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This Week on My TV: September 27, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(TurnS1E9 "Against Thy Neighbor"Did Abe leave Anna a trail of goldenrod to lure her to an intimate rendezvous?? That's a *weed*!! How long, I wonder, before Anna is with child as a result of these sexy times? -- I didn't think it was possible for Simcoe to sink lower than he already had, but to poison Hewlett's horse and start framing residents of Setauket? I've never loathed him more than I do now. -- Watching General Washington talk strategy with Ben Tallmadge about the intelligence that has been uncovered, planning to allow the British to think that their faked plot of attack is fooling the Colonists, I wanted to cheer. Washington, you brilliant leader, you! -- That had to have been awkward for Baker, listening to Mary go on about Abraham's marital misdeeds. -- Baker [to Mary]: There is love here, Mrs. Woodhull. I know, because I know what its absence feels like. -- Simcoe [to Judge Woodhull about Lucas Brewster, with his palsy, being a suspect in poisoning Hewlett's horse with an apple possibly meant for Hewlett]: A weak constitution is an excellent  cover for a devious mind. -- I do actually feel bad for Major Hewlett. I think that horse was the only friend he had. -- Holy crap! Judge Woodhull, shot! Why do I suspect Simcoe is behind that too, just like he was behind poisoning Hewlett's horse, so he can set up the people of Setauket. -- Watching them remove that ammunition round from the Judge, I sure am glad medicine has advanced since colonial times. That looked...not fun. -- Hewlett: Your weapon will be returned to you when I'm reassured the town is once again safe. Resident of Setauket: Safe...from *who*... -- I kinda loved that Rev. Tallmadge whipped out a second gun after Hewlett questioned why a man of the cloth needed a weapon. -- I don't know how Anna doesn't full-body shudder every time Simcoe leers at her. -- That was some quick and clever thinking on the part of Abraham to serve in his father's stead as magistrate. I bet he's going to try to find a way to save those arrested for suspected treason from the gallows! -- Judge Woodhull: Mary, perhaps whatever distance has grown between you and my son, it's time you acknowledge the part you have played in it. ... Indeed. It takes two to tango. And the judge was also correct in pointing out that she tried to pull strings by having Selah Ward pardoned as a way to "fix" things with Abraham instead of being direct. -- As difficult as it was to watch the trial proceedings, even knowing Abe's plan was to fail, it was worth it when Simcoe tried to load the ammunition in the Reverend's gun and it didn't fit! Explain *that* one, Simcoe! -- Rev Tallmadge: A man may believe in freedom from tyranny, and not be a rebel or a traitor. If he is not free to make up his own mind, that is the worst form of tyranny. -- Oh, Mary. That messy table and the still made bed do *not* mean what you think they do. (This time, anyway.) TALK TO  YOUR HUSBAND. -- Thomas! You totally just blew your daddy's cover, you too smart for your own good baby! I wonder how Mary is going to take this new found knowledge...and what she's going to do with it, especially being so angry at Abe.

**(The Good WifeS6E1 "The Line") Alicia said no to running for State's Attorney. Which can only mean that Eli will not let it rest. -- What on earth is up with Cary's arrest?? That seemed like it came out of absolutely nowhere. -- Man, David Lee goes from snake to charmer in the blink of an eye, when he gets in front of a client. -- Finn!! I love his character. Even if he has to face off against Alicia in Cary's trial. -- Eli's daughter: I liked your old office better. This is more like a dentist's office. Eli: We're saving money. Daughter: I thought Chicago was corrupt. Couldn't you just steal more? -- I was dying, *dying*, over the conversation between Eli and his daughter about the intern without panties. -- Eli's hair got darker, but Peter's hair got more grey! -- Sheesh. The least Bishop could have done was offer some money to help Cary post his $1.3 million bail, when Alicia came to warn him about Cary's arrest. Lord knows he has enough dough, and if Cary's charges are drug-related, we all know Bishop was involved in this somehow. -- When Alicia was in Diane's office, asking her to represent Cary because Finn had Alicia thrown off the case, Canning and Lee looked like two vultures watching them from across the common area. -- The look on Alicia's face when Bishop's "investor" "decided to post Cary's bail" and handed over the duffle bag of cash: pure comedy. Weirdest day ever, huh, Alicia? (Or maybe it was week, not day, I don't know, the time lapse was unclear.)

**(The Big Bang TheoryS8E1 "The Locomotion Interruption") OMG Sheldon in the train station with no pants. -- Not a fan of short hair on Penny. -- Raj: I'm having my windows untinted. Howard: Why? Raj: I've got a hot girlfriend now. I want the haters to know. --  Sheldon [to the officer who was supposedly looking for Sheldon's stolen belongings]: You know Sherlock Holmes liked to use cocaine to sharpen his senses, but I'm sure those Cool Ranch Doritos are doing the trick. -- Man interviewing Penny: You're scared of Bernadette? Penny: Yeah, kinda. Man: I thought it was just me! -- I totally fell for Sheldon's test to see if Amy was listening or not, when he told Leonard he wanted to have coitus with Amy when they got home. -- Amy [to Sheldon]: So what if it didn't all go your way? That's what makes it an adventure.

**(The Big Bang TheoryS8E2 "The Junior Professor Solution") I thought Penny and Bernadette were friends. What's with  Bernadette being so harsh with Penny all of  a sudden? -- Sheldon [to the woman in HR at the university]: So pouting and running away actually worked. I must say, that may not be a lesson you want to reinforce with me. -- Penny: Hey, ready to go to lunch? Amy: Just give me a minute. I'm stimulating the pleasure cells of this starfish. I just need to turn it off. Penny: What happens if you don't? Amy: Then I have to sit through lunch knowing this starfish is having a better day than I am. -- Amy [to Penny, about Penny's vented frustrations with Bernadette]: Usually when someone is being talked about behind their back, it's me and it's right in front of my face. -- Sheldon as a professor. This could prove interesting and highly amusing. After all, he does have "a voice like dark caramel." ::snort:: -- Sheldon's reaction to Howard's spitball going into his mouth. ::tears streaming down my face:: -- I'm a little disappointed that it appears Sheldon may not actually teach a class that consists of anyone more than Howard. Those jokes will get used up quickly.

**(UnforgettableS3E12 "Moving On"Bartender [upon sizing up Al]: Nothing says cop like that suit and haircut. -- I'm bummed. Ever since I pointed out the frequency with which Eliot wore purple...not a single time. Not violet, lavender, or plum. Nothing. -- Talk about a screeching 180. What started out as a celebrity obsession case became human trafficking? I liked the way they danced around all the celebrity obsession variances, though. True obsession. Hopeful screenwriters wanting a break. Teenage crushes. Fan boys. Media sensationalism. -- One of these days, Carrie and Al will at least kiss! Their chemistry just crackles across the screen! And this will-they-won't-they thread is so trite, but with them, I can't resist!

**(The Last ShipS1E7 "SOS"So, the guy who was in isolation on the Russian ship apparently infected himself six months ago. He's still alive...but all indication was that his wife was coming down with the virus...possibly infected by him. -- The extra strand of DNA in the virus is human? I wonder who put it in there... Can't be the Russians or why would they need Sarah to help make a vaccine? -- Hmmmm...a girl stranded alone on a boat, possibly immune, as she is the only one left on it, after the ship has picked up her distress signals on more than one occasion and they've logged her messages. But if the Russians are listening to radio signals as well (which they must be), surely they would recognize Chandler's voice when he contacted her "in disguise" as a fishing boat. -- I was way stressed out when Chandler and company were on that boat, looking for Patrice, convinced it was some kind of setup. -- I can't decide if Chandler or Tex makes me feel more patriotic. -- I have to admit I didn't expect Quincy to help the XO as long as he promised to take out Ruskov when this was all over. It's a fair price, I suppose, and one they can agree on. I also have to admit I didn't expect Quincy's wife and daughter to still be alive on that Russian warship. -- So now they have Patrice, brave girl, who is officially immune. I wonder what her immunity will teach Rachel about the virus and a possible vaccine... -- Pretty much loved the bonding Chandler and Tex were doing while they were floating in the ocean. -- XO [to Quincy, who is translating the radio signals by the Russians]: I swear to God if you're lying to me, I'll strap you to a torpedo. -- No no no!!! The Russians just picked up Chandler in a helicopter he and Tex thought was from the Nathan James! How will the Americans get the Captain back? What about Tex?!

**(The BlacklistS2E1 "Lord Baltimore"I'm thinking it's a bad idea to pull a gun on Red and hold it to his head. Not if you expect to live to tell about it. -- Red: Give me what I want or, so help me God, I'll make it rain fire on you. -- Red: Life is far to important a thing to ever talk seriously about -- Diagnosis for Harold? What kind of diagnosis?? Cancer? Something else? -- I was *not* expecting that ambush in the stair well! -- Samar Navabi: Aren't we confident today. Red: I'm confident every day. -- Naomi Hyland is Red's ex-wife...what?? ::brakes screeching:: And he just drops that into the conversation like "whoops, forgot to mention" no big deal. Oh, Red, you dickens. -- The twins case as Lord Baltimore was *so* well done. It's like I saw it coming and I didn't. Just the right amount of sinister creep factor. -- Naomi [to Liz]: You can't imagine what it's like to have a man like Raymond Reddington turn  your life upside down. ... Oh, if you only knew, Naomi. Liz knows better than anyone. -- Mary-Louise Parker, as former Mrs. Reddington, and Krysten Ritter, as Lord Baltimore, were superbly cast. -- Who is watching Liz? One of Red's people? Someone from the FBI? One of Berlin's henchmen? Tom?? -- Well, this eliminated my theory on the relationship between Red and Berlin. I was convinced that the daughter Berlin had, who was returned to him piece by piece after falling in love with "a dissident," was one and the same as Red's wife. Clearly *not* the case, because Red's wife is still alive and in witness protection, and I'm guessing Berlin would recognize his own daughter if the body parts he had been sent were a hoax to make him believe she were dead. Now I'm back to wondering what role Red actually played in Berlin's daughter's death (if any, because Berlin could be assuming incorrectly), and how all of this relates to Liz. Could Liz be the product of Berlin's daughter's love affair with this unknown "dissident" and potentially Berlin's grandchild? Time will tell... I love that this show constantly gives me just enough to chew on and then I have to wait and see if the next clue revealed fits in the puzzle.

**(The BridgeS2E12 "Quetzalcoatl") The exchange between Monte and the boot man was weird. I wonder how often Monte comes in with bloody boots to be cleaned? Because that guy did not bat an eye. And speaking of Monte, he is an interesting character. I don't get the impression many people scare him. -- Fausto is a very sweaty man. And he's also quite a jerk sometimes. -- Hank [trying to make a point about the hopelessness of making a difference in some situations]: You ever spit in the ocean? Sonya [being Sonya]: Why would I spit in the ocean? Hank: It is vast...and we are not. -- I almost didn't recognize clean-shaven Muttonchops in the Mexican police station, looking for the Captain. -- Linder: You tell man can run from his past. Juarez PD Receptionist: And who are you? Linder: I'm his past. -- I can't figure out if Linder has chew in his mouth all the time, some kind of injury or speech impediment or what is the cause of his mumbled speech cadence. -- Hank [in disbelief]: So the DEA is trying to bust Fausto while the CIA is helping him? -- I knew the Marines giving Fausto safe passage came too easily and that the Marines were going to open fire, but I thought it was actually on Fausto's SUV and that Marco was going to end up an unfortunate casualty. I actually shouted out "OH NO!"-- The Captain shot Linder??? Nooooo!! -- This show shows no mercy in killing off it's characters. Charlotte and (assuming) Linder both gone, just like that. I almost thought Hank was going to be on that list as well, following that massacre in the model house. And speaking of Charlotte, where the heck has Ray gone?

**(The MiddleS6E1 "Unbraceable You"Brick: It's hard enough being the weird kid, without being the weird kid who shows up a week late. ... How perfectly Frankie to have the wrong date for back to school. ::snort:: -- I absolutely called that Sue was going to lose her retainer, and then the Hecks were all in the dumpster, looking for it. I just about died when Sue said she found it AND POPPED IT RIGHT INTO HER MOUTH. Ewwww! And then laughed so much much when she realized that one *wasn't* hers. Also ewwww! -- I liked the direction of this season. I hope we keep up with the Year of Sue theme.

**(Madam SecretaryS1E1 "Pilot") Very smooth start, for a pilot. -- Whole lotta recognizable faces here: Tea Leoni, Tim Daly, Marin Hinkle (who played Judith on "Two and a Half Men"), Bebe Neuwirth (best known for her role as Lilith Crane on "Cheers"), Keith Carradine as the President, Geoffrey Arend (who was on "Body of Proof"), and Zeljko Ivanek (who was on the final season of "Revolution"). -- I'm getting a "The Good Wife" crossed with "Blue Bloods" vibe from this show. Not in content, but in feel. A little intrigue, a little drama, a little home life. If this keeps up, I can live with that. -- I can't say anything of importance happened (or not), being the pilot and all, but I feel like they laid a foundation and set the stage.

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