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On: September 8, 2014


VANITY | Our bathroom vanity is one long stretch of counter with his-and-hers sinks. On my half, my toothbrush and a bottle of hand soap (Method Sweetwater). On his, a bottle of hand soap, his toothbrush and a little square white ceramic dish where he puts his wedding ring when he isn't wearing it. In the middle, a box of Puffs tissues in a brushed nickel cover, a matching cup filled with Q-tips, and a matching covered container with cotton rounds inside. The less stuff that's out all the time, the easier it is to keep clean!

PERENNIAL TO DO LIST | Exercise and make the bed first thing in the morning. Wipe down the bathroom sinks after getting ready for the day. Either cook or clean up after dinner (whoever cooks, the other cleans). Zap the sponge in the microwave (on high, 30 seconds) and get my lunch bag prepped before shutting down the house for the night. Balance-bills-budget every Sunday evening. Make sure my photos are backed up the first of every month.

REFRIGERATOR SHELVES | Yogurt. Eggs. Sour cream. Salad dressing. Pickles. Tomorrow's lunches for work. A big bowl of salad. A bottle of grape juice and a bottle of milk.

ITINERARY | Saturday - Haircut, library run, Bath and Body Works. Later this month - Food and Wine Fest at Epcot, a Disney weekend for our anniversary, belated birthday meal for my guy (he was waiting til we were closer to Orlando before he cashed in on his request).

FANTASY ITINERARY | I'd love to get back to San Francisco again sometime. Another trip to Fenway. Really wanting to go museum and monument hopping in Washington DC. Hawaii.

PLAYLIST | I'm all over the place, as usual: Glitter in the Air (P!nk). The Shape of Us (Ian Britt). Glass (Thompson Square). I Won't Give Up (Jason Mraz). Made to Be Free (Tim McMorris). Home (Phillip Phillips). All My Days (Alexi Murdoch). In My Life (The Beatles). Good to Go (Jason Aldean). Strong (Will Hoge). Blessings (Laura Story). Future Days (Pearl Jam). Luck Be a Lady (Frank Sinatra). Overwhelmed (Tim McMorris). How Great Thou Art (Carrie Underwood).

NIGHTSTAND | Lamp. Glasses case. "Wolves of the Calla" (Stephen King). Another stack of books I've been wanting to work into the rotation. A wooden "memory" box. Box of Puffs tissues. Photo of me and my Gram that she used to keep on her own nightstand.

WORKOUT PLAN | Anywhere from 15-30 minutes in the morning, depending on how much time I have, before I start getting ready for work. I change it up. Something cardio to get my heart pumping. Choose an area for the day to target on toning. Some planking or (girlie) push-ups. Finish with a little more cardio and then some stretching to cool down.

IPHONE | Texts. Photos. MLB At Bat. Instagram and PicTapGo. Tweetbot. Cartwheel. Disney app.

TOP 5 LIST | That man I married. Disney. Red Sox. Photos. Laughter.

BUCKET LIST | Take an actual sleighride in the snow. See a game at every ballpark in MLB. Stay at the Wilderness Lodge at WDW.

MIND | How unbelievably blessed I am. Missing my girls (I haven't seen them in almost two years! Booooo...).

WALLS OF YOUR FAVORITE ROOM IN YOUR HOUSE | Barn red paint and nothing else. Our living room has limited all space!

LIQUOR SHELF | A bottle of port Daniel left behind at Christmas and some Chardonnay in the fridge.

LAST CREDIT CARD STATEMENT | A zero balance on one and a healthy payment on the other, thank you very much!

SCREENSAVER | A slide show of favorite Red Sox photos I've both taken and collected.

TV EVERY NIGHT | Around the Horn. PTI. Local news. NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams. Red Sox baseball.

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