is so keen on hunting rebels, all he does is create new ones. -- I had a feeling it was coming but my stomach still dropped to the floor when Simcoe's goons busted in on Abe and Anna, in Abe's old cellar, having heard about Caleb and seeing the intelligence Townsend communicated to Abe with the lodging bill invisible note. -- Uh, who was watching Anna, Abe, and Caleb loading Simcoe's dead men into the boat??

**(TURN, S2E10 Gunpowder, Treason, and Plot) Ah, booze and testosterone. The best of combinations since the beginning of time. ::shakes head:: -- Abe wasn't counting on Hewlett revealing him to Andre, which would be the final ultimate exposure. I am finally impressed with Mary. Her devotion to Abe and her clever mind, now that she's decided to support her husband, if not his cause. -- Poor Anna. What terrible options. Betray the rebel cause she believes in...or kill, Edmund, the man she has grown to love, who just happens to wear the wrong color coat. -- Peggy just broke my heart. Nothing with Benedict went according to plan, from his bold kiss to his proposal of marriage to her father's blessing. When she "did what she had to do" to stall his insistence of marrying immediately" by giving him the wedding night, if not the wedding day, and she lay their clutching Andre's braid in her hand, it was a real gut punch. -- General Lee getting busted by Washington. Ha. HA! ... General Lee [trying to explain the retreat]: Sir, there's been some confusion. Washington: There remains some. -- OMG Simcoe on the battlefield covered in blood. What a lunatic. -- ::whispers:: I felt a tiny bit bad for Andre's battlefield defeat. -- Washington: There can be no security without secrecy. -- Holy crap. One of Washington's own body guards was in on the conspiracy to assassinate him! -- Washington: Do you trust the integrity of the Culper Ring then? Ben: With my life, sir, and yours. -- I *knew* it! I knew the unseen watcher was Rogers! I am so stressed about him capturing Abe and using him as a trap to get revenge on Andre. And that's it??? Just Rogers and Abe, secreted away in Abe's old cellar? There *better* be a season three!

**(Dallas, S3E14 Endgame, S3E15 Brave New World) I cannot believe this show is over with so many cliffhangers. Like who fathered Elena's baby? Nicholas or John Ross? Was Christopher in the car when it exploded?? There's a SISTER?! We need a movie to wrap all this up. -- Bobby [to John Ross]: You can partner with the devil all you want, boy. It won't make any difference. I'll always see it coming. In a lifetime, your daddy never got the best of  me. And he was twice the opponent you'll ever be.  --

**(Mad Men, S7E12 Lost Horizon) Don: Will you call housekeeping and tell them not to male up my bed while I'm still in it? -- Don pressing on that window gave me the willies. I kept expecting it to give, a la the opening credits of the show. -- I love that Peggy had to zip up her skirt before answering the knock at her door. It was tiny touches like that which made this show so believable. -- For all his womanizing, Don treats Joan with so much respect. -- Why do all the 70s dresses look like nightgowns? -- Don just walking out and going to...Wisconsin? What the heck is happening?? -- Peggy and Roger hanging out in the old Sterling Cooper offices, drinking vermouth and studying Cooper's crazy old octopus painting and...rollerskating?? I. Died.

**(Mad Men, S7E13 The Milk and Honey Route) That whole bit with Don at the little hotel and the kid who was a hustler and the way all the locals treated Don, assuming he was the one that swiped the donated cash. It was such a strange direction. -- OMG Betty is dying. And that was so difficult, watching Sally's reaction to Henry telling her and then breaking down. Sally has had to grow up so much and, for all her snark and sass, she really is standing on the cusp of being an amazing young woman. -- Don [to Betty, when he calls her after learning she's dying]: He doesn't know you won't get the treatment because you love the tragedy. -- I knew it!! I knew Pete and Trudy were going to reconcile. I think Pete somehow grew a heart and a conscience when he stopped trying to be Don. -- Don just gave that kid his car?! What on earth is he planning, with just one episode left?!

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