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This Week on My TV: January 17, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Law and Order: SVU, S16E10 Forgiving Rollins) And now we know why Rollins has so many issues. You can't suppress a rape for five years and expect there to be no emotional and mental repercussions. I will say one thing: Rollins sure worked with and for some real dirtbags in Atlanta.

**(The Mentalist, S7E6 Green Light) I think Lisbon telling Jane she got him something for his birthday but is keeping it a secret til then is pretty much asking Jane to guess what it is. After six-plus seasons of this show, I'm betting on Jane. And I would have lost, since he admitted to having no idea. -- Pretty clever "drugs for sale" signal at that restaurant: light in the sign on = business is open, light off = not today. -- When DEA Gonzalez turned up dead, I commented to T: now the question is, who silenced him: the restaurant owner, the drug cartel, or Peterson from the DEA? The only thing not on my list: a dirty member of his DEA team.

**(Mike and Molly, S5E6 The Last Temptation of Mike) The look on Mike's face when the female rookie cop kissed him in the bar was just the right combination of perfect and hilarious. I'm pretty sure that's about what my own face would look like in that sort of awkward and unexpected situation. Molly's reaction, when Mike told her, was also perfectly executed...and a little predictable that she had the same sort of situation when she was at writing school. -- I like that Mike so clearly loves Molly. It's refreshing, seeing love portrayed so openly on a sitcom.

**(The Good Wife, S6E12 The Debate) Great episode, other than I felt like I was stuck watching the evening news again, instead of one of my favorite shows. -- The debate was really well done. I loved the camera angles they used. I *loved* Alicia's response to the questions about Peter's infidelity. I loved the impromptu debate in the kitchen at the debate site between Alicia and Prady. -- Wow, I wonder what finally caused Peter to break it off with Ramona. Judging by her reaction, she was as unprepared for that as I was.  -- That whole exchange between Eli and Franny (the Mayor's Chief of Staff) when she informed him "you don't want to make an enemy" and he pretty much said "right back at ya," in not so many words, was another excellent scene. I have to say, I'd rather make an enemy out of her than Eli. And speaking of making enemies, I don't think Cary and Diane want to make an enemy out of an Alicia, considering she could be on the opposite side of the courtroom, if she wins this election. *That* is a mighty powerful enemy to make. Adding David Lee is about the stupidest thing imaginable. But without even mentioning it to Alicia first? Them's fightin' words. Also: David Lee. ::shudder:: -- This was the first time we've seen Alicia with a fire in her belly to win. -- Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Is it possible Johnny Elfman has feelings for Alicia?? He's sure reacting to her brushing off that kiss like it wasn't nothing for him!

**(Blue Bloods, S5E11 Baggage) If that unclaimed bag Jamie and Jenko found *had* been a bomb, it sure seems like maybe they should have backed that crowd up a bit further. -- After listening to Garrett and Gormley get into a shouting match over the inflatable art not-a-bomb and what should be done about it, Frank told them they were hurting his head. That's one of my personal coined lines. -- Garrett is suddenly acting like the jilted work wife over Frank's new working relationship with Gormley. -- The closest thing I ever remember seeing to a chink in Danny's armor is when he admitted he came back from serving in Fallujah in one piece...on the outside.

**(Marry Me, S1E10 Spoil Me) There are so totally show rules for couples. No watching ahead! -- That female cop's name was Laguna Matata? Uhhh. -- T won't admit it's true, but I'm pretty sure that much like Kevin-Tim wants to hit Kevin-Dan with a hammer because he asks questions every five minutes throughout their shows, T would like to do the same to me. I ask a lot of questions while I watch tv. -- *What* was with that cop couple Denneh and Gil were dating? I did not see their open marriage thing coming. At all.

**(Dallas, S3E11 Hurt) Elena sure has the Ewings over a barrel. It's strange seeing her with all the power. Too bad she doesn't realize Nicolas is such a scoundrel. -- I'm not sure Ann has much moral high ground to stand on, berating Bobby for his part in JR's final masterpiece. In fact, I love how they all act indignant, when someone's flaws are exposed, like they would *never*. -- Ann's dress for Drew's funeral looked like it was being worn backward. -- John Ross doesn't like people beating him at his own game. -- Pamela [to John Ross]: I don't want you to fix things. I want you to stop breaking them. -- Sure, you stole that letter from John Ross's wallet at work. Not after you seduced him. So much for hating all the secrets, Elena. -- Those were two severe blows to Bobby. Sue Ellen telling him Miss Ellie would be so disappointed in him. Pamela telling him she expects lies from John Ross, but expects better from Bobby. -- Bum: I was taking JR down to Mexico for his treatments. And of course, he was worried all his hair was gonna fall out 'cause of the chemo. And he said to me, "Bum, if I should lose these wondrous eyebrows of mine, please don't tell Sue Ellen. She and her tweezers have been circling around these furry devils for half a century and she would just be devastated if she thought chemo got to 'em first." -- I don't know why Elena looked so stricken while she listened to Cliff Barnes say when he got out of Mexican prison, he was going to take down every last one of the Ewings, How else did she expect that phone call to go? Cliff's been trying to take down the Ewings since birth. I did not expect her to ask for the piece of property that belonged to Pamela's family, though, and I cannot figure out Elena's endgame if she actually gave that property to Pamela, along with the pardon to set her father free...or not. -- It turned my stomach to see Elena begging Nicolas to forgive *her*.

**(Person of Interest, S6E12 The Big Guns) I'm trying to figure out how I felt about this episode. It was the third part of a trilogy arc, yet it felt like it had no closure. We still don't know if Shaw is dead or alive (all signs point to alive, so much for the shocking cliffhanger ending of the previous episode) and Root is still fuming. It was interesting to see how little control Control actually has, now that Samaritan has put itself in charge. While I am guessing we're supposed to be edge-of-seat on Reese and Root's Roadtrip Rescue, I'm more curious about three things: the little Samaritan boy/living "avatar," Grice and his connection to Shaw and whether this will potentially make him an asset to Team Machine, and what Control will do after discovering the wet paint in the bowels of the stock exchange where last week's shootout took place and was obviously covered up quite literally.

**(About a Boy, S2E10 About a Boy Becoming a Man) Mr Chris arriving in Will's apartment, in the middle of a poker game, via the dumbwaiter, in nothing but his oddly small boxers = AWKWARD. -- Will and Andy's fake gaydom at the bar mitzvah was also awkward. Painfully so. -- I kept expecting Will to bump into Marcus the party crasher, not the other way around. -- Fiona's dress...rather small. Or as Marcus put it "a don't respect yourself dress." Fiona better figure out what she's going to do or Mr Chris is going to get away and that would be a shame, because how many people can appreciate her...uniqueness?

**(The Middle, S6E11 A Quarry Story) LOL: The guy at the quarry calling Sue "little girl Mike." -- What a great direction, with Mike's dad teaching Axl some life lessons. -- Grandpa Heck: You need to know so you'll know. ... *Exactly*. -- Mike looked pretty badass strolling into not-Sue's-quarry-party. -- Sue's reaction to being in trouble? SO ME. (I wish I could say "at that age," but...well... ::shrugs::)

**(The Mentalist, S7E7 Little Yellow House) I just realized that seven seasons into this show. we know next to nothing about who the core characters are outside of work, other than Jane. It was a different twist to meet Lisbon's family. -- It still strikes me as odd, seeing Lisbon play along with Jane's trickery so willingly now. She used to fight it, be so critical and dismissive. Call me crazy, but she seems to be enjoying herself now. -- Awww. Lisbon loves Jane.

**(Modern Family, S6E12 The Big Guns) Jay: You know I raised two fully functional kids. Gloria: You have children I don't know about? -- Phil [to Ronnie and Amber]: We see your tacky boat and raise you a convoy of retirees. -- Fizbo usually annoys me (this has nothing to do with fear but clowns just aren't funny to me), however, Lily as the mean-spirited Lizbo kept making me laugh, mostly because of Cam's and Mitchell's reactions. Wa-waaaa.

**(Last Man Standing, S4E13 Mike Hires Chuck) I think Mandy doing the dishes and cleaning up the kitchen was the first time I've ever seen one of the girls actually pitch in on the housework. And then Eve took credit for it. ::shakes head:: And then the laundry too? LOL at Eve's visit from Karma though, since Mandy accidentally shrunk Vanessa's favorite James Taylor tee. -- Mike: I've seen fire. I've seen rain. But I have never seen a black man at a James Taylor concert. -- No Kristin, Ryan, or Boyd! Score!

**(Law and Order: SVU, S16E11 Agent Provocateur) How weird that the person who left the suitcase unzipped it to expose the girl stuffed inside. As if they were hoping she'd be found. -- Adderson: I just played a lawyer, I can't lie to the police. ... What?! LOL!Because *that's* why you shouldn't lie to the police. -- That was a strange case. Between all the lying, acting, and cover-ups, I kind of got lost on what actually happened. I know Fin was pretty hilarious as "Big G," though.

**(Mom, S2E10 Nudes and a Six-Day Cleanse) Alvin: Bonnie, everyone gets old. You saw Steven Tyler. Dude looks like a raisin. -- Did Alvin sort of propose to Bonnie in the car after the concert, right before they got arrested? -- I wonder if Christy really will try to become a lawyer.

**(The McCarthys, S1E10 Hall of Fame) Wait, what? The father of Jackie's baby is Arthur's dead former assistant coach, Fatty? Did we know this?! (T keeps telling me they brought it up right in the pilot. I have zero recollection of this. But at least now I can a) stop wondering what I missed and b) be assured that this is what actually happened and not just what we're saying "happened" to save face.) -- Still being shown out of order, as tracked by Jackie's increasing and decreasing belly size. --  Pretty by-the-books episode with a few chuckles. I like Sean, despite his simplicity, and Marjorie's snark when someone in the family shows their feeeeeelings. Also, the look on everyone's faces when she tells Gerard he got into the high school hall of fame too, so he won't feel left out.

**(Chicago Fire, S3E12 Ambush Predator) Because nothing at 51 is easy: while Donna and Boden are figuring out how to be new parents, Boden's father is interfering with the best of intentions, so Donna asks Boden to say something, and before he can, learns his father has four months to live.Do you side with your new wife who just birthed the child you never thought you'd have or your terminally ill father? -- And because everyone who is even so much as associated with 51 must be affected by their curse, the Chaplain gets into a car accident, suffers a head injury that renders him unconscious, and he has no next of kin. -- I'm questioning exactly why it is that it takes Severide and Dawson to discover and investigate the possibility that Shay's death was caused by an arsonist. The fact that they keep heading back to that location, without telling anyone, makes me wonder how long until they get attacked. Because that's how we roll at 51. -- I'm left wondering what the repercussions will be of Mills' little side trip to punch the abusive husband.

**(Elementary, S3E10 Seed Money) At one point in this episode, Sherlock was working out without a shirt. I have to say, he has far more upper body definition than I would have expected, given how skinny he looks when he is fully dressed. -- I can't figure out what to make of Watson folding her private investigation business to work as an insurance investigator...or Sherlock's reaction to the news, as if he had something to say but withheld it. -- Sherlock: An honest politician is rare. A marriage worth the bother is rare. This is the only orchid of its kind in existence. -- Sherlock: Decorum forbids me from showing my emotions during an interview such as this one, but I assure you on the inside, I am doubled over with laughter. -- I initially felt a bit disinterested in this episode. Another drug dealer killed, blah blah blah. But then it turned on a dime and became about cloned rare flowers and a love story gone bad, and I was sucked right in. -- The person responsible for Kitty's assault has surfaced in New York. Things with Kitty just (finally) got interesting.

**(A to Z, S1E12 L is for LikeabilityWhen Zelda freaked out over the drone flying by her office window, I could totally picture myself doing that. -- Andrew's dad said "it was quite a night," the sun was shining outside the window like it was high noon. Oops. -- Yes, you *are* likable Zelda. So so likable. I would be your friend! (If, ya know, you were a real person and whatnot.)

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