Sunday, September 21, 2014

20 Questions: The TV Version

1. What was the first TV show you remember loving?
Not counting Looney Toons on Saturday mornings, or Sesame Street, Mr Rogers' Neighborhood or Reading Rainbow on PBS, the first network TV show I recall loving was The Dukes of Hazzard. Waylon Jennings' hands and Just-a good ol' boys, never meanin' no harm...

2. What was the last TV show you watched every episode of?
Not counting shows still currently in production, I believe that would be Dexter, because I don't think I've seen all the old episodes of How I Met Your Mother.

3. What was the last TV show you watched entirely online?
I have never watched more than a random episode online, usually because the DVR goofed up or I wanted something to entertain myself with while I ate lunch at my desk.

4. What was the last TV show you gave up on before it ended?
None that I got invested in very deeply. The last one I attempted and scrapped was a summer show called "Married." I think I made it through half of the first episode before I deemed it unwatchable.

5. What's the one TV show you can always watch reruns of, no matter how many times you've seen them?
Oh, please. Friends. Anytime, anywhere, even if I've seen it twenty times.

6. Who is your favorite late-night host, past or present?
I never have the television on long enough to watch late-night TV! I usually watch a baseball or football game til it's over, maybe squeeze in a show off the DVR, then head to bed with a book by 11. At that point I am usually done with screens.

7. What is your all-time favorite cartoon or animated series?
Looney Toons. They just don't make cartoons like they used to! (And then I shook my cane and yelled at those kids to get off my lawn.)

8. What is your all-time favorite reality show?
I don't watch much reality TV. The closest I get is the cooking competition show, Top Chef, which I do love.

9. What is your biggest guilty pleasure show?
Ooo. Hmmm... I loved The Carrie Diaries, but that didn't get renewed for a third season. So, regular season, probably Reign. Summer season, Reckless. Winter season, Dallas!

10. Who is your all-time favorite TV character?
Let's call it a three-way tie between the infamous J.R. Ewing, and my two favorite James Spader characters of all time: Alan Shore (Boston Legal) and Raymond Reddington (The Blacklist).

11. What TV character can you most relate to?
Monica Geller (Friends) in some aspects, and Sue Heck (The Middle) in others.

12. What TV apartment/house would you choose to live in if money/location/logic made no difference?
Oof. Probably...the Frank Reagan's house on Blue Bloods!

13. Who is your all-time biggest TV crush?
Oh my heck. I don't know how to choose this! Most recently, Hook from Once Upon a Time. I don't think I can name one "all time" though. Too much pressure!

14. What is your all-time favorite TV theme song or opening sequence?
Dallas. To this day, I hum it to myself at random. The second I hear it, I'm back on my grandparents' couch on Friday night. I am thrilled that they kept it the same (other than the character credits) for the reboot.

15. What is your all-time favorite comedy? (Limit yourself to three four if you must.)
 Friends. How I Met Your Mother. Everybody Loves Raymond. The Big Bang Theory.

16. What is your all-time favorite drama? (Limit yourself to three if you must.)
Boston Legal. Parenthood. The Blacklist.

17. What are your top three "TV blind spots"—the famous/seminal shows you’ve never seen?
The Office. Breaking Bad. LOST.

18. What TV show do you insist everyone you know should watch?
Boston Legal. Pure comedy *and* drama genius. Plus: James Spader.

19. What show cancellation broke your heart?
Pan Am. I really enjoyed the premise and the characters, and I thought it had boundless possibilities, since they landed in so many various destinations and came across so many people who were passengers.

20. What TV moment makes you cry every time?
"I got off the plane." (I shouldn't even have to say more than that!!)

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