Saturday, June 20, 2015

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2015 - Week 24

Checking in for the week of June 14 through June 20.

Song of Susannah (Stephen King) - While Wizard and Glass remains my favorite of the series, I believe this one has taken second place. Twists I didn't see coming and explanations that have filled out some previously unclear pieces of the story. This was also the quickest read for me in the series as well. And with a total cliffhanger ending, I'll be looking forward to the tale's conclusion with anticipation.

T made chicken Kiev, which is a lot of work, but very very tasty. We also had a flank steak with our favorite marinade. And another night, we had spaghetti and meatballs. And on Saturday, we decided we had no desire to cook, so we order Chinese takeout.

I bought a pill box. It wasn't for me. I take all my vitamins at once. But T is forever trying to remember if he took his BP meds. Now he doesn't have to wonder anymore.

Red Raspberry (YC) - Seriously. I want to just crawl inside this candle and live there so I can smell this all the time.
Blue Hydrangea (YC) - This is another of the old retired scents that I am making myself use up. Why can't they make more florals like this that don't smell like someone dumped a bottle of perfume out somewhere?
Clean Cotton (YC) - Like Bounce dryer sheets! Who doesn't like a bathroom that smells like freshly laundered towels?

Before...stay tuned!

We had the craziest storm at work with some kind of straight line wind. And now our shipping department has a new "skylight."


Crotons are my favorite, because they look like autumn all year round.

The way to successfully bribe me every time.

This little guy belongs to one of our customers. He chilled out in our office for a while. Tile floor is cooool.

Why, I do believe you're glowing.

You can measure how much humidity is in the air by how determined my hair is to curl. I intentionally dried it straight at 8am. This was 11am. Inside the house with the a/c running.

Afternoon snack. Monterey Jack. Not butter.


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