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This Week on My TV: January 10, 2015

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(Blue Bloods, S5E10 Sins of the Father) I have to be completely up front on this one. I was kind of distracted while watching this one, so I'm not sure if I was only mindlessly half-watching or if this episode was truly unmemorable. I remember there being a lot of shooting in this episode, more than typical, and that the opening scene, when a bullet shattered something glass, at the hot dog stand where Danny and Baez were getting lunch, was especially startling. I remember feeling slightly skeptical that Frank was able to recognize a man who killed an officer forty years ago, on Pops' watch, because he had been checking age progression photos on the guy for years, because are age progression photos really *that* accurate? I remember thinking he put the guy's son, a police officer himself, who had just received a promotion (the one his father showed up to see where Frank recognized him), in a terribly awkward position by asking him to wear a wire and get a confession, although I appreciate that Frank told the father he ordered the son to do, so he wouldn't know his son willingly wore the wire that put him away. In Jamie and Jenko's case, where a father took responsibility for running over a girl with a car to protect to his son (who was actually the one responsible), I remember thinking the detective on the case (did they ever actually give her a name?) was a real jerk and that the mother making the father and son do the right thing was a nice twist (if only more people had this mentality about owning your mistakes), especially when it made that jerky detective look like a fool for not listening to Jamie and Jenko's concerns about the father's "confession." And the story about the parents who were killing people in the adult film industry, for whom they blamed the death of their daughter, felt very "Law and Order: SVU," in both content and the theatrical elements. It wasn't a bad episode, because I enjoy the Reagans, but it almost felt like they forced a little too hard to make every element of the episode cram into a little box that fit the episode's title.

**(The Last Ship, S1E9 Trials) It's a nice (can you really call it nice, given the subject matter?) to see some of what's going on only peripherally related to the ship. In this case, with the Chandler's family. Terrifying though it may be. Danger is everywhere, barring the way of survival. I don't know which was more scary: the law enforcement shooting the sick people in the streets or the fact that the Chandler's wife was near a diseased corpse while looting the parts her father in law needs to get his radio working again. It was inevitable that she was going to end up infected. And of course, she served the whole family and did the whole "clean her son's face by licking her finger and scrubbing" bit, all while looking like someone who doesn't feel up to par. That final scene is surely setting the stage for both the finale, its certain cliffhanger, and season two. -- It was honorable of Quincy to admit he didn't deserve what Chandler did to get his family back from the Russians. -- Chandler [about Tex, as the volunteers are getting ready to go into quarantine to test the potential vaccine]: Ladies and gentlemen, your entertainment for the next three days. ... If you're going to be in the ultimate crappy situation, Tex is certainly the guy I'd want for my entertainment, because I cannot even start to wrap my head around how utterly and positively terrifying it would be to be injected with a deadly virus to test a vaccine's effectiveness. -- LOL: Tex's Sean Connery James Bond impression. -- You know circumstances are dire when Tex stops cracking jokes. -- Did Chandler really tell Danny that Kara was pregnant?? Even if she somehow survives and doesn't miscarry, this exposure can *not* be good news for a developing baby. And yet Rachels' response was only that it would be born immune? How does she know there will be no ill effects? -- I'm not sure I followed Rachel's explanation for how to trick the body from turning on itself when the immune system tries to fight the virus. Sometimes they rush too quickly through explanations for the sake of conveying urgency on this show. -- As difficult as it was to watch the six in quarantine struggle with their illness, even to the point of death, it was even harder for me to watch Chandler struggling to hold his emotions in check when Rachel told him that they not only had a vaccine but a cure.

**(The Good Wife, S6E11 Hail Mary) I had no idea they had "prison coaches." I wonder if that's really a thing. -- Cary was "prison coached" to "uncomplicate that today" with Kalinda. Excuse me while I fall on the ground laughing. -- Bishop is a real jerk. He basically threw Cary under the bus and Cary never once wavered or turned on Bishop to save his own skin, he's on his way to prison as a result, and Bishop isn't willing to find Cary someone to have his back without asking a favor in return? -- Eli confiscated Alicia's phone at her debate rehearsal like he was an angry school teacher. -- It's sort of ridiculous how excited I get whenever Finn appears on the screen. Have I mentioned just how much I like him? -- Kalinda cares about Cary more than she wants to admit. I can't remember any other time she showed an emotion other than anger. To see her eyes fill with tears after leaving Cary at the hotel was so very telling. -- I wonder what string of expletives was going through Kalinda's head when she realized Diane handed her "hack job" to the judge as evidence of a Brady violation. -- That was some stellar acting on the part of Matt Czuchry, as Cary realized all the charges were being dropped and he wasn't going to prison. Haggard disbelief and weary relief. -- I cracked wise when Alicia was in the parking garage with Elfman, rejoicing over Cary's good news, saying "she's going to kiss him." I never expected to be right! But, Alicia, what about Finn??

**(2 Broke Girls, S4E8 And the Fun Factory) OMG. Sophie's...errr...wig business. -- So their new plot for this show is to make the cast more likable by surrounding them with guest actors that are somehow (and I don't even know how, to be be honest) even more obnoxious. I know, right? (Just imagine me saying that last part in a nasal whine.) -- Now this is a way to make me happier with this show. *Two* Sophie arrivals in the diner. "Hey, everybody!"-- What is with this show's obsession with dropping things out of the female characters' skirts this season?! Newsflash: still not funny.

**(Madam Secretary, S1E12 Standoff) I can't believe I didn't catch til now that Henry's NSA contact played Jamie on Reckless. I'm so glad to see she landed somewhere. I hope we haven't seen the last of her, because it sure looked like Henry was less than thrilled that his mission was complete and he was being dismissed. -- Nadine: Blake's a little rattled. His message has a typo. -- Nothing like a cliche "having a fight on what should be a romantic anniversary weekend" bit. Of course most of them don't involve the fear that your Secretary of State wife may be assassinated by the guy you're spying on for missions so secret, your wife doesn't even know you're on them. (Follow that?) -- Moral of the story: Elizabeth can't go away for even a weekend without everything falling apart. Jason sprains his ankle. Texas violates Mexico's extradition rules and then gets in a standoff with the FBI. Nothing like making the woman believe she can never get a break. -- I like the real-world way they allow Elizabeth and Henry to make up from their fight. It's believable and relateable.

**(Mike and Molly, S5E5 Molly's Neverending Story) Mike [about his mother]: Her words don't just cut. They burrow in and lay eggs. -- I laughed right out loud at the "interrupting your coven" line. -- I'm not sure how that exercise ball a) fits into that tiny bedroom Mike and Molly share, and b) how it didn't do more damage when she chucked it. -- I get Mike's frustration. *I'm* ready for Molly to finish the book already.

**(Marry Me, S1E9 Test Me) There was a taxidermy owl in the nursery?! -- Mmmmmm...bellini. -- That scene where Annie and Kay are trying to steal the nanny cam would have been funnier if they hadn't made Annie act *so* weird. -- Gil telling Jake to "go to the doctor who will tell you if you have to worry about the thing you're worried about"...Why is Gil making sense? What is happening??  -- Annie: I mean, what if it's me that can't have kids? What if I find out it's just tumbleweeds down there?

**(About a Boy, S2E9 About a Manniversary) OMG Fiona coming on to Mr Chris. Could she be any more awkward? -- A surprise Brazilian would equal NOT MY FRIEND ANYMORE!! -- Fiona's Marcus-faced teddy bear = crazy creepy. -- Will: In what universe am *I* the weird neighbor?! -- LOL: Fiona gloating that finally got some.

**(CSI, S15E13 The Greater Good) I'm not sure which was more unnerving: Maya's opening dream sequence with the Gig Harbor Twins, or Shaw listening in on Maya and DB's phone call that was designed to be bait. -- The best laid plans, huh, DB? What an intense episode. I can't believe Maya had the presence of mind to leave the CSIs so many clues to follow. Her wedding ring. Paint flecks. Tire tread marks. I would have been a total blubbering wreck. -- When Shaw was strangling Jared, I kept expecting Paul to pop up from being shot and clock him over the head. I did not expect Paul to shoot Shaw. -- What Crawford lacks in personality, he makes up for in a kindness Brass never really showed. -- I'm glad Shaw was not really Paul's partner in crime, but a pawn, trading DB's daughter for the life of his own. -- Wait, Paul got away, despite Maya shooting him??

**(Chicago Fire, S3E11 Let Him Die) I'm not sure what was up with Brett wanting Mills to let one of their captors die rather than save him. She seemed pretty adamant though. I'm not completely convinced those guys worked for Lulo, though. -- I really hope Mills doesn't move in on Cruz's territory with Brett, because he seems to be giving some signals. However, as much as I want Cruz to be with Brett, I don't think he should have let her call that shady guy using his phone. That's all he needs associated with him. -- Because having breathing problems isn't enough for Baby Boden, they need to worry about brain damage from oxygen deprivation too. -- If Dawson is willing to walk out on her relationship instead of working on it, she probably *shouldn't* be marrying Casey. Marriage means you stay and fight for your relationship. -- And another explosion. One that looked kind of intentional, if you ask me, given the contents of that storage locker.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E2 Puzzle With a Piece Missing) I like the comparison between medicine and puzzles. I also like getting to know Maggie. It makes her more sympathetic than "just the new doctor who won't give Mer a chance." -- Made me laugh right out loud, because, actually, yeah. ... Maggie: I'm sorry, is everyone in this room somehow related? -- Richard [to Maggie about Mer]: I think she's more than you bargained for. But I think when the world gives you more than you bargained for, you usually end up glad you got it.

**(The Middle, S6E10 Pam Freakin' Staggs) Hooray! A Devin Levin appearance! And I love that Axl was the one chasing her. He's actually pretty cute and sweet, when his ego is in check. -- Mike: This hose water is really making the coffee taste weird. -- Devin Levin. Pam Staggs. What is with the Hecks calling everyone by their first and last names? -- Pam Staggs was annoying. How, exactly, was she one of "the popular kids" from Frankie's high school? Is this what happens to the popular kids after graduation and a dose of real life?

**(Person of Interest, S4E11 If-Then-Else) Mr Reese: Sorry, I'm busy making death threats to Samaritan operatives. ... Never change, Mr Reese. Never ever change. -- Mr Finch: What's the point in saving the world if you cant enjoy it? ... Indeed. -- I'm always amused that Root's "thing" is that she gets to have two guns when the bullets fly. -- T didn't care for the format of this episode, how it showed The Machine looking for the best possible scenario to direct the team. The back-and-forth and the replaying of the lead-in scene started to annoy him. It didn't bother me so much, once I knew what it was doing...and I recovered from thinking Mr Finch was dead. After that, it was kind of fun for me. Especially the scene where, to save time in the thought process, The Machine just had the team say things like "witty banter" or "biting retort," instead of actually creating lines for them to say. I also enjoyed the time travel back to when Mr Finch was teaching The Machine about infinite choices by playing a game of chess. -- Of all the crazy possible scenarios The Machine played out, the Fusco-Root kiss was my favorite. Never saw it coming and I laghed so hard. -- Is Shaw really dead??

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E3 Got to Be Real) Jo: I am a doctor. I am a surgeon. I deserve respect. Stephanie: You're a girl in her pajamas with her ear to the door of a bathroom. How much respect can anyone give you right now? -- Yeah, because if Callie and Arizona are having entirely separate conversations about their individual work lives, wrapped up in themselves and not remotely hearing the other, things aren't going to go terribly awry once they start seriously trying to add a baby to the family. /sarcasm -- Things I would like to do: Slap Mer for being a brat about about Derek's decision to stay in Seattle. Slap Amelia for being a brat about Derek's decision to stay in Seattle. -- Alex isn't Cristina, but I like what he offers Mer as her new Person. -- It was heartbreaking to listen to Owen talk about Cristina and how she lit up his darkness. -- Alex has grown up. I hate that they have to choose between Alex and Bailey, because I think they could both be valuable assets as board members. -- Meredith [voice over, closing monologue]: Vulnerability isn't the opposite of  the strength, It's the necessary part. We have to force ourselves to open up, to expose ourselves, to offer up everything we have and just pray that it's good enough, otherwise we'll never succeed.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E4 Only Mama Knows) Young Richard and Ellis were not...visually convincing. -- This is the second time they've used the analogy of a side road as a method for making a medical procedure work. -- I wonder if there's a chance Mer and  Maggie will warm up to each other at some point. -- Meredith [voice over, closing monologue]: They say we can repress our memories. I wonder if we're just keeping them safe somewhere. Because no matter how painful they are, they are our most valuable possessions. "Our lives are built on our mistakes as much as our successes." They made us who we are. -- I wonder what Richard was thinking as he watched Mer and Maggie, side by side, over Ellis's journal. That maybe there was still a chance for him to know Maggie? That watching those two grow up might have been his life?

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E5 Bend and Break) I miss the day when the opening and closing monologue voice overs were only Mer. Now I have to think too hard about whose voice I'm hearing. -- I just don't much care for the "on a break" solution for exactly the reasons Callie listed. -- The timeline's back and forth wasn't always very clear. I don't know if I just missed the notation of which day we were on in the Arizona-Callie Break or if they only bothered to show it every other timeline switch. -- So Callie and Arizona are, presumably, over. I'm kind of tired of all their whiny behavior anyway.

**(The Big Bang Theory, S8E12 The Space Probe Disintegration) Sheldon: If you want to live with Penny, I think you should. Leonard: You really mean that? Sheldon: Yes, just put on your squeaky shoes and eee-eee-eee right out of my life. -- I appreciated Raj's views on how one can be a scientist but still have a strong faith. -- Wow. Big step forward for Sheldon, who compromised (yet again! LOL) and "allowed' Penny and Leonard to start living night a week...with him sleeping on the couch.

**(Modern Family, S6E11 The Day We Almost Died) I don't know which part of the Dunpnys post-near-accident revelations was funnier: Alex thinking Haley was going to hug her, wailing how "I almost lost you!" and going on a girls' day that led to her walking in painful shoes and sporting facial rashes in all the places she was waxed. Or Cam wondering if Phil was, maybe, sexy.

**(Mom, S2E9 Godzilla and a Sprig of Mint) How do Christy and Bonnie have an upstairs neighbor in their building when their apartment has an upstairs? -- Awww, I was hoping Christy had found a sweet guy to date. But if there was going to be a deal breaker with him, though, I wasn't going to guess he was into kinky bedroom stuff. Namely pretending to be a dog. -- Christy [singing as she escapes Andy's apartment]: I'm alone, I'm alone, I'm alone, but I'm not murdered! ... LOL

**(The McCarthys, S1E9 Sister Act) Ronny: Per usual we are embracing change with grace and dignity. -- Jackie's belly is all over the place in size. They really can't show these episodes out of order without it being completely obvious. -- [phone rings] Gerard [checking the phone]: No caller id? [answering] Who's this? ... That is my dream phone answering etiquette. If only it were acceptable.

**(A to Z, S1E11 K Is for Keep Out) That was a lot of people in the bathroom in that opening scene. -- I'm somewhat impressed that they showed Stephie and Joseph looking realistically sleep-rumpled. You know, like people actually look in the morning, rather than hair perfectly styled and makeup intact. -- Who surprised who? Andrew thought he was surprising Zelda with *his* new apartment, so they could finally have alone time...and somehow she thought that this was a great place for *them* to live together...surprise! -- Awww! Stephie and Stu made some alone time for Andrew and Zelda. They really are good, if needy. best friends. And speaking of friends, I think I almost like Big Bird and Lora, after their "girl talk" turned freiendship.

**(Last Man Standing, S4E12 Helen Potts) All the Home Improvement jokes were spot on and hilarious. 8 long years being with her husband. Amping up appliances and destroying their home. The conversation at the fence. -- Oh look. Kristin is here to do laundry at her parents' house. ::eye roll:: -- Mike: Right is tight. Left is you don't know what you're doing. ... ::snicker:: -- Confession: I totally teared up when they showed Ed helping the vets fill out paperwork and Eve realizing you didn't have to be in combat to be a war hero. -- Randy from Kristin's old restaurant is Helen Potts' son?? Please, oh please, let them both be recurring characters!

**(Sleepy Hollow, S2E12 Paradise Lost) Despite the fact that he appeared a bit loony for parts of it, I have to agree with Ichabod at the farmers market. I think we're way too busy, sometimes, searching for "the next greatest thing," often to our own detriment. There are just some things that don't need to be changed, because the further you get from the original, the more damage is being done. -- Interesting how, when talking to Abbie about Abraham, he takes the stance of "beneath the monster is a man," but when discussing Abraham with Katrina, he insists that Abraham is pure evil. -- Katrina appears to have expanded her wardrobe from her bustier to include a snugly fitting sheer top. -- I am not sure how I feel about the addition of Orion. It seems silly to consider him "over the top" in a show filled to the brim with demons and the supernatural. I will say that he has some startlingly intense eyes, and his desire to destroy the Horseman of Death is certainly going to create a conflict of interest with Katrina. Katrina's emotional investments in Henry and Abraham are turning her into a liability. -- I suspect this may not be the last we've seen of Orion. And I wonder how sparing Abraham's life is going to play out for Abbie and Ichabod. -- I KNEW IT!! I knew Irving wasn't going to be gone from the story. Seems few people are ever *really* dead on this show.

**(Elementary, S3E9 The Eternity Injection) Watson: So, how are you doing? Sherlock: Beg your pardon? Watson: How *are* you? Sherlock: Well, my heart rate is normal for a man my age, and my blood pressure is good to excellent, the last time I checked. You know better than to ask me such a nonspecific question. ... LOL! I love when he cracks wise. -- Time dialtion drugs? Is this for real? -- That was a moving explanation Sherlock gave Watson about why he's been so down in the dumps lately. -- LOL: Reveille on the bugle played by Sherlock for Watson after she spent the night and his gleeful admission that he missed rousing her. And then when she asked if he was going to wake Kitty, his indignant "Of course not. I am a courteous housemate." -- When they stumbled upon Mr Connaughton in his bed, under the influence of his time dilation drug, his rapid and exaggerated eye movement was way creepy.

**(Grey's Anatomy, S11E6 Don't Let's Start) I like that they allow April to look in control and efficient when she runs the ER. They went out of their way to make her look flaky and ruled too much by emotion for so long that it undermined the fact that she *is* a doctor. -- Ewww! I was NOT prepared for the geyser of blood when Owen performed the emergency laparotomy in the ER on that carjacking victim. -- Are we supposed to feel bad for Arizona, that her marriage is ending and her fellowship mentor(?) is berating her at every turn? Because...I don't. -- I like that Owen pulled military rank on the carjacked veteran to help her, since it was probably the only way she would accept the help she needed and deserved. -- Derek Shepherd. Family matchmaker. -- Sometimes I don't recognize this new Alex Karev. I like him. I like that Alex has grown up, quietly, under the radar. -- It's been a long while since Mer-Der sexytimes caused anyone to lose track of time. -- Whoa. Dr Herman (Geena Davis) has terminal brain cancer. Did not see that coming. -- True for more than just doctors: "You don't know the secrets the body in front of you holds." -- What was with the fades to grainy black and white at pivotal moments in the episode? Is this a thing we're doing now?

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