Thursday, January 29, 2015

2015: Wishlist

Resolutions, schmesolutions. I do a list of goals and challenges, call it my "self wishlist," and see how they pan out over the course of the year. On the 2015 agenda, after a lot of thought (I take my time with this...obviously, since it's January 29), I have the following:

1. I really want to get my passport this year. I thought about it a good half dozen times in 2014, but never pulled the trigger. 

2. I admire the orchids, every time I walk past them at Lowes. I think I want to get one and see if I can refrain from killing it. 

3. I want to aim for two new recipes per month this year. This seems like a reasonable goal. I don't care if they are main dishes, sides, a dessert. Whatever, so long as they are new. I should try to make a couple of them easy breakfasts for work days though. I think I've been having yogurt and a granola bar every work day for the past five years.

4. We have a very casual dress code at work. Which means it's very easy to slip into the habit of wearing jeans almost every day. Not that I don't dress them up with a nice top and some heeled boots fairly regularly, but still: jeans. I am aiming to dress a little nicer, oh, say, twice a month. (I was originally going to say once a week, but let's not get carried away.)

5. I want to attempt one craft project per season. Something to get my creative juices flowing. And maybe make use of all the neat ideas I've collected on Pinterest.

6. This year's reading challenge: forty books. Same as last year, but I came up a bit short, thanks to putting some hefty books on the list and failing to balance them with something shorter.

7. I'd like to get another fifty old family photos scanned in. I love looking through them and, once I get on a roll, it doesn't take long to do five or ten.

8. I've been contemplating this and I want to try to send out one random happy mail per month. Not associated with any sort of special day. Just the arrival of a little unexpected smile in the mailbox of someone I happen to be thinking of.

9. I didn't manage to eliminate my big ol' stack of magazines in 2014, but I *did* manage to get myself on a good routine with staying current, so there are *no* magazines anywhere in the house that say 2014! Baby steps, right? I also decided not to renew three subscriptions, keeping just my very favorites, which helps. But while I did get *some* of the old stockpile into recycling, I'm going to hope 2015 is the year I can get the rest out the door.

10. Now that I am current on feed reader (within three days, probably the most current I have *ever* been) I want to get back to leaving blog comments regularly. I've missed that type of interaction.

Ten's enough. Let's go, 2015!

2 with their own thoughts:

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane Tuesday, February 03, 2015 10:43:00 PM  

I'm looking forward to the fruits of your labor on many of these! :)

#2 - I have never attempted an orchid either, so I hope this goes well. A neighbor brought me a beautiful daffodil recently, but it's already half dead, so I have no helpful insight for you :(

#3 - I don't set a number but do try new recipes from time to time. I have enough saved in various locations to make a new one every day for several years, LOL!

#6 - I bet you will easily accomplish this one! You would have last year if it hadn't been for those ginormous chunksters :)

#7 - I *SO* need to make this a goal, I have boxes and boxes and more boxes of old photos, and now a ton from my dad's house. Such a huge project.

#9 - I cleaned out and recycled all my magazines last year before we moved, didn't have a single one. Then someone gifted me with one magazine subscription, and I used some expiring MyCoke points to subscribe to two more (but those did come with digital editions, so it will be easier to recycle). So, this is going to be an ongoing problem for me, again. :(

Sorry to hijack your post! Fun one! :)

~**Dawn**~ Wednesday, February 04, 2015 9:18:00 AM  

I'm not sure what the life expectancy is for a daffodil, Stacy. I remember my Gram had them planted in her gardens and they would bloom around Easter every year, but they were in a big patch, so while some were always blooming, they may have been "different blooms" every few days. (Does that even make sense? LOL) I haven't attempted my orchid yet. We'll see how that goes. ;-)

Re: recipes - I bet I could do the same with my stash! That's why I set this goal. Last year, I think I wanted to attempt one per month and succeeded, so I upped the ante for 2015. If I'm going to collect them, I might as well try to use them, right? We actually just tried a new one last night!

I've found that looking at boxes of old photos is overwhelming. That's why I've broken it down into more manageable "bite size" portions, otherwise I'd never get any done. I have my best luck if I take 5 or 10 out at a time. I have a little system where I will watch a show on the DVR and then instead of fastforwarding through commercials, I scan another photo or two during them! (Plus, I count it as extra exercise since I have to walk back and forth down the hall for each one. Multitasking! LOL)

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