Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Not Over It.

Don't sweat the small stuff blah blah blah! Here are a handful of inconsequential injustices that I'm simply just not over.

The Peanut Butter Sandwich - This was, after the Dole Whip, my favorite treat at WDW. Fact: On more than one occasion, I trekked over to WDW solely because I had a craving for this delicious confection. Sure, it's still available at Disneyland, but it's nowhere near as easy to justify airfare, nine hours in the air, and park admission, all for the sake of a tasty treat. Not over it.

Friends - I know. It's been more than ten years since that final fade-to-black. I miss this show. C'mon, even after all this time, it remains so relate-able, applicable, and quotable! It was like the worst friendship break-up of all time. Not over it.

Bath and Body Works Apricot Vanilla scent - For ages, my signature lotion scent was Vanilla Bean Noel, with an occasional foray into Twisted Peppermint. I'd buy enough during the Christmas sales to last me for the year, and that was that. Then, one spring, they released the most delicious scent ever. It smelled like peaches and cream, and I wore it all spring and summer. And the next year they released it again. I foolishly expected this to become a tradition, like the Christmas scents, but after that second year, it simply vanished, never to be seen again. Every year, I look, hopes raised, only to be dashed in utter disappointment, and I continue to ration out my last bottle in ever more miserly proportions. Not over it. (Although, in full disclosure, they did bring it back for a limited 24-hour release just a couple of weeks ago, which I saw and pounced on it. Three brand new bottles in my stash. And I'll have to ration those too since now I must assume they will be the very last.)

The Mother on How I Met Your Mother - Let it be known, near and far, that I have a major girl crush on Cristin Milioti. Both of the characters she's played in recent sitcoms -- Tracy McConnell on HIMYM and Zelda Vasco on A to Z -- have been characters I would love to befriend. She's funny and quirky and so darn adorable. The fact that they (spoiler alert!) KILLED HER OFF on HIMYM? Inexcusable. How could they have taunted and teased for eight seasons and then given us the best character ever for ninth, only to make her dead? Heartless. Don't even get me started on how NBC didn't give her new show a fighting chance. This world needs more Cristin Milioti playing adorable roles that make me want to be her friend. Not over it.

Jon Lester - First, the Red Sox give him a joke offer during Spring Training, instead of paying him soundly and locking him up. Then, they trade him away to Oakland, arrogantly assuming they would just talk new contract over the winter. And *then* they allowed him to get away, to all places, the Cubs, where Theo smirks in our general direction, because the Red Sox rotation is now anchored by the enigmatic and fragile Clay Buchholz. He was ours, Red Sox front office, and you let him walk away like he way yesterday's news. Not over it. Not over it. Not over it.

The Moo sign - While I am, admittedly, in many cases, resistant to change at worst, and slow to warm to it at best, I quickly embraced the update Test Track received at Epcot several years ago. My only concern, at the time, was that they maintain the bare bones idea and structure of the attraction, which they did. However, they made one cosmetic change that I felt could have easily been incorporated with the updated, high-tech neon look of revamped Test Track, which is the only change made to that entire sign. Not over it.

Maelstrom - I still can't believe they removed a thematically appropriate attraction from the Norway pavilion at Epcot in favor of putting a new Frozen ride in its place. I take no issue with Disney wanting to capitalize on Frozen. I just don't think it belongs where they're putting it. Every time I walk past Norway now, I fume. Not over it.

Softlips - One of the selling points for me with Softlips was their slim tube. They debuted the Softlips Cube a while back, which, fine. But now I can't find the classic tube anywhere anymore, and I don't care for the cube style. There isn't even another comparable product to which I can switch my purchasing. The other slim tube products offer no SPF (a must for me, here in Florida) and the products that do have SPF come in fatter tubes. I want my classic Softlips back. Not over it.

All this nonsense with the Patriots - I am withholding my full reaction until after the investigation is complete, because I *always* take my media with an extra large grain of salt, but if this football deflation nonsense is true without some sort of reasonable explanation that I can't even imagine at this moment, I am going to be forced to ask why the Patriots must continually test my loyalty. *If* the Patriots are found guilty of tampering following the *conclusion* of this investigation, then I think the punishment they should receive depends on who is responsible. If it's someone on the coaching staff or one of the players, I think that person (those people) should be suspended, *without* pay, for a game or two -- yes, perhaps even for the Super Bowl. If it was someone on the support staff, then they ought to be released from their employment. If the specific blame cannot be determined, then I think the team should be fined heavily, above the "minimum amount" stated in the rules, and should also lose draft picks as appropriate. And keep in mind, I am a Patriots fan, but I'm tired of being made to look like a fool, being embarrassed, being mocked and ridiculed by fans of other teams, for rooting for a team that repeatedly acts as though they are above the rules. What I'd *like* them to do is win without shady antics, because they are good enough that they don't need to do things that take away from their accomplishments. Trick plays don't bother me; cheating does. Enough is enough. If the one enjoyment that gets me through the eternally long baseball-less winter gets taken away from me by repeated foolishness, I'm not going to be over it for a long time.

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*krystyn* Thursday, January 22, 2015 7:48:00 AM  

Cute post. I better not attempt one like this for fear it end up way too long...for example, I'm not over people being completely rude to other people...that they work with!!

~**Dawn**~ Thursday, January 22, 2015 8:30:00 AM  

That's why I went with totally frivolous things, Krystyn. =) Keeps it light hearted and silly.

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