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This Week on My TV: January 24, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(2 Broke Girls, S4E9 And the Past and the Furious) Did Caroline really ask Max "did you roofie me again?" Again?! -- As soon as Caroline got out of the car at the beach, all I could think of was all the sand they were about to get in that car. -- We've decided that Caroline is showing marginal improvement in her line delivery, but Max is *not*. -- What?? Not a single Sophie "hey. everybody!" FAIL. -- Sophie and Oleg, engaged? I can't decide if their wedding will be hilarious or horrifying.

**(Mike and Molly, S5E7 Support Your Local Samuel) I was a little worried we were going to have to stop calling him Samuel, but I see potential for humor in Samuel going into business with Vince.

**(Madam Secretary, S1E13 Chains of Command) I may or may not be Nadine-ish when one of my pens goes missing at work. Except I don't ask for mine back, because...ew. Dawn doesn't share pens. -- LOL: The look on Blake's face when Elizabeth speaks with familiarity and grabs Prince Yousif for a hug, not realizing they went to boarding school together. -- Interesting that Elizabeth was encouraging Yousif to push back against his father, while she wishes Stevie wouldn't push back against her. Not that I'm condoning Stevie's behavior, because I'd like nothing more than to smack her silly. -- I did not expect Prince Yousif to get assassinated during his announcement that he would prosecute the diplomat and his wife for the inhumane way they treated their housekeeper as a slave. Elizabeth has to feel a complicated mix of emotion: proud of her friend for standing up for the right thing and heartbroken that it resulted in his death and defeated that a progressive new leader would never take the throne and conflicted about whether to attend her friend's funeral in a way that makes it look bad for the United States or skip it, feel guilty, and potentially insult a culture. ... Henry: Friendship that insists upon agreement on all things isn't worth the name. That's Gandhi. Elizabeth: That one I get. Thank you. But Gandhi doesn't have to pick between his country and his friend in one hour. -- Stevie [to Elizabeth]: I need to stop defining you by your worst moments. It's like you said when I left, you know, life is complicated and I can hate some things you've done, but I can still respect you for everything else.

**(Blue Bloods, S5E12 Home Sweet Home) Pop's been cranky and oversensitive lately. What's his deal? Maybe he needs to find himself a lady friend. -- Frank at home, losing his mind, because he needs to stay off his injured foot. Exactly how I would have imagined: frustrated, exasperated, and stir crazy. -- This moral breakdown McCoy suffered has to spell the end to his clandestine relationship with Erin, right? -- Baez's informant [to Danny, about Baez]: She might bat her eyes and look pretty, but I'm telling you, it's better to be locked up than owe this girl a favor! ... LOL -- How long before all this digging around, investigating something that powerful people want to remain buried, results in Erin finding herself in a dangerous situation? -- I kind of felt like Linda could have listened to Danny a little better than she did, rather than lashing out. Even if she had some valid points and concerns about his priorities, she could have shown a little more compassion and paid attention to what Danny *is* doing for his family. -- I love that Danny went to Frank for marriage advice. The Reagans are the kind of family you just want to be a part of.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E7 Could We Start Again, Please?) Nothing like starting an episode bawling my eyes out for the man who tried to save his wife from a fire by holding her and jumping out of a building and then they had to tell him she died in his arms and he was so heartbroken...except, then they found a weak pulse, and just, oh, my heart. -- How horrible for Amelia, having that woman from Narcotics Anonymous blow her anonymity in front of the entire ER. I loved Richard counseling and supporting her, though. He's a good man to have on her side. -- It was really great seeing Bailey back to teaching the baby surgeons with tough love. -- Yay, budding relationship between Mer and Maggie! -- That bonding evening at Mer's old house was the best. The. Best. The reminiscing and the laughter at the awkward past and it was just awesome. -- Meredith [voice over monologue]: It's hard to give second chances. It's even harder to ask for them. A chance to do it again, knowing what you know now, what you've learned. A chance to do it completely differently. A chance to right our wrongs, to try and correct our mistakes. A chance to try and start over...from scratch. -- Two random thoughts: One, Dr Herman has THE Derek Shepard, neurosurgeon extraordinaire at her disposal, so why don't they have *him* check out this terminal inoperable tumor? Two, having this specialty of Dr Herman's, with Arizona under her instruction, right when Jackson and April are expecting a baby is foreboding, no? Especially with him saying that she and their baby were going to be "just fine."

**(The Mentalist, S7E8 The Whites of His Eyes) The mother who was the suspect: You can sneer at me all you like. Jane: Thank you, I will. -- Of course, Jane wears two-piece pajamas. It's strange seeing so much of his personal side, though, after this show mostly avoided personal lives for most of its duration. -- Lisbon singing "Livin' on a Prayer" to Jane was painful. -- Cringe-worthy: The assassin getting into disguise and sticking himself in the face with a needle. -- I didn't feel like the story of "save the key witness from the assassin" was anything new, but it definitely upped the tension of the episode to a level the show doesn't often hit. -- Lisbon and Jane attempting to navigate how to be in love usually feels awkward to me.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E8 Risk) I had to laugh when Dr Herman told Arizona "You are so annoying!" because that's pretty much how I've always felt about her character. -- I knew it about Jackson and April's baby. I knew something was going to go wrong. I didn't expect it to be fatal though. So the question is: Will they deal with heartbreak or will Dr Herman and/or Arizona come up with a Hail Mary Miracle to save baby (boy)? Avery? -- Love the Alex, Mer, Maggie, Callie lunch table. I feel like we're capturing some of the early seasons magic, with a dynamic I didn't consciously realize was missing. -- Dude. Arizona. You lied to get your hands on Dr Herman's medical records, which breaks all sorts of ethics. And now Amelia thinks she might be able to save Dr Herman from her fatal brain tumor. So...How do you explain to Dr Herman? Because can you really keep your mouth shut about this? -- Hmmmm. Budding friendship between Owen and Amelia? I could get on board with that. -- Well, crap. Jackson overheard just enough about Stephanie's conversation with Dr Herman about his baby's ultrasound to be concerned and know that it was his baby they were discussing. Now what? -- Something else that feels like a throwback to early seasons: Mer-Der angst. I'm ambivalent on this one though. It brings a familiar tension, but I miss them being in love.

**(Mom, S2E11 Three Smiles and an Unpainted Ceiling) They killed off Alvin?! And who the heck does his EX-wife think she is telling Bonnie, Christy and the kids not to come to the funeral?! But seriously. Alvin is dead?! This was possibly the most depressing episode of a sitcom since HIMYM killed off The Mother.

**(Reign, S2E11 Getaway) Catherine's illusion of Henry: I've missed the way you mix garlic with arsenic. -- My, my. The Cardinal has himself a little secret. -- Conde's brother has an interesting idea games. -- Mary's vulnerability makes her look so young. -- I think my heart might have shattered into a million pieces for Conde, listening to Mary tell him that she read the letter confessing his love to her and telling him it makes her wary of anything he tells her, wondering if its colored by his love for her. -- Oh, Kenna. You have to let the long distant Back-and-Claude thing go. You have him now. He's grown to love you. Focus on that. After all, he knows you were his father's mistress, so you both have unfortunate pasts. -- Francis: That's love, when you care more about someone's suffering than your own. -- Leith has a point. Greer's jealousy is enough to encourage even a spark of hope and it's unintentionally cruel. -- I wonder if that's the last we'll see of Henry and the twins, now that Catherine seems to have made her peace with the twins dying. -- Oof. Every time Mary seems ready to mend her relationship with Francis, something stands in the way. Even if it's something as innocent as two people exhausted from caring for a fussy baby. And in the wings, she knows Conde loves her.

**(Law and Order: SVU, S16E12 Padre Sandunguero) A couple weeks ago, we learned about Rollins' personal past. Amaro's turn now, it seems. -- I was so sure this was not the same little girl who played Zara in the past, but I looked it up, and it's her. I stand corrected. -- The accents in this episode were so heavy that I understood only about half of what was said. -- Was IAB guy (imdb says his character name is Ed Tucker) hitting on Liv when they met in the car? -- Amaro's father made my skin crawl. *Crawl*.

**(A to Z, S1E13 M is for Meant to Be) Ah, yes. An ex-girlfriend is in town and wants to stay with Andrew. Let the hilarity ensue! -- Madeline: Sorry, I just got off the plane and did a quick ten-miler. Zelda: Ha. What a coincidence. I just ate onion rings at a red light. ... I heart Zelda. The girl crush marches on! -- Dear, sweet Andrew, you are *so* naive. All that intentional physical contact Madeline kept initiating was a dead giveaway. I appreciate that they allowed the story to be that Zelda was right about Madeline and Madeline confirmed it, rather than making Zelda unnecessarily "that jealous girlfriend." -- Lora: We all sensed it the moment we saw her. Andrew's ex is a complete boyfriend-stealer. Lydia: Takes one to know one. Back in the day, if I had a notch on my bedpost for every boyfriend I stole, you would have thought my roommate was a beaver. -- LOL at Zelda trying to explain how she ended up making out with her ex. She is so awkward and rambly when she gets frazzled. I DO THAT! -- Actual words that came out of my mouth following Andrew and Zelda's last window phone conversation about his "meant to be"line and her promotion that would move her to New York: "They have seven minutes left to fix this!!!" -- That ending was perfection. I love the voice mail Andrew was leaving Zelda from the bar where they went on their first date, while she is supposed to be in New York but is really walking into the bar, wearing the silver dress she had on the first time he ever saw her. -- Andrew: What are you doing back? Zelda: I didn't like the view from my office. ... And the my shattered into a zillion happy pieces. That was *almost* as good as Ross and Rachel and "I got off the plane," which, if you don't know, is the highest praise coming from me. -- I'm confused. Why was Stephie dropping pens in the office and snuggling up with Stu at the end? What happened to Joseph?! -- I am so sad this show is all but confirmed-by-NBC over. I thought the show and Andrew and Zelda were the cutest thing ever. Also, I hate lack of closure. I'll be pouting for a while over this.

**(Dallas, S3E12 Victims of Love) I'd love to know who is busy snapping all those photos of Elena and Nicolas. The gloved hands suggest Bum, to me, but that would be too obvious, no? I also wonder who they're doing it for and what this person hopes to gain, since isn't everyone in the Ewing family already aware that Elena and Nicolas are a thing? -- Carmen calling Nicolas a "good boy" compared to those "dirty, scheming Ewings" to Christopher's face was about the most backward statement possible. She's going to feel foolish later, when she learns the truth. -- LOL at John Ross's definition of bribery: "I prefer to call it a significant liquidity opportunity." That boy is a chip off his Daddy's block, albeit without the smooth charm only JR possessed. -- They've gotten very "artistic" with their between-scenes scenery shots, in a way that reminds me a lot of Scandal. -- There are so many parties after the Ewing Energies IPO that I can't keep track of who they all are, who is with which party, and who is doublecrossing the party they are with for personal benefit or for another party! Arg. Now I just confused myself more, trying to put it into words. -- Hunter McKay is (was) kinda douche-y. -- They have not been very smooth about conveying the details of backstory. They discuss history, for the sake of the audience, like the characters don't already know it. It feels awkward. -- I don't know whether or not I'm shocked by Pamela leaving Cliff to rot in Mexican prison, but I do know that Cliff's apology for making her lose her babies was the least sincere expression of remorse ever. Cliff Barnes has never been sorry for anything. -- Judith Ryland [to John Ross]: Time for you to get back to that pit of broken marriages you call Southfork. -- Ew, at the hands the drug cartel brought as a gift for Judith. Two things about that. One: How was she not immediately concerned by a box from a drug cartel? Was she expecting fancy chocolates? Boxes from drug cartels are always bad news. Even I know that. Two: Those hands supposedly belonged to Candace, the former girl who worked in Judith's high end brothel? They looked far too large, un-manicured, and masculine for me to buy that. Either the cartel is bluffing or the props department dropped the ball.

**(Sleepy Hollow, S2E13 Pittura Infamante) Abbie: No name-dropping Founding Fathers tonight. No firsthand accounts of your apprenticeship with Ben Franklin or your fling with Betsy Ross. Katrina [opening the bedroom door after getting ready for date night]: You had a dalliance with Betsy Ross? Ichabod [looking appreciatively at Katrina]: Betsy who? Abbie: Good answer... -- Died. Laughing. Died. When Ichabod explained to Katrina that physical contact was permitted in modern society and she grabbed his butt. -- Katrina: Since when have you been reading the tarot? Ichabod: Since someone left a deck in our parlor one summer. I assumed it was for recreation. Katrina: Well, now you know better. -- It's a very good thing I didn't watch this at night, because holy creep factor. -- I think Abbie is right to question Irving's return. The fact that they watched him die, buried him themselves, and know Henry owns his soul is enough to treat his return with caution, if not outright suspicion. -- I don't know which was the most creepy: James Colby as the murderer in the painting, Miller getting sucked into the painting, Katrina and Ichabod walking around inside the painting/mind of a murderer, or that zombie that grabbed Jenny when she was pulled the last "bullet made from the gates of hell" out of his decaying corpse. -- I actually jumped and screamed when Colby's hand came out of that painting and grabbed Ichabod's throat. -- Just when I thought I could consider disliking the sheriff a little less, after she spoke nicely of Ichabod to Katrina...and then she reprimands Abbie for talking to Irving without listening to what Abbie has to say, and...nope!

**(The Last Ship, S1E10 No Place Like Home) I knew it was bad news when Chandler's wife was acting like she didn't feel well at the end of the last episode. I hope the Nathan James' crew can reach her in time! -- When Rachel was about to vaccinate Chandler, I thought he was going to kiss her there, for a second. -- LOL: Tex slays me. "You make me want to love again. I actually *said* that." -- The stuff going on on the mainland reminds me of what the show Revolution wanted to be, but couldn't get out of its own way to accomplish. -- The look on Chandler's face as he watched Amy Granderson talk to her daughter via webcam makes me wonder if he doesn't consider the possibility that she may not quite be the friendly face she seems to be. -- I saw that "no likey" look you gave Tex when he flirted with that girl, Rachel. -- There's something about the way Chandler carried himself, a quiet pride, that I just love. -- Way to leave a girl longing for you, Tex. What a kiss for Rachel! (This cannot be the last we see of him!) -- I can't figure out who the bigger threat is: Granderson or the war lords? -- OMG they are *exterminating* the sick people at Olympia?! Thank God, Chandler got to his family in time to lose only his wife. But can he get back to the Nathan James in time?! And can they collect Rachel and all the crew from Granderson's grasp, eradicate the siege on the ship, and get the heck out before they lose anyone else? AAAAHHHHH!! (Thank God this show was renewed.)

**(Elementary, S3E11 The Illustrious Client (1)) When they busted into the place where Kitty's attacker was keeping all his women, they found a girl there that was shown earlier in the episode. But when they first showed that woman, I thought it was a flashback of when he attacked Kitty. That was a bit confusing. -- Sherlock: My name is Sherlock and I have allowed empathetic thoughts to clutter my mind and reduce the clarity of my perception. ... ::snort:: Only Sherlock would find kindness to be a hindrance. -- As T is my witness, before Kitty revealed that Watson's new boss was the man who raped and tortured her, I said "I bet it's that guy" when Joan was on the phone with Del at the insurance agency where she has her new job.

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Tara Tuesday, January 27, 2015 1:00:00 AM  

ahh i'm so behind on Grey's. It was such a long holiday break though. Thanks for reminding me, will need to check my DVR.

~**Dawn**~ Tuesday, January 27, 2015 6:21:00 AM  

Tara: I had the whole season (minus the first episode) to catch up on, going into Christmas. I was a woman on a mission. You can do it! And it's been so good. I haven't been this into it since season three or four!

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