Friday, January 30, 2015

Oh Hey Friday: January 30, 2015

I'm trying something new this week. It's called Oh Hey Friday! (in case you didn't bother to read the title of this post...or the big ol' image just below...ahem) and it's hosted by September FARM. The idea is that you talk about five things -- any five things -- and it can be themed or random. I've been quietly reading this particular blog since something like May of last year and these posts just keep drawing me in. It was time to give it a go!

Everyone has been all about last night's Parenthood series finale. Me? I've watched the show since the very beginning. I watched the first episode of this season, got so sad that this was the last one, and promptly went into a state of denial. The remaining twelve episodes have been collecting on our DVR. But that isn't really what I wanted to talk about. There was this adorable new sitcom that premiered this past autumn called "A to Z," and tv business speak blah blah ratings blah, they decided about six weeks or so in, NBC decided to pull the plug on further production and just air the episodes that had already been made. Which was a bummer because this show was seriously adorable. (Have I mentioned that?) Well, they get to the final episode and...just...that's it. There's no sense of finality or closure. Hi, my name is Dawn, and I don't do well without closure. I do even worse when a show fails to get renewed after the end of the season and there was a cliffhanger (OMG, don't even get me started on Pan Am, Alcatraz, Reckless, or Dallas, which I haven't even watched yet, but I've heard there were multiple cliffhangers and I'm already dying). But I have a solution! Allow these shows to have a two-hour movie grand finale, where loose ends can be tied up and cliffhangers resolved and stories finished being told. Show it over the summer, in place of some of those awful miniseries or that endless parade of reality tv shows. Or don't even air it; just make it available OnDemand or on the network's website. I would even *pay* for this kind of closure. Seriously. Rescue me from my own crazy! Also, I really hope that Ben Feldman and Cristin Milioti (oh, girl crush!) land somewhere else, on something I deem even remotely watchable. Because, seriously, they're adorable.

That was really long-winded. I promise the rest will be quick.


Honest to God, the amount of honey we have consumed in this house since the end of December is bordering on insane. I think we might...maybe...please? be done with all the coughing. Of course, I've been saying this for two weeks now. Not the honey's fault. It does actually help.


Add another product to the list of "I love it so they must discontinue it." The woman who cuts my hair specifically recommended it for my hair and the Florida climate, because it is super light and can manage to do its job in the humidity without weighing down my fine-but-oh-so-much-of-it hair. Bonus that I could buy it at Target for $4.99 (full price). And then I noticed it isn't on any shelves anywhere anymore and I only have two bottles left and woe. So much woe. I loathe replacing products I love.


This time last year, my super talented husband was remodeling our master bathroom. 2014 was a fun year to be a homeowner. 2015? Not so much. Home improvements involve having a new drain field installed for our septic system. Necessary, yes. But far less glamorous and not at all fun. Especially when the next fun remodel is going to be our kitchen.

T has officially Facetimed more times than I have. (That would be: once.) I'm not sure how I feel about that.

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Paige @ Reasons to Come Home Saturday, January 31, 2015 10:54:00 PM  

You will be happy to know that Parenthood did a fabulous job tying up all the loose ends but it was only an hour long. I thought most series finales were two hours! Two hours would have been nice!

I'm with you one the hair! I used to have such thick hair but the older I've gotten, the finer my hair is. But I still have a lot of it!

So glad you decided to link up!

~**Dawn**~ Sunday, February 01, 2015 5:51:00 AM  

Paige: I'm glad to hear they did a good job with their finale! Knowing that their end was coming probably set them up to be able tell their story on their own terms. And now, because of my state of denial, I get a 12-hour series finale! LOL

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane Tuesday, February 03, 2015 10:46:00 PM  

Fun one, I might hijack it one day or week,if I can remember :)

I have been wondering if you had watched the Parenthood finale, didn't realize you were so far behind! I'm a big believer in honey also, but it hasn't completely eradicated my lingering cough. Maybe I need to take more spoons per day! LOL!

Look for that Tresemme product online and order a ton, if you can find it!! I recently found a ground flax seed I love at Sam's Club and have been buying and using a lot of it, so you know where this is going, Sam's no longer carries it. Have found it online and plan to order several bags soon! :)

Septic tanks are not glamorous, but still worthy :)

~**Dawn**~ Wednesday, February 04, 2015 9:21:00 AM  

I *am* within a week on all my other shows, Stacy, which I count as a HUGE accomplishment. LOL!! The DVR has been between 20-30% since the holidays! I do need to start watching them though...

Good idea to look online! I'm going to do that. Maybe I can score a few more bottles.

The new drain field was put in yesterday. T was at the house. He sent me lots of photo updates. I'm not sorry I wasn't there in person. ;-)

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