Thursday, September 25, 2014

Cringe Sox.

A partial and ever-evolving list of things about the Red Sox that make me cringe in 2014:

1. Allen Craig in the lineup.

2. Anyone in the starting rotation not named Joe Kelly (and that only barely).

3. When talk starts about Clay Buccholz having a particularly filthy outing.

4. Fly balls that look like they will hit off the Monster when Cespedes is in left field.

5. Any of the infield youth attempting to throw out a runner at first.

6. Koji warming in the pen.

7. Mujica coming in to make a save.

8. JBJ coming up to the plate with bases loaded.

9. Any mention of Mookie or Vazquez being trade bait.

10. A Red Sox lead of fewer than five runs.

11. The other team scoring first.

12. Games that go into extra innings.

13. A glance at the standings.

14. Rumors about where Jon Lester will sign as a free agent.

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