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This Week on My TV: September 13, 2014

Disclaimer: Consider the fact that there could be spoilers ahead. You read at your own risk!

**(The BridgeS2E9 "Rakshasa") I'm not sure how to process that Eleanor had a son. I wonder if he was the result of her father's abuse? -- When the Mexican police brought in the high girl, I did not expect her father to be that CLIO guy, Sebastian Cerisola (or whatever his name is)! -- I can't quite figure out why Fausto thinks Eleanor betrayed him. Why doesn't he suspect Sebastian? Or does he think Eleanor is working for Sebastian now? -- I guess Sonya will be back to trusting Marco again, now that he saved her from The Chopper. -- Still trying to piece the timeline together. Is this shootout that resulted in the bloody scene Monte walked into at the start of the season? Is this another gruesome scene? And now Charlotte is dead and Hank's...dead? Missing? Holy. Crap. -- Marco [to Sonya]: That war is here now. And the border won't be able to stop it.

**(MotiveS2E13 "For You I Die"I was beginning to wonder if we were ever going to get the full story on whatever case is resurfacing from Angie and Mark's past. -- I did NOT expect Samantha to be this week's victim! -- If Rule Number One of a horror movie is never run upstairs, then Rule Number One of a crime show is never find yourself alone in a dark alley. Either way, no good will come of you. -- Why didn't they just test Mark's hands against the handprints on the two victims? -- Angie can't really quit...can she??

**(The Last ShipS1E6 "Lockdown"I sure hope the crew monitoring the transmissions is getting counseled by someone, because that has got to become severely depressing in a very short period of time. -- Rachel: The biggest breakthroughs almost always come after the most enormous setbacks. You just need to be patient. ... True about much more in life than scientific research on vaccines. -- I really like Tex. But I'm still not sure if he or CMC Jeter is my favorite. -- Eric Dane: master of indignant brooding. -- Quincy is a real pot stirrer. -- Tex: I'd follow you into the gates of hell. CO Chandler: That's only because you think it'd be exciting. -- Predictability: I knew Green wouldn't have the virus. And I knew none of the sailors would end up leaving the ship. I still understand why they have to set up tensions though. -- Teary eyes and goosebumps: when the sixteen sailors whose enlistment was up showed up on deck at the time appointed to get on their boat and leave, and one stepped forward to the CO with a folded flag...and said they all requested to re-enlist. I didn't know whether to cheer or weep, but I was moved. -- CO Chandler [to Quincy]: I hear you and Chandler have been doing a lot of talking. [pregnant pause with a smoldering stare] No more talking. ... Now *that* made me want to cheer, no question!

**(The BridgeS2E10 "Eidolon"Finally some missing puzzle pieces in the timeline. What happened in that car with Eleanor's first thug. The moments leading up to Monte arriving at the bloody shootout and those after he looks up to see a woman looking back down at him from the landing. -- I'm so conflicted about how I feel regarding Cesar. He's been one of my favorite characters on this show, but working for Eleanor, I feel very uncomfortable liking him, though I do pity him. -- Lyle Lovett may be one of the best random characters on this show. So well cast! -- I feel really bad for Jaime. I don't know that he's actually done anything wrong, since I don't believe he really has any idea of right or wrong. His mind is too simple. I felt a little better when Sonya was able to communicate with him about why he was carting around all those bodies. -- Frye: C'mon you gotta give me something! Detective Cooper: I'm going to give you a boot in your ass if you don't get off my crime scene. -- Was Eleanor staring at Marco before she dropped to the ground, or was she just staring off into space?

**(RecklessS1E7 "Deep Waters"Roy kinda has a point. Jamie seems to like them on opposite sides of as many cases as she doesn't have to face her feelings for him? -- That new judge brings new meaning to "no nonsense." -- I typically like the way Roy dresses, but, subtle or not, there was too much plaid going on with that suit, shirt, and tie, during the first part of this episode. -- I'm rather over Arliss and his "poor me" attitude. -- I can't figure out if Joyce Reed is sincerely trying to help Lee Anne or sabotage her case against the city. -- The dress Lee Anne wore for the ball looked like she had a dinner napkin poking up from her waistline. -- Because of course fancy-dressed Jamie and Roy had to dance, all slow and intimate, at the ball. Good glory, that was some steamy exchange. The sparks nearly shot off the screen of my tv. HOW DO YOU RESIST HIM, JAMIE?? -- I did not expect that steamy scene between Terry and Lee Anne. Jaw. On. Floor.

**(RecklessS1E8 "When the Smoke Clears"Roy just has all the pretty ladies throwing themselves at his feet. -- I don't think I could actually care any less about Preston's undercover gun trade arc. -- Vi found Terry's spy cam that he blackmailed her daughter into installing! And if he's the one who installed it, shouldn't he have remembered that before he got all hot and heavy with Lee Anne in Jamie's office? Or...was that the idea?! -- ::pointing at screen:: Roy caught Lee Anne and Terry kissing in secret!! -- Ed, the computer geek, looks like a young Ray Barone (from Everybody Loves Raymond). -- That gun exchange shootout location looked like a bad video game scene come to life. -- I get the impression I was supposed to feel some kind of anxiety over Preston getting shot...except...nothing. Not even with Terry standing over him, telling him he planned to use the final two bullets in his gun on him.

**(UnforgettableS3E9 "Admissions"When Carrie scans a bunch of framed photos, I always wonder which one she'll recall later and why. -- I'm always a sucker for a crime procedural episode that takes place in a private school, though I'm not sure why. -- The girl who did the hacking at the center of this case, Kendall, with the blonde hair, the dark thick eyebrows, and the huge black-rimmed glasses...that look was all a little much, all together. -- I pretty much loved the exchanges Eliot had with Jay and Cherie. They're humanizing him more, since the case that revealed he was having problems with his wife.

**(RecklessS1E9 "Damage Control"They sure go out of their way to make sure we know what a lech Dec is. -- I'm not sure how I feel about them trying to make Dec more of a prominent character on the show, with his wife, his open marriage, his pregnant mistress, by putting him in the court room opposite Jamie, but I loved when she used one of his old case arguments against him to win. -- Who leaked Lee Anne's tape?? And what's happened to Arliss??

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