Sunday, June 14, 2015

Snapshot from Along the Broken Road: 2015 - Week 23

Checking in for the week of June 7 through June 13.

N is for Noose (Sue Grafton) - I'd nearly given up on this series after K and L were so bad. I'm glad I decided to give it one more try, though, because M, and now, N were fantastic. This one, especially, had my adrenaline pumping and my fingers itching to turn pages. These series is still gritty and has retained its "something of a dark feel," but this book was not at all plodding or unenjoyable. Good twists, well placed red herrings, just the right amount of "creepiness." I can actually say I'm looking forward to eventually picking up the next installment of Kinsey Millhone's cases.
Special Delivery (Danielle Steel) - If you go into a Danielle Steel with the advance understanding that it will never be awarding winning literature, there is actually a place for her on the bookshelf. It's going to be fluffy and a tad unrealistic. The characters will be overly perfect (the most beautiful, the most sought after, the most charming, the most most of everything "good"), and while there will certainly be some conflict, it will resolve into a happily-ever-after, in some form or another. This book, predictably, followed the Danielle Steel protocol, but there are times when I want predictability. It's comforting and satisfying. The only thing I found dissatisfying was that the book ended so abruptly. There was a final detail omitted, one that maybe holds no bearing on the story being told, but that would have required one additional sentence, tops, and possibly even a sentence fragment, tacked onto an already existing thought. I enjoyed the story, in all its Steel-esque composition, being a quick, easy read, but that one missing detail grates on me enough to drop my rating by a star (I considered it 3.5, rounding to 4...until that detail issue is factored in, forcing me to round down instead).
Song of Susannah (Stephen King) - Just started in with this one, and I'm pretty sure this is as far a departure as possible from the last book I read. Still trying to mentally shift gears.

There was ravioli soup in the freezer as an experiment. The soup held up well, but next time we won't freeze it with ravioli in it. It got mushy. Better to freeze it before the ravioli is added and then add it fresh when it's thawed and reheated. I also made a big bowl of pasta salad, because I was home alone and the heat kills my appetite. I made up a batch of sausage and spinach stuffed shells the night T got back. And meatloaf with mashed potatoes and green beans too.

I really needed to replace my blush brush, so I picked up a new one when I was at Target. I did  not realize how poorly the old one was applying color until I used one that was new. I also decided to try out a new show, When Calls the Heart, which is definitely not everyone's cup of tea, but I like a good historical drama/romance, and sometimes it's nice to have something that is a bit more...wholesome than just about everything else I watch. Testing out season one this Hallmark original via iTunes to see if it fits the bill.

Blueberry Scone (YC) - This candle smells so good, I just want to eat up all the warm from the oven blueberry scones.
Red Raspberry (YC) - This may officially be my favorite new scent of the 2016 spring release.
Wild Sea Grass (YC) - I am...not a fan. Too grassy with this lingering floral. Definitely NOT my favorite spring 2016 scent.
Marshmallow Chicks (YC) - PEEPS!!

There are new phones at work! I love them, but a lot of my co-workers are resistant to change.

Red sky.

Rain shaft! This phenomenon was totally new to me when I moved to Florida. It does not rain like that in the northeast!

Raindrops on windows and...wait a second...that's not how it goes.

Who are you calling a shrimp?

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