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I Watch TV 2013-2014 Season: The Broken Road Awards - Part Two

Part Two of the Broken Road Awards (winners in red italics)! This is making me look forward to the new television season like crazy!

A reminder of the shows in contention:

Returning Shows:
Dexter (SHO, final season). Once Upon a Time (ABC). The Good Wife (CBS). The Mentalist (CBS). Mad Men (AMC). How I Met Your Mother (CBS, final season). 2 Broke Girls (CBS). Mike and Molly (CBS). Dallas (TNT). Chicago Fire (NBC). Person of Interest (CBS). Revolution (NBC, cancelled). The Middle (ABC). Law and Order: SVU (NBC). Modern Family (ABC). CSI (CBS). The Big Bang Theory (CBS). Grey's Anatomy (ABC). Scandal (ABC). Elementary (CBS). Parenthood (NBC). Last Man Standing (CBS). The Carrie Diaries (CW, cancelled). Blue Bloods (CBS).

New Shows:
Sleepy Hollow (FOX). Mom (CBS). The Blacklist (NBC). About a Boy (NBC). Once Upon a Time in Wonderland (ABC, single season spinoff). Reign (CW). The Michael J Fox Show (NBC, cancelled midseason).

Summer Shows:
Low Winter Sun (AMC, new, cancelled). The Bridge (FX, new). Unforgettable (CBS). Motive (ABC, new).

Best Hair, Female Character
1. Angie Flynn, Motive - I feel like she has a style I could realistically pull off without getting annoyed.
2. Kristina Braverman, Parenthood - Her hair was so ridiculously cute all season. My hair *never* looks that cute.
3. Alicia Florrick, The Good Wife - I don't know what it is about her hair. It's usually pretty no-nonsense. I just love how sleek it looks. And that color.

Best Hair, Male Character
1. Ichabod Crane, Sleepy Hollow - Honest to God, I cannot believe a man with long hair is even on my list, but I would *kill* for his hair. For *myself*.
2. Hook, Once Upon a Time - I think it's the facial scruff that does me in, especially when his hair is a little messy.
3. Jake Ballard, Scandal - Clean cut, yes, please.

Most Enviable Style, Female Character
1. Olivia Pope, Scandal - No joke, I have a crush on the style she pretty much radiates. She has more style in one stray hair than I have had in my entire life, combined.
2. Joan Holloway Harris, Mad Men - I love the way Joan carries herself. She's ladylike and strong and very at ease in her own skin.
3. Alicia Florrick, The Good Wife - I like that she pulls off professional and sexy at the same time, but never looks trashy.

Creepiest Character
1. Peter Pan, Once Upon a Time - There was something one hundred percent unnerving about his eyes and his shadow. Pure evil.
2. Oliver Saxon aka "The Brain Surgeon," Dexter - There is something unspeakably unsettling about a person who can look and act so normal on the outside and be a brain-cutting serial killer in his free time.
3. The flying monkeys, Once Upon a Time - Straight out of my childhood nightmares!!

Best Villain
1. Rumplestiltskin, Once Upon a Time - He speaks out of both sides of his mouth. You never know whether or not to believe him. You *definitely* never trust him! And that cackle. ::shudder::
2. Catherine de' Medici, Reign - That woman stops at *nothing*. Finding yourself on her bad side can have no good ending.
3. Rowan "Eli" Pope, Scandal - Every single time I think maybe he's got Olivia's best interests in mind, he does something utterly ruthless.

Most Twisted Character
1. David Tate, The Bridge - All the ways he toyed with Marco, purely for revenge.
2. William Lewis, Law and Order: SVU - The numerous ways he tortured his victims, the way he worked his charms on so many women, the way he mercilessly tormented Olivia. Possibly one of the most terrifying characters I've ever encountered on television.
3. Cyrus Beene, Scandal - Is there anyone Cyrus *hasn't* tried to have knocked off?!

Character with the Most Straight-Up Crazy
1. Root, Person of Interest - There is something so humorous in the way she moves around, semi-detached and only half explaining herself while she talks to "Her."
2. Emma Ryland, Dallas - She bought the exact same lingerie as Pamela, wore it for John Ross, made him perform certain acts, then sent him home to kiss his wife. Are you kidding me?!
3. Maya Lewis, Scandal - Chewed through her own wrist. Need I say more?

Most Badass Character
1. Snow White, Once Upon a Time - Snow, before she became Mrs Charming and, later, Mary Margaret, was cheer-worthy levels of awesome.
2. Mr Reese, Person of Interest - He materializes out of the thin, exactly at the crucial moment, shoots without missing, then cracks a bemused half smile. That's the guy *I* want having my back!
3. Sebastian, Reign - He isn't afraid to declare his love *or* fight The Darkness.

Most Friend-Worthy Character
1. The Mother aka Tracy McConnell, How I Met Your Mother - Clever, funny, wise, direct, sweet, quirky.
2. April Kepner, Grey's Anatomy - I try to be annoyed by her, but, secretly, she's exactly the kind of upbeat, optimistic person I'm drawn to.
3. Sue Heck, The Middle - Sue Heck is high school me. I'd be friends with me.

Most Swoon-Worthy Character
1. Ichabod Crane, Sleepy Hollow - His bewildered disdain for modern life is only part of his charm. I could also listen to him talk all. day. long.
2. Sebastian, Reign - Holy crap, those eyes look right through a girl, even from the other side of a television screen. And the way he treats his lady? That's the kind of "hot" a real woman goes for!
3. Hook, Once Upon a Time - I don't usually go for bad boys, but that smoldering stare? ::fans self::

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